Cool Batman Tattoos Ideas

Batman is a popular character of the DC universe comics and is the alter ego of billionaire Bruce Wayne, who lives in the city of Gotham. There are a lot of movies based on these comics, which have a lot of admirers these days! But the real fans do not miss a chance to get an exciting tattoo of “Dark Knight” that is presented as a superhero, who saves mankind.

Batman Tattoo Meanings

Batman doesn’t have any superpowers, the character can only rely on martial arts and the use of modern technologies. In this sense the Batman tattoo interpretations are:

  • Confidence;
  • Sharp mind;

Apart from that, the additional meanings of the Batman tattoos may include:

  • Death;
  • Danger;
  • Dark forces;
  • Success;
  • Insight;
  • Fertility;
  • Longevity;
  • Excellent vision;

The Batman’s logo is a black bat, circled in the black oval with the yellow background. This symbol can express either positive or negative meaning:

  1. Negative meanings

The bat is a night predator and   people believed that they can transform into witches, werewolves, vampires and other representatives of the dark forces, so it is often associated with such notions as:

  • Evil;
  • Danger;
  • Death;
  1. Positive meanings

But amid all the frightening and evil associations, there are many positive qualities and values of bat tattoos:

  • vigilance and discernment;
  • good luck and prosperity;
  • rebirth;
  • fertility, and longevity;
  • dignified death.

Batman Tattoos Designs

Men prefer Batman inks more than women because Batman is associated with an extraordinary masculinity and inner strength. And if you’ll unite it with a tendency to the gloomy introspection and the ability to impress the girls, it will create a half-mystical and enigmatic image! So, the men often choose:

  • 3d Batman;
  • Batman and Joker;
  • Batman and Robin;
  • Dark Batman logo tattoos;
  • Batman and Catwoman;
  • Batman in the background of Gotham city;
  • Massive Batman tats;
  • Batman mask;
  • Batman silhouette;
  • Batman in the fight scene tattoos.

Women, instead, choose colorful and soft Batman tattoos, namely:

  • Cartoon batman;
  • Colorful symbol of batman tattoos;
  • Batman with flowers;
  • Batman symbol with the heart in the background tattoos;
  • Lego Batman tats;

Batman tattoos come in a variety of styles, designs and color patterns. Thus, you may apply:

  • full-bodied figure Batman tattoo;
  • Batman’s portrait;
  • Tattoo with quotes;
  • Tribal design;
  • Traditional style.

Batman Tattoo Ideas

#1. The Adorable 3d Batman Tattoo on the Arm

Here we have a 3D Batman tattoo on the arm, which is created to please the eye and to impress the others!

#2. The Awesome Batman Tattoo on the Arm

This Batman tattoo has a really creative design. Batman’s eyes in the logo attract attention, and they surely won’t leave anybody cold.

#3. The Badass Batman Tattoo on the Leg

This Batman tattoo on the forearm looks dynamic and aggressive. An attention to the details, that tattoo master puts in this tat, is fantastic!

#4. The Gorgeous Batman and Joker Sleeve Tattoo

Here we have such a massive tattoo of two rivals on the skin! This is a perfect example of consistency in the tattooing art!

#5. Batman and Robin Tattoo on the Forearm

Two best friends Batman and Robin are together even in a tattoo! This eye-catching and colorful ink located on the forearm and fits bright and funny personalities!

The use of heavy black tint creates enough depth and contrast with yellow and blue colors. Gorgeous ink for confident people!

#7. The Cute Cartoon Batman Tattoo on the Shoulder

This tattoo fascinates with its beauty and accuracy! All the lines are clear and smooth. The background perfectly complements the whole tat!

#8. The Black and White Batman Logo Tattoo on the Chest

Here we have a simple Batman logo tattoo on the shoulder with the lettering “HAHAAHAHA”. This ink looks incredible on the athletic, strong men.

#9. The Small Batman Logo Tattoo on the Wrist

Despite its small size, this tattoo is amazing. The main thing of this ink is the flame that breaks through the borders of the logo!

#10. Batman Logo Ribs Tattoo with the “dark Knight” Quote

The phrase into this logo tattoo is very positive and meaningful. It means that things are at their worst before they get better!

#11. Blackwork Tattoo of a Batman Sign on the Biceps

The perfectly black logo is an ideal variant to take a piece of your favorite superhero. This biceps tattoo emphasizes your masculinity.

#12. The Fabulous Batman Sleeve Tattoo

The essence of Batman, his determination, and courage completely capture! Among the other characters of this tattoo, Batman is definitely number one.

#13. The Orange and Black Batman Symbol on the Chest

Here is a simple Batman logo tattoo design. The shtick of its tat is highlighting with deep black and orange, which makes the ink stand out!

#14. The Awesome Black and Gray Batman Sleeve Tattoo

The true battle of Batman and the Joker is depicted here! The saturation, lots of heavy black, shadowing, and clear lines bring dynamism to work.

