Beautiful Tree Tattoos Designs

It is needless to say that a tree is one of the main elements of the Earth. This recurring symbol has deep roots in different cultures and is very honored among various nations. So, it is not surprising to see a tattoo of a tree in modern tattoo art. This image is particularly taken by people, who are eager to express their admiration for nature, as trees are an integral part of it.

Tree Tattoo Meanings

The tree image is rich in symbolism; the most common ones are life, strength and eternity. It appears from the fact that trees can survive from 50 to 5000 years, suffering from drought and storms. Their life circle represents a beautiful chain of changes that we observe during a year.

The meanings of the tree are unique and differ from culture to culture that presents this plant from different sides:

  • In Chinese mythology, the tree is regarded to be a home of the phoenix and dragon, symbolizing soul and resurrection in this way.
  • The Celts regarded the tree as a giver of food, shelter and warmth, which is a source of life.
  • In Christianity, the tree embodies humanity and is believed to be a healer.

Other famous meanings include immortality, fertility, knowledge, beauty, wisdom and protection.

Besides, each part of the tree conveys a certain meaning as well:

  • Leaves: the depiction of bright, fresh leaves is a sign of rebirth, growth and maturity, while dark, brown leaves denote death.
  • Branches indicate the connection with other people and buds – new beginnings.
  • Roots are used to show strong foundation or deep family bonds.
  • Flowers are appreciated by women, who wish to emphasize their beauty and maturity. They also denote innocence and virginity.

The Most Popular Trees in Tattooing

The choice of a particular tree may have a religious or cultural basis; there is a wide range of tree examples:

  • Apple tree;
  • Aspen tree;
  • Banyan tree;
  • Bonsai tree;
  • Cedar tree;
  • Christmas tree;
  • Cypress tree;
  • Elm tree;
  • Fir tree;
  • Maple tree;
  • Oak tree;
  • Olive tree;
  • Pine tree;
  • Rowan tree, etc.

The meaning of the tattoo is closely connected with the type of a chosen tree:

The tree of life – is often illustrated with its roots and branches intertwined in a circle. This tree symbolizes immortality, strength, abundance and growth.

Fir tree – the main features of this tree are hope, fertility and eternal life.

Birch tree signifies renewal and rebirth. Thus, it is taken by people, who have experienced tough times in life. The tattoo with birch leaves indicates purification.

Ash tree tattoo – is based on spirituality. The pattern is frequently complemented by other religious images to make the picture clearer.

Palm tree conveys aesthetic value. It denotes peace and harmony. Its delicate image attracts women and its elongated structure looks particularly nice on arms and legs.

Willow tree is usually used as a memorial tattoo and can include a name or text that makes it more meaningful. The weeping willow is associated with mourning and dreams.

Cherry blossom – is characterized as a symbol of feminine beauty and grace. Also, it can denote life.

Tree Tattoo Designs

The tree tattoo itself is a powerful symbol, which makes you look confident and strong. Still, some details of your own creativity will work well in any event. So, the tree tattoo is perfectly combined with numerous elements: skull or skeleton, mask, compass, heart, bird, moon, animals (e.g. dog, fox), people (girl, woman), geometric elements.  On the top of that, you can try some interesting tree variations, such as:

  • four-seasons tree;
  • twisted tree;
  • stump;
  • forest;
  • bare tree;
  • black tree tattoo with red drops;
  • family tree;
  • redwood tree.

The tree tattoos are created with varied colors and styles that enrich the pattern and brings additional attractiveness. The designs and ideas vary from different countries and communities. Thus, you may find a tattoo of a tree in the following styles, like:

  • dotwork;
  • newschool;
  • realism;
  • watercolor;
  • tribal;
  • blackwork;
  • outline;
  • Asian;
  • Celtic;
  • 3d;

Branch of Apple Tree Tattoo on the Thigh

The branch of a blooming apple tree is a symbol of femininity, purity and beauty. The birds harmoniously complement this seductive tattoo on the girl’s thigh.

