Small Ankle Tattoos for Men and Women

The ankle drawing is one of the most popular tattoo choices for women. The patterns are usually bright with smooth, rounded lines and this elegance adds sexuality and visibility. In its turn, the men seldom apply images on the ankle, choosing harsh designs not only in form but also in content.

The Meanings of Ankle Tattoos

The most well-known image on the ankle is a floral ornament or a flower. It looks attractive, regardless of the body and represents the internal harmony, fragility and a tender nature of the wearer. Also, the meaning can be interpreted depending on the chosen flower:

  • Orchid – the embodiment of harmony and love;
  • Sakura – the transience of time;
  • Lily – a sign of excellence and beauty;
  • Rose – a symbol of love, passion, chastity and purity;
  • Lotus – is the purification and loyalty;
  • Clover – brings luck;

Other famous options are:

  • The birds, feathers, wings – denote the ease, love of freedom;
  • Butterflies or bows – playfulness, sophistication;
  • Fish –  is a symbol of fertility;
  • Star – is a mark of wish fulfillment;
  • Bracelet – look feminine and seductive;
  • Animals and mammals (elephant, cat, rabbit, fox whale, dolphin etc.) – express bright nature, inherent habits.
  • The anchor symbolizes stability, security and hope.

Ankle Tattoo Variations of Design

The tattoos look more effective on the woman’s body, thus, apart from common floral design, the ladies can choose:

  • Band;
  • Bracelet with a cross;
  • Watch;
  • Fairy;
  • Stars;
  • Woman’s portrait;
  • Crown;
  • Glasses;
  • Musical notes;
  • Heart;
  • Bow;
  • Waves;

The man with a tattoo on the ankle is a rarity, so the traditional masculine images are found on the basis of their preference: weapons, machines, ships and other attributes of man’s life and interests:

  • Cross;
  • Skull;

Instead of pictures, you may try letterings, which combine mystery and deep meaning:

  • Phrases;
  • Words;
  • Names;
  • Dates;
  • Hieroglyphs;

The ankle ornaments can continue on foot or climb up the leg. This technique will help you create a stylish image and show your originality. Moreover, you can experiment with colors and designs and try:

  • Watercolor image;
  • Black and white type;
  • Biomechanical tattoo;
  • Abstract motifs;
  • Geometric elements;
  • Tribal style.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas

#1. Refined Rose Ornament on the Ankle

Rose – is the favorite girl’s flower is included in this marvelous composition on the ankle, with numerous patterns on both sides.

#2. Abstract Ankle Band Idea

This bright red tattoo with several abstract elements on the ankle resembles the sports band – a wonderful attribute of sports lovers!

#3. Natural Bracelet with a Leaf on the Ankle

The black ankle bracelet finds its continuation in the form of shining green leaf on the foot – quite simple and fresh!

#4. Meaningful Ankle Pattern with Names

The tattoo with names is always intimate. Here the bracelet on the ankle is supplemented by two people with dates.

#5. Religious Ankle Tattoo with Beautiful Content

The cross personifies religious orientation of its holder. This black ankle tattoo represents an untypical but appealing floral filling inside.

#6. Cute Animal Variations for Girls’ Ankle

The colorful wild animal among fruit or flowers is really worth taking! Despite the small area, you may get a gorgeous ankle painting.

#7. The Decoration of Two Florets on the Ankle

The purple and red flowers are united in an amazing ornament on your ankle. The saturated colors enrich the work.

#8. Praying Ankle Bracelet with Virgin Mary Portrait

This delicate bracelet with a cross is both very elegant and used as a talisman for people with sincere faith in God.

#9. The Blue Flower with Time Limit Idea on the Ankle

The symbolic tattoo of a pocket watch on the ankle teaches us to cherish the time and appreciate every moment of life.

#10. The Ankle Background of Strength and Bravery

This dark pattern of predator is located on the ankle and is a nice option for men to show their confidence and power.

#11. Tender Ankle in Blossom

Two lovely pink flowers with green leaves cover the female ankle. What can be more graceful in this case?

#12. The Heart in Exotic Design on the Ankle

This catching ankle ornament is not easily to comprehend: a number of interesting patterns with a heart inside creates a wonderful union.

