Fresh and Bright Burgundy Jeans Outfits

The jeans are probably the most versatile piece of clothes in the daily wardrobe of any man or woman, which can easily get you through any event or time of the year.

Burgundy jeans are pretty much as flexible as khaki or olive. But since the burgundy is a pretty intense color, you should take care with the colors you choose for the supplement items – tops, footwear, outerwear, accessories, etc.

The short story of possible matches:

  • Calming neutrals (Grays, light blues, navy, white, etc.);
  • muted solids (faded blue or green);
  • complementary colors (light buff green or blue);
  • a fresh pattern (like a Breton stripe);
  • solid black or white are also allowed, but be careful: solid black washes out many complexions and solid white sometimes make people look pale and sick.

But if you have dark olive skin tone or a good tan, you can more easily pull off a solid white.

Also, you should notice, that the black is a very intense combination with burgundy — something you’d choose for evening wear at a club or a cocktail party in the colder months. And a solid white makes the outfit more appropriate for warmer weather.

If we talk about what material burgundy pants to wear that the answer is

  • leather;
  • corduroy;
  • or velvet.

What to Wear with Burgundy Jeans

So what to wear with burgundy jeans for women?

Depending on occasion (casual, smart casual, dressy, etc.) and season (winter, autumn, spring, summer) it can be:

  • crop tops (cream, navy blue);
  • T-shirts (gray, white, dark gray, a light pink, peach, tan, black, etc.);
  • shirts (like blue OCBD, dark denim shirt, navy OCBD, blue shirt, black shirt, white shirt with light floral pattern to it, light blue chambray shirt, cream shirt, gray Club Room polo type shirt, white collared shirt, a sheer, flannel shirts in rich colors, long sleeve shirt, dress shirt, etc.);
  • sweaters (cream fair isle sweater, navy sweater, gray sweater, navy blazer, dark navy blazers, blue sweater, red hoodie, loose/open knit gray sweater, light pink free people sweater, turtleneck, cable sweater, etc.);
  • jackets (navy or brown jacket);
  • coats (a gray cardigan, brown/rust cardigan, cream cardigan, duffle coat; trench coat, overcoat, etc.).

What shoes to wear with burgundy jeans for women?

Depending on occasion (casual, smart casual, dressy, etc.) and season (winter, autumn, spring, summer) it can be:

  • low top sneakers (white, gray, blue);
  • boots (dark brown booties, charcoal booties, black leather ankle boots, brown lace up boots, brown boots);
  • shoes (mustard or nude pumps, black loafers, gray shoes);
  • flats (leopard flats, cobalt blue flats).

What additions (accessories) to wear with burgundy jeans for women:

  • yellow gold jewelry;
  • lace;
  • mustard yellow knit scarfs;
  • gold pendant necklaces;
  • brown belts.

And what to wear with burgundy jeans for men?

Depending on occasion (casual, smart casual, dressy, etc.) and season (winter, autumn, spring, summer) it can be:

  • shirts (like denim shirts, dress shirts, white long sleeve shirts, blue long sleeve shirts, light blue long sleeve shirts, etc.);
  • T-shirts (print crew-neck T-shirts, horizontal striped crew-neck T-shirts, charcoal crew-neck T-shirts, white dress shirt,);
  • sweaters (navy Henley sweater, gray Henley sweater, tobacco cable sweater, etc.);
  • coats (beige duffle coat; trench coat, overcoat, black pea coat, etc.);
  • blazers (white blazer, navy blazer, gray blazer, etc.);
  • turtleneck (black, burgundy, charcoal, etc.);
  • trench coat (tan, orange, leather trench coat, etc.).

What shoes to wear with burgundy jeans for men?

Depending on occasion (casual, smart casual, dressy, etc.) and season (winter, autumn, spring, summer) it can be:

  • low top sneakers (white, red, gray, etc.);
  • desert boots (suede desert boots, leather desert boots, black desert boots);
  • brogues (leather brogues, brown brogues, burgundy brogues);
  • boots (dark brown boots, leather boots);
  • Chelsea boots (black Chelsea boots, suede Chelsea boots).