Matching Ash Tree Tattoo for Sisters

The idea of two identical tattoos is not new but still very popular among people. Here the ash trees with hearts on the forearms express true sisters’ love.

Simple Aspen Tree Tattoo on the Back

It is believed that aspen tree can protect you from troubles and misfortune. In addition, it looks fantastic along the delicate woman’s spine.

Banyan Tree Tattoo in Dotwork Style for Men

This huge tree tattoo on the shoulder blade should not be omitted by mature men. The dotwork design makes it even more eye-catching.

Black Bare Tree Tattoo for Women

The thin bare tree tattoo with a long trunk in black coloring evokes pessimistic feelings. This forearm pattern may denote loneliness or grief.

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Branch of a Birch Tree Tattoo on the Ribs

This colorful branch of a birch leaves looks fresh on the pale skin. The birch tree itself symbolizes new beginnings in life and purification of the soul.

Black Tree Tattoo With Red Drops

The lovely scene with the sun, cats and tree is depicted on the arm. But some red drops refresh this black composition, adding the bright touches.

Gray Bonsai Tree Tattoo

The bonsai tree is a Japanese miracle famous all over the world. The gray tattoo of this small tree on the thigh will bring its wearer longevity.

Bare Cedar Tree Tattoo on the Shoulder

The greatness and dignity are the main features of this amazing cedar tree in a circle. The red and blue patterns introduce some abstract idea of two opposites.

Christmas Tree Tattoo in the Snow on the Arm

The superb tattoo of Christmas tree looks so natural and quite extraordinary in summer. This evergreen tree is associated with eternal life.

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Circle Tree Tattoo on the Shoulder in Dotwork Style

Here the tree is presented in a circle, which resembles a flower. The smooth transition of images is achieved through a dotwork style that makes the main emphasis on the tree.

Colorful Tree Tattoo With the Universe on the Forearm

This bright, a bit chaotic performance of tree tattoo is offered for men. It is combined with the universe that reveals the idea of development and growth.

Unusual Creepy Tree Tattoo on the Ankle

If you have a desire to decorate your skin with an uncommon tree image, pay attention to this interesting tree in the form of reptile. It is awesome, isn’t it?

Cypress Tree Tattoo on Biceps

The grief, sorrow and death are symbolic features of a cypress tree. The dark blue leaves and red trunk completely convey this gloomy meaning of the tattoo.

Dark Tree Tattoo With a Mask on the Leg

This wooden mask with a tree above excites from the first sight. There are many small signs like burning triangle, red circle and an eye on the chin, which are full of mysticism.

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Elm Tree Tattoo With Geometric Elements

The elm tree with long roots on the wrist embodies the source of strength and support. Here it is depicted in the triangle that symbolizes the cycle of human existence.

Evergreen Tree Tattoo With a Compass

The compass and tree are the meaningful parts of this forearm tattoo. The compass says about the purposefulness and constancy of its owner, while evergreen tree indicates energy and strength.

Family Tree Tattoo on Body Side for the Guys

This option of the family tree will suit those guys, who want to show their love and devotion to family ties. The names of family members are an essential part of it.

Sophisticated Fir Tree Tattoo on the Forearm

The birth of new life is a very touching event, and this tattoo of a fir tree with a pulse and date is a good choice to leave a mark of this memorable day.

Black and Gray Forest Tattoo Covering Forearm

It is difficult to believe that this is a tattoo, as the forest is done so realistically. This black and gray pattern expresses insularity, combined with thoughtfulness.

Elegant Bible Script Tattoo of Verse Title

Heart With Tree Tattoo in Newschool Style

Life is a key point of tree tattoo. Here the roots united with heart personify longevity and fortitude. A spine is an ideal place for it.

Branch of a Maple Tree Tattoo With Birds on the Shoulder

The maple tree symbolizes relationship, the fortitude of spirit and love. So, it is nice to observe this wonderful tree with two lovely birds, especially on the man’s body.

