Lace Tattoos – The Most Remarkable and Delicate Designs

Lace tattoo is usually considered as a female variant. Lace can be an independent pattern or serve as an addition to other existing drawings. On top of that, these tattoos do not bear a certain meaning, as their main goal is simply to decorate the body. The men choose so tender and elegant ornaments if they desire to add softness to their tattoo.

Lace Tattoos Meanings

The various lace in tattooing is exactly the case when the drawing is not designed to express any deep meaning; it is used as a beautiful ornament. But still, despite the location, style and design some common ideas of lace tattoo can be distinguished:

  • Femininity: lacy things have helped their owners to emphasize femininity and elegance since the 15th century. Today the lace tattoo, which design is often very airy and accurate, is a symbol of womanliness;
  • Luxury: lace was a symbol of prosperity and wealth hundred years ago, as only the aristocracy could afford it. Nowadays lace is still a sign of good taste and riches.
  • The ease in making a decision: a lace is a quite frivolous thing. In some cases, the tattoo may indicate that its wearer is an easy-going girl, who is prone to quick mood changes and is not farsighted.

Choosing the lace tattoo, women want to look attractive and appealing, thus, the main techniques include:

  • The bow – this image represents the ease and fun. The distinctive lightness of this decoration gives the holder the charm and refinement;
  • The lace garter symbolizes sexuality. These intimate images is taken by uninhibited personality;
  • The ornament itself, without discernible elements, belongs to the contradictory and complex personality.

Lace Tattoos – Features and Location

Lace tattoo is designed for those parts of the body, which can be embraced or wrapped, such as:

  • wrist;
  • foot;
  • thigh;
  • ankle;
  • sleeve;

Less frequently it is done on the neck, chest, shoulder or back.

Lace tattoos embody elegance, sensuality and subtle charm and are easily combined with other images like:

  • Flowers (rose, lotus);
  • Birds (butterfly);
  • Mandala;
  • Hamsa;
  • Fish;

If you wish to get uncommon forms, you may find:

  • Corset;
  • Lace cuff;
  • Heart shape;
  • Girl’s portrait;
  • Ribbon;
  • Lace glove.

The different styles are welcomed in lace tattoos, so you can try:

  • 3D style;
  • Colorful option;
  • Black and gray design;
  • Henna idea;
  • Intricate design;
  • Dotwork;
  • Vintage;
  • Geometric type.

Lace Tattoos Designs

#1. The Lace Tattoo with 3D Effect on the Forearm

This marvelous lacy ornament is complemented with a decorative stone on the wrist. The 3D style is a raisin of this tattoo!

#2. The Black Armband Tattoo of Lace Bow

Here the elegant black bow brings a little emotional color to your appearance: grace, tenderness – everything is integrated into one sketch.

#3. The Black Lace Tattoo on the Sleeve

This lacy tattoo comprises several floral elements, which create a wonderful sleeve pattern. The black coloring of lace drawing looks strict but impressive!

#4. The Female Corset Tattoo in Lace Painting

The corset is a woman’s attribute that emphasizes the beauty and slimness, the same idea is implied in this fantastic lace tattoo.

#5. The Colorful Lace Tattoo with Floral Details on the Arm

The black lace ornaments and pink florets are united in the harmonious mix on your arm. This nice tattoo is prepared for romantic people!

#6. The Charming Tattoo of Flowers and Lace on the Forearm

The flowers are so beautiful even in black and gray coloring, especially if they are depicted with gentle lace patterns.

#7. The Lace Tattoo in a Heart Shape on the Forearm

The heart denotes love, devotion and sincere feelings. Take this delicate symbol as a form of your lace tattoo on the forearm.

#8. The Temporary Henna Tattoo of Lace on the Hand

The henna tattoo is a good alternative for those, who want to try such magic lace ornament but are afraid of constant tattoos.

#9. The Intricate Lace Tattoo on the Forearm

The complicated interweaving of patterns resembles the flower bud in the middle. This lace tattoo is so intriguing that it immediately captivates.

#10. The Rose in Lace Design on the Forearm Tattoo

The rose personifies both outer and inner beauty. This marvelous flower is presented with lovely lace decoration – cool choice, isn’t it?

#11. The Lace Lotus Tattoo on the Arm

The flower of divine enchantment with lacy inclusion is illustrated on the woman’s arm quarter sleeve. The lotus tattoo is permeated with femininity and purity.

#12. The Lace Tattoo on the Upper Back

The lace tattoo with numerous ornaments and floral image in the center is fantastic. The flowing threads with a tiny spider complete the work.

#13. The Flying Lace Bird in a Tattoo on the Side

Have you seen the bird with a lace body before? This tattoo shows how uncommon and enchanting such idea is.

#14. The Astonishing Tattoo of Lace Bow on the Upper Back

This bow tattoo is rich in various components: small flowers, gems, which is impossible to forget in the lacy ornament!

#15. The Lace and Butterfly Tattoo on the Back

Here two big roses on the shoulder blades are supplemented by butterflies, but what makes this tattoo special is definitely a black lacy pattern.

#16. The Lace Florets on the Breast Tattoo

This lace creativity of two floral sketches belongs to intimate tattoos and ideally embellishes the woman’s breast. Do you want so personal variant?

#17. The Tattoos of Lace Cross on the Hips

The cross is a strong sign of spirituality and religious beliefs. Here two enormous lace crosses with different shapes find their place on the hips.

#18. The Tiny Cuff Tattoo in Lace Styling

Look closely at this stylish tattoo on the wrist – the lace cuff is a new wave in tattooing. You do not need bracelets never again!

#19. The Lace Tattoo with Amazing Effect

The lace band in black color is a notably competitive idea for a tattoo. The wrist is a classical place for this exquisite painting.