Outfits Ideas With Maroon Jeans

#1. Cool Burgundy Leggings Outfit

A burgundy leggings and black leather moto jacket worn atop of a fun sweatshirt are perfect for both running errands and a night out. For the maximum cuteness team up it with a pair of black laced shoes.

#2. Classic Burgundy Pants Outfit

Classic burgundy pants and dressy pink rose blouse worn under a nude jacket are a great formula to have in your arsenal. Nude pumps are a nice choice to finish the look.

#3. Men’s Burgundy Pants Outfit

Choose a combo of burgundy pants and a white sweatshirt to create a perfect smart casual spring look. Complete the image with a pair of black shoes and bright yellow socks.

#4. Maroon Leather Leggings Outfit

Team maroon leather leggings with the cool shirt and trendy black leather moto-jacket to achieve a chic look. Finish this set with comfortable black leather ankle boots.

#5. Romantic Maroon Pants Outfit for Girls

This cute combo of a floral blouse, mustard sweater, and maroon pants is a safe bet for an effortlessly cool look. Team up it with black low heeled shoes.

#6. Maroon Pants Outfit for Men

Combine the maroon pants with cool checked jacket to make your look classy, but not particularly formal. Finish an outfit with classic black shoes.

#7. Casual Outfits with Wine Colored Jeans

Master the effortlessly chic look in a combo of maroon jeans, black sweater, and a warm coat. Want to go easy on the shoe front? Go for a pair of comfy, black, low ankle boots.

#8. Simple Burgundy Jeans Outfit

Try pairing dark red jeans with a white&black striped sweater worn under a pale pink jacket to get a laid-back yet stylish look. This outfit is complemented perfectly with striped loafers.

#9. Velvet Flare Burgundy Pants Outfit

Reach for flare velvet burgundy pants and cute crop top, and you’ll look like a total babe. Complete the look with an amazing brimmed hat and a pair of pumps.

#10. Comfy and Sexy Burgundy Jeans Outfit

A nicely put together combination of a fancy black blouse and dark red jeans will set you apart effortlessly. Hot black, lace, heeled ankle boots will give you an on-trend feel.

#11. Burgundy Sleepy Head T-shirt and Pants Style

Consider pairing a burgundy sleepy head t-shirt and pants for a standout ensemble. Complete this outfit with stylish leather purse and a pair of awesome loafers.

#12. Burgundy Solid Velvet Wide Straight Pants Look

Consider teaming burgundy solid velvet wide straight pants with velvet sweater for a glam and trendy getup. For the maximum cuteness add heels, nice purse, and some accessories.

#13. Oversized Maroon Suit Look

An oversized maroon suit worn atop of a black dressy shirt will showcase your sartorial self. Pair this set with a pair of black, laced shoes.

#14. Modern Burgundy Pants Outfit for Women

Master the effortlessly chic look in a white knitted sweater and a pair of burgundy pants. End up this look with classic black pumps and sweet earrings.

#15. Stylish Burgundy Pants Style for Young People

The stylish burgundy pants and a dark red sports sweatshirt feel perfectly suited for weekend activities of all kinds. This outfit complemented perfectly with a pair of sneakers and cool leather purse.

#16. Elegant Maroon Pants Outfit

Stand out among other stylish citizens in the elegant combo of maroon pants and stylish vest. For the maximum cuteness go for a pair of animal printed boots and unique purse.

#17. Fashion Burgundy Jeans Outfit

Wear an ensemble of fashion burgundy jeans and satin top worn under knitted cardigan to achieve the chicest look ever. Classic heeled pumps will add some edge to an otherwise classic look.

#18. Total Burgundy Pants Outfit

Go for something new this season and try on a total burgundy outfit. Classic pants and vest look amazing with heeled ankle boots.

#19. Classic Maroon Suit Style

Choose a classic maroon suit, paired with a burgundy turtleneck sweater, for your new fall’s standout ensemble. Mix things up by wearing a matching pair of pumps.

#20. A Trendy Look with Maroon Pants

Wear a crispy white shirt with beautiful maroon jeans for an effortless kind of elegance. Go for a pair of deep blue lace-up shoes for a more relaxed feel.

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