Little Oak Tree Tattoo for Boys

The oak tree is definitely a male tattoo even if it is in small size. This tattoo on the forearm usually belongs to strong, brave and virile people.

The Old, Bare Tree Tattoo With Geometric Elements on the Ribs

This tattoo of the old tree seems a pessimistic reflection of the owner’s attitude to life. The addition in the form of rhombuses provides the effect of looking glass.

Minimalistic Olive Branch Tattoo on the Ribs

Sometimes a simple image may symbolize some important notions like this cute olive branch. It is an embodiment of immortality, fertility and renewal of life.

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Pine Tree Tattoo in Dotwork Style

This pattern of three pine trees is inspired by nature. The small tattoo in dotwork style looks gentle on the forearm and denotes eternal life and hope.

Colorful Realistic Tree Tattoo

The realism of this tattoo strikes the most demanding clients. The piece of forest with bright, colorful nature is represented in this half sleeve tattoo!

Redwood Tree Tattoo Design on the Forearm

The high redwood tree is located in the background of the forest. The realistic design and the size of the pattern are ideal for forearm tattoo.

Branch of Rowan Tree Tattoo on the Hand

The combination of red berries with green leaves produces a bright impression. This elegant branch of rowan tree is a powerful amulet against witchcraft.

Tree Tattoo for Women on the Shoulder Blade

This feminine tattoo illustrates a tree with fruit, which symbolizes fertility. The image of saddened girl conveys a personal message unknown to others.

Simple Fir Tree Tattoo in Dots on the Arm

This miniature fir tree in dots is a modest choice of tattoo. However, it gives strength and longevity for those, who have problems with health.

Skeleton With Tree Tattoo for Boys on the Sleeve

Fear, horror and fright characterize this dark tree tattoo with the skeleton. The scary scene of the dead forest is more appropriate among bold men than among tender women.

Tree Tattoo With Skulls Covering Back Fully

This massive tattoo of a dead tree with numerous skulls is both terrible and impressive. The black circle, gloomy colors complement this terrific idea.

Small Tree Tattoo With a Quote on the Ankle

The yellow tree resembles autumn, which seems particularly nice in the dark background of starry sky. But the loveliest thing in this work is a quote near the picture.

Traditional Palm Tree Tattoo on the Foot

This small piece of paradise will be attractive for lovers of some exotic things. Here the beautiful view of the ocean with palm trees is embellished by floral frame.

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Tree and Bird Tattoo in a Colorful Circle

The marvelous, tiny picture on the forearm cannot leave you indifferent. It consists of picturesque terrain, nature, river and two people aside.

Tree and Moon Tattoo With Animals on the Forearm

This black and white tattoo is rich in images: the full moon illuminates the big tree with forest inhabitants. The owl, deer and squirrel make a good company!

Tree Tattoo in Asian Style on the Thigh

If you are interested in Asian culture, this design of the tree will attract you. The pattern of the thin plant with building in Asian style is light and graceful.

 Feminine Tree of Knowledge Tattoo

Our life is fleeting – is a basic idea of this exciting tree tattoo on the lower back. The tree is depicted with half of the bare branches and birds that are flying away like our years.

Small Tree Tattoo for Girls on the Ribs

The most of the girls prefer something cute in tattooing. This small tree is exactly what is needed. Besides, its location is easy to hide if necessary.

Simple and Intriguing Compass Star Tattoo on Arm

Male Tree Tattoo in Black on the Side

This man became one whole with this unbelievable tree tattoo. The long, black branches and wide trunk cover the side, showing a real connection with nature.

Tree Silhouette Tattoo With a Watercolor Leaf

This fabulous design of black tree silhouette on the leg is worth taking. The color of a leaf is impossible to characterize, the watercolor style creates miracles.

Tree Sleeve Tattoo of Forest for Men

It does not matter where you ink the forest tattoo. It always brings the mystique and weirdness to your appearance, especially such dark, deep forest design.