#20. The Super Tattoo Idea of Lace Girl’s Face on the Calf

The woman’s portraits do not lose their popularity in tattoo art. In this case, the work is performed with lace ornament that gives it individuality.

#21. The Detailed Lace Tattoo with a Flower on the Ankle

The tempting girl’s ankle becomes more prominent with this exciting unity of flowers and lace. This is a great design for summer!

#22. The Henna Tattoo in the Form of Lace Glove

This lace tattoo is so breathtaking that it is difficult to take your eyes off. Additionally, the henna tattoo is temporary that is a big plus!

#23. The Flower-Shaped Lace Tattoo on the Hand

If you like experiments, the lace ornaments on both hands are exactly what you need. These symbolic tattoos serve as powerful talismans.

#24. The Inspired Lace Tattoo on the Forearm

This is one more example of spectacular lace tattoo in floral variations. The big number of different small and big details makes the pattern captivating.

#25. The Ornamental Lace Tattoos on the Leg

Do you wish to give your legs regal appearance? It is very easy to achieve with these remarkable lacy patterns with precious stones.

#26. The Lace Mandala Tattoo Looking on the Back

Mandala conveys the idea of protection, ultimate reality and spiritual wholeness. The back undoubtedly suits for this painted lacy circle.

#27. The Lace Pattern Tattoo on the Hip

This lace band on the girl’s hip is a famous symbol of sexuality. The tattoo is so intimate that it will be hidden from prying eyes.

#28. The Lace Ribbon Tattoo on the Woman’s Hip

This delicate addition in the form of a lace ribbon with a bow will complete your image and make it more refined and coquettish.

#29. The Lace and Sweet Roses on the Shoulder Tattoo

The roses signify beauty and youth and when they are supplemented by the gorgeous lace ornament, the image acquires new emphatic shades.

#30. The Tattoo in Lace Style on the Forearm

Here the black flower tattoo is inked with various interesting patterns of the lace design. The red core makes the final point in this work.

#31. The Organic Lace Tattoo on the Leg

Are you looking for stylish but not a big tattoo? How about this incredible variant with lacy drawing on the leg?

#32. The Lace Sleeve Tattoo in Black Coloring

A bunch of varied floral elements is combined in this fabulous tattoo. The lace ornament covers the whole sleeve, which is very effective!

#33. The Black Lace Tattoo on the Thigh

You can add some sensual notes in your everyday image with such neat lace tattoo. The black pattern fits the pale skin without a doubt!

#34. The Lace Tattoo of Flowers for Women

This tattoo on the forearm represents a marvelous bouquet of flowers. But what makes this composition outstanding is lace leaves at the heart of it.

#35. The Lace Tattoo of Dotwork Type on the Wrist

#36. The Sexy Lace Tattoo on the Sleeve

Provided you wish to get the blend of beauty and sexuality, think about this incredible sleeve tattoo. The flowers with lace are something magnificent.

#37. The Small Lace Tattoo on the Wrist

The fans of a small tattoo on the wrist are likely to choose this compact lace flower, which embodies fascination and romanticism.

#38. The Vintage Lace Tattoo on the Shoulder

Vintage is a classic and provocative style in all aspects but here it became one part with lace tattoo.

#39. The White Ink Lace Tattoo with a Geometric Design on the Throat

This white tattoo is almost invisible, however, if you look closely, you may find very unusual lace painting with geometric elements.

#40. The White Lace Tattoo on the Sleeve

The contrasting idea of white flowers in the black background is proposed for confident girls. It seems that a sleeve is adorned with lace.

#41. The Lace Tattoo for Men on the Forearm

#42. The Black Geometric Lace Tattoo for Men on the Forearm

The geometry provides a slight strictness, while the lace ornament makes painting softer. As a result, we get this thrilling black and white forearm tattoo.

#43. The Lace Tattoo of the Mandala on the Upper Back

This mandala is a powerful charm that protects you and brings strength. Try this unique image with lace design.

#44. The Idea of Lace Hamsa and Lotus Tattoo on the Ribs

The hamsa and lotus tattoo on the rib cage with lace inclusions is unbelievable! Their combination is chosen by women, who want to find harmony, wisdom and patience.

#45. The Lace Tattoo with the Fish Idea on the Back

If you are fond of the Eastern culture, this fish tattoo in lacy ornament is inked for you. Here the back transforms into the immense enigmatic picture!

#46. The Lace, Skull and Rose in one Tattoo on the Neck

This flower with a skull in the center will impress everyone. But the highlight of this neck tattoo is the lace leaves.

#47. The Ornamental Lace Tattoo on the Foot

This tattoo shows how wonderful and dainty the floral ornament looks on the foot, especially if it is depicted with lace details!

#48. The Amazing Lace Tattoos on the Back

This lace tattoo is full of glamor. So, wear elegant evening dress with open back and you will be the queen of the night.

#49. The Black Lace Tattoo with Lotus on the Hip

The enticing lace ornament is complicated with a lotus not by chance, as this spiritual flower is always associated with femininity and rebirth.

#50. The Sleeve Tattoo of Henna Lace

The tattoo master managed to create a fairy lace tattoo on the girl’s sleeve. The henna patterns emphasized the tanned skin that looks classy.

#51. The Lotus and Lace Tattoo Under Boobs

The central element of this lace sternum tattoo is a sacred lotus. It symbolizes life and death, fight and happiness, purity and fertility.

#52. The Elegant Black Lace Tattoo on the Forearm

If you are keen on floral themes in tattooing, take this fascinating composition on the forearm. The lace patterns bring uniqueness and chic.

#53. The Lace Forearm Tattoos for Men

These tattoos on both forearms are very meaningful; they include sacral ornaments with lace illustration that can be a bit mysterious for some clients.

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