#15. The Cute Batman Tattoo for Girls on the Forearm

Batman, who fights with dark forces, is presented as a calm person with a cup of tea, surrounded by beautiful yellow roses.

#16. The Small Batman Tattoo for Kids

This small and nice Batman sticker is for the child, who loves Batman and tattoos, but is too young to ink it.

#17. The Watercolor Batman Logo Tattoo on the Biceps

This tattoo of Batman logo looks really catchy on the biceps! Such design will bring the bright colors in your everyday life!

#18. The Spectacular Batman Themed Tattoo on the Forearm

This tattoo is full of power and authority! Batman here is like watching his city, Gotham, and trying to find people, who need his help.

#19. The Tribal Batman Sign on the Biceps Tattoo

If you like tribal tattoo style, check out this interesting Batman logo idea. It is performed in black and gray, but nevertheless, it looks noticeable!

#20. The Cool Batman Tattoo on the Forearm

This forearm Batman portrait is surrounded by lots of black bats, which reminds us, that Batman image is close to this creature!

#21. The Amazing Dark Knight Tattoo on the Leg.

This tattoo is a representative of the dotwork and blackwork tat styles! Thanks to clear lines and great shadowing, the tattoo looks really unforgettable!

#22. The Small Batman Logo Tattoo on the Wrist

This tattoo on the wrist is a black symbol of Batman. It is associated with a bat, which represents nocturnal and dark forces.

#23. The Astonishing Batman Ribs Tattoo for Guys

This is a great tattoo for the “Dark Knight” movie! The ink is placed on the ribs and depicts a negative character “Two-Face”.

#24. The Unique Batman Skull Tattoo on the Forearm

The grim tattoo of a skull says that life is short, we should not waste it. Batman’s ears look cute and add originality to the whole picture!

#25. The Gorgeous Batman Mask on the Forearm Tattoo

An original and extraordinary tattoo is located on the forearm. It shows a mask of Batman and Gotham City, which is performed in watercolor style.

#26. Batman Signal Tattoo on the Half-sleeve

The night, big city and full moon – a bit mysterious painting, isn’t it? Not be afraid, Batman is always on guard of order.

#27. The Dynamic Batman and Joker Tattoo on the Half-sleeve

This is not a common tattoo, it is a small scene with a villain Joker and Batman, who is always ready to save his city.

#28. Batman Symbol in Wrist Tattoo for Female

Take a look at this cute tattoo! Here is a heart with the Batman symbol in the background. It will be a great mascot for girls!

#29. The Extremely Bright Batman Portrait Tattoo on the Leg

If you want to decorate your body with an adorable Batman tattoo, look at this masterpiece! It includes a striking mix of red and blue shades.

  • Full Body Tattoo Ideas and Possible Designs

#30. The Breathtaking Batman Tattoo on the Half Sleeve

This Batman image is done with a use of the graphic style of tattooing. It is a bit gloomy, but in this composition, it is an advantage!

#31. The Traditional Batman Tattoo on the Forearm

Here is a compact and at the same time symbolic tattoo on the forearm. This tat illustrates a logo of Dark Knight with his native city inside!

#32. The Black and Gray Batman Silhouette Tattoo on the Thigh

The Batman tattoos never cease to amaze! And this one with Batman silhouette is not an exception. It seems quite strict but cool.

#33. The Sweet Batman Logo Tattoo in a Watercolor Style

There is a very intriguing forearm tattoo with a watercolor technique. Here a pair of bright elements turned the unprepossessing image into a really spectacular pattern!

#34. The Massive Batman Tattoo on the Full Back

The composition, shown in this tattoo, is very remarkable. The flying Batman is like taking us into the dangerous world, full of evil and dark forces.

#35. The Outstanding Batman Tattoo on the Forearm

This tattoo of comic’s hero is very saturated thanks to the deep black color. It is one of those tattoos that you just can’t stop looking at.

#36. The Black and White Batman Tattoo on the Hand

The hand is one of the most extraordinary and noticeable locations for Batman tattoos, and this fact makes the tattoo so appealing!

#37. The Lovely Lego Batman on the Ribs Tattoo

The Batman performed in black color, and it is like holding woman’s breasts in his hands! Do you desire such creative pattern?

#38. The Aggressive Batman Tattoo for Male on the Forearm

This rich in colors tattoo is located on the forearm and shows highly furious Batman character. The ink is perfect for brave, independent men.

#39. The Creative Tattoo of Trash Polka Batman on the Chest

This Batman image in Trash Polka style is taken from the cartoon. But what makes it special, is a quote around the ornament.

#40. The Lego Batman Tattoo on the Shoulder

The Lego style is a new and successful way to enrich your Batman tattoo. Here the funny hero is hurrying to the rescue all in need.

#41. The Sexy Batman and Catwoman Tattoo on the Thigh

This tattoo depicts the kissing Batman and Catwoman. The provocative pattern covers the thigh, which is a super place for such seductive tattoo art!

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