Forearm Tattoo of a Tree Stump With Forest Above

The unusual tattoo of the tree stump is used here as a platform for the presentation of the forest. The trees with various animals and a bird is an outstanding option!

Tree Tattoo on the Back for Ladies

Here the tree does not include any special design techniques – a simple work still expresses charm and attraction. How seductive it looks along the girl’s spine!

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Fir Tree Tattoo on the Forearm

This green fir tree finds its place on the forearm. The depiction of roots emphasizes the owners desire to be near family and close people in life.

Round Tree Tattoo Design on the Wrist

The tattoo can be a good alternative to a bracelet on the wrist. Take as an example, this gorgeous tattoo of a black forest. Be trendy with this cool design!

Pine Tree Tattoo for Men on the Ankle

The desire to emphasize courage, devotion and self-sacrifice push the men to choose a pine tree for a future tattoo. This pattern will always look sublime.

Simple Fir Tree Tattoo for Women

This fir tree on the arm will suit any women. The symmetrical in the proportions green tree denotes confidence, integrity and honesty.

The Simple Disney Tattoo on the Forearm

Palm Tree Tattoos in Black on the Forearms

The palm trees in black waves are not only spectacular ornaments for your forearms, but it is regarded to be a sign of masculinity and power.

Bright Tree Tattoo With Roots in the Triangle

This remarkable design of tree can be a good choice for pair tattoos on the calves. Here the triangle comprises a vivid tree with long roots. The union of black and red indicates life and death.

Tribal Tree Tattoo in Celtic Style

The Celtic ornaments have special charm and mystery. This tattoo of a tree with the incredible intertwining of lines illustrates a wonderful pattern for guys on the arm.

Twisted Tree Tattoo on the Chest

The tree in the form of the storm is an unusual image in tattoo art. The top and roots create a symmetrical composition, full of passion and riot.

Watercolor Bonsai Tree Tattoo on the Forearm

This astonishing bonsai tree gives the complete freedom of self-expression. The chaotic black pattern is complemented by green watercolor splashes. The gorgeous work!

Praying Hands Tattoo with Words

Petite Tree Tattoo on the Ankle

This tree tattoo does not serve to attract a lot of attention. The small pattern will work well for moderate and sensible fans of nature.

Tree Tattoos on Both Calves

The bare tree and tree in blossom together look very contrasting. It represents two sides of one personality, where there is a place for solitude and bright emotions.

Blackwork Tree Tattoo With a Dog Silhouette

The black background of forest highlights the dog silhouette on the arm. The dog symbolizes internal strength, perseverance and purposefulness that are good characteristics of men.

Outline Tree Tattoo on the Forearm

The outline design gives particular ease and grace. In this way, the tree tattoo with diverse leaves seems highly sophisticated.

Tiny Palm Tree Tattoo Idea

The palm tree is often compared with triumph and victory. Despite the lack of color, this positive sign on the arm will bring you some benefit.

Colorful Bird Tattoo on the Hip

3d Forest Tattoo in a Fox Silhouette

This fox with 3D effect on the forearm is amazing! The idea to depict a real forest in animal silhouette is fresh and uncommon. Consider this point!

Bare Tree Tattoo With a Girl on the Back

The nude girls are in a big demand among man’s tattoos. But this colorful pattern presents a deeper idea – here woman embodies tree, very seductive tree.

Line of Trees on the Forearm Tattoo

The diversity of trees is so great, so why not choose different plants at once. Each of them is unique and the mix of four trees has an interesting look.

Four-seasons Tree Silhouette Tattoo on the Forearm

This everlasting four-season tree is created for people, who want to be constant in life. The plays of colors, their transition from one into another deserves attention.

Celtic Patterns and Forest Tattoo for Men

The dark forest with numerous spiky trees is a breathtaking decoration for your forearm. But if you need some peculiarities, think about these Celtic patterns.

Stunning Evil Grim Reaper Tattoo With Skulls