#13. The Bracelet of Affection Around the Ankle

This tattoo is prepared for enamored girls: a super bracelet on the ankle with a name of the dear person will indicate devotion.

#14. Impressive Ankle Ornament in Tribal Style

Despite the old history, the tribal patterns remain popular and its variant on the ankle will work amazingly without a doubt.

#15. Unusual Tattoo of Sorrow on the Ankle

This gloomy composition of woman illustrates that it is possible to ink such uncommon but enthralling tattoo even on the ankle area.

#16. Royal Ankle Bracelet with Feathers

Every woman wishes to be a queen – it is easy to achieve with this gorgeous ankle bracelet decorated with feathers and precious stones.

#17. Floral Polynesian Ornament Along the Ankle

How skillfully the mysterious black Polynesian pattern is combined with dainty yellow florets – take this cool idea for ankle tattoo!

#18. Free Ankle Band in 3d Effect

Here the colorful ankle bracelet is depicted with two enormous feathers. The freedom, independence –everything is in this masterpiece!

#19. The Breath of Fresh Air on the Ankle

There is a special charm and freshness in wildflowers, especially if they are done in such innovative watercolor design.

#20. Creative Lady’s Portrait on the Ankle

The ankle and foot are quite uncommon places for girl’s portrait. Here it is complemented with a big flower, which is absolutely fantastic!

#21. Ancient Symbols in One Ankle Tattoo

Such complicated ankle union of the tree in a downward triangle indicates the feminine and promises its wearer harmonious life.

#22. The Dear Name for Ankle Ornament

The tattoo with a name belongs to highly personal variants. The ankle is a great place for small but meaningful lettering.

#23. Strict Plant for Guys on the Ankle

The majority of men avoid any signs of brightness in tattooing but this ankle plant will be caught fancy by the most demanding clients.

#24. The “Sports” Label Ankle Art

“Run fast” – is a wonderful motto for life, isn’t it? Try this ankle tattoo as a sign to move only forward.

#25. The Touch of Lightness on Your Ankle

This unusual pink feather tattoo will not disappear with a capful of wind, it remains the splendid decoration on the ankle.

#26. Simplicity in Floral Framing on the Ankle

This hardly noticeable floral band guarantees the nice but not provocative design for your ankle, which is easily hidden.

#27. The Power of Personality on the Ankle Tat

How do you feel about the whale tattoo? Think about this majestic creature if you wish to show your strength and greatness.

#28. Life Pulse Creativity on the Ankle

The ordinary word “alive” on the ankle may become a real symbol of victory for a person, who has endured a lot.

#29. Plain Rose Outline on the Ankle

The achromatic rose is simple and cool at the same time, moreover, it does not need much space, which is a big plus!

#30. Ankle New-blown Beauty

One day the girl’s beauty blossoms similar to small floral buds that turn into beautiful florets. Capture your youth with this ankle pattern!

#31. The Shade of Death on the Ankle

The skull tattoo is far from positive signs, however, its tiny image on the ankle may just express your brutality and fearlessness.

#32. The Ankle Talisman of Good Luck and Fortune

The lovely butterfly suits charming, fragile girls. This ornate ankle tattoo embodies femininity and serves as a powerful talisman.

#33. Floral Moon in Black and White Ankle Tat

The fairy composition of flowers resembles a moon in this work on the ankle. Extremely tender option, do you agree?

#34. Memorial Cross Sketch on the Ankle

Here the cross symbolizes grief and is inked in remembrance of a dear person, who will always stay in the heart.

#35. The Piece of Adoration on the Ankle

The sunflower is an ideal choice to show your feelings and dedication. Your partner will appreciate such ankle pattern for sure!

#36. The Ankle Charm of the Wave

This energetic wave bracelet on the ankle protects you from the envy and cleanses your mind from evil thoughts.

#37. The Ankle Tattoo of Constant Growth and Development

We all the children of nature: it gives us force and vigor. This powerful tree symbol is aimed at bringing longevity and durability.

#38. The Sign of Royal Power and Wisdom on the Ankle

The tiny elephant image on the ankle and its great majesty create a play of contrasts, so surprising but unforgettable.

#39. The Sweethearts’ Ankle Massages

“Let me be your only one” wants to hear any romantic person. The mutual ankle tattoo is a fantastic variant for a couple!