Disney Tattoos That Will Inspire You

The tattoo with Disney characters is a new, fashionable trend that appeared quite recently. These cheerful, bright, cute and funny heroes of animated films help to keep this great feeling of freedom and a piece of childhood in your soul. Such tattoos are applied by people, who are endowed with extravagance and eccentricity.

Disney Tattoos Meanings

The Disney patterns express individuality, ease, brightness and kindness. The fan of these tattoos enjoys life and look at the modern world with a smile. The choice of a cartoon character is based on a desire to depict the favorite hero with its own unique history and distinctive traits, which represent nature and the inner world of a wearer of the tattoo.

  • Mickey Mouse – denotes the pursuit of eternal youth. His cheerful image symbolizes the owner’s positive outlook on life.
  • Mermaid – is the embodiment of femininity, beauty but, at the same time, she may indicate treachery.
  • Aladdin – is a hilarious thief with a heart of gold. His cunning, wit and heartiness help to cope with the difficulties in the way of the big adventures.
  • Lion King (Simba) – signifies divine and royal power, victory, courage, pride, generosity, cunning and strength.
  • Goofy – is an extremely jovial Mickey Mouse’s friend. He is very kind and sympathetic, though dull.
  • Cheshire Cat – means eternal positive, the ability to stay on top, do not lose heart and be able to disappear when it is needed while leaving only pleasant memories.
  • Donald Duck – has irascible and quarrelsome character, however, he is represented as funny, kind and resistant to troubles.

Other famous Disney tattoos involve:

  • Beauty and the Beast (Mrs. Potts and Chip);
  • Princess (Jasmine, Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White);
  • Dumbo;
  • Minnie;
  • Elsa and Olaf;
  • Tinker Bell;
  • Maleficent;
  • Stitch;
  • Dwarf;
  • Bambi;
  • Oswald;
  • Alice in Wonderland;
  • Winnie the Pooh (Tiger);
  • Toy story series (Rex, Woody, Buzz Lightyear);
  • Lock, Shock and Barrel;
  • Finding Nemo (Dory).

Variations of Disney Tattoos

The cartoon ornaments are always bright and colorful that makes them memorable and popular.

Apart from the most common animated heroes, you can ink more extravagant designs like:

  • Walt Disney portrait;
  • Disney castle;
  • Quotations;
  • Watercolor style;
  • Frozen Disney.

In addition to the characters themselves, the numerous symbols and attributes that are associated with them can be included:

  • Mickey Mouse ears;
  • Aladdin lamp;
  • The rose.

The size of Disney images can be:

  • big;
  • small.

Cute Disney Tattoo Designs Ideas

#1. The Sweet Tattoo of Aladdin and Jasmine on the Forearm

The floral frame with two famous lovers on the forearm will touch the heart of any romantic and enamored person.

#2. The Tender Arm Tattoo of Beauty and the Beast

The heroes of “The beauty and the beast” are ready to recreate the dance under the starry sky on your arm.

#3. The Disney Castle Tattoo on the Fairy Tale Basis

This colorful, watercolor castle personifies Disney world and reminds us of the brightest moments and pleasant memories of our childhood.

#4. The Piece of Disney Characters on the Thigh Tattoo

Can you decide which Disney character is your favorite? If not, this wonderful company of several images looks great on the thigh.

#5. The Flighty Disney Goofy Tattoo on Your Thigh

Goofy on the thigh is for positive people, who admire the kindness of this hero – he is a little silly but still funny.

#6. The Disney Princess’s Portrait on the Arm Tattoo

The proud and lovely Jasmine is a prototype of ideal beauty for many girls seems so nice on the arm.

#7. The Disney Foot Tattoo With a Quote

Do not forget about your roots – is the main message that bears this small lion pattern on the foot.

#8. The Disney Rabbit Tattoo for Men

This animated rabbit with a pocket watch on the thigh is known for Dodgson’s novel, teaches us to save precious time.

#9. Dumbo – The Conqueror of The Circus on the Arm Tattoo

The lovely picture of the naughty elephant’s family on the arm is for all lovers of the circus.

#10. The Amusing Goofy in the Black and White Tattoo

The uncolored variant of Goofy is a rare phenomenon in tattooing, though, this Disney character looks highly impressive on the body.

#11. Mickey Mouse and His Girlfriend Minnie Tattoo

Mickey and Minnie are placed on the leg; this amazing couple always smiles and brings only positive emotions.

#12. Realistic Mickey Mouse Tattoo on the Girl’s Upper Back

This tattoo of smiling mouse completely resembles a real Disney. It is a superb masterpiece on the upper arm!

#13. The Wistful Minnie Mouse Tattoo on the Arm

What is charming Minnie dreaming about in this tattoo on the arm? Of course, her thoughts are about the boyfriend Mickey Mouse.

#14. Brave Indian Princess Pocahontas Thigh Tattoo

Many ladies wish to be stubborn and strong like main character Pocahontas, whose image is depicted on the woman’s thigh.

#15. Simba – Future Lion King on the Chest Tattoo

This tattoo starts on the chest and follows to the shoulder representing the picture of the earliest Simba’s years with his father.

#16. The Simple Disney Tattoo on the Forearm

The image of Mickey is so recognizable that you just ink the outline of it on your forearm to make it noticeable.

#17. Bewitching Sleeping Beauty Forearm Tattoo

The captivating story of a princess, who slept under the power of witchcraft, is introduced in wonderful composition on the forearm.

#18. The Small Wrist Tattoo of Disney Couple

The wrist is a nice place for such small ornament of two well-known mice, the colorful splashes add lacking brightness.

#19. The Snow White and Evil Apple Thigh Tattoo

This thigh tattoo embodies the good triumphs over evil, especially if the main hero is so beautiful and kind girl.

#20. Elsa and Olaf Tattoo on the Thigh

Despite the name of the cartoon “Cold heart”, it becomes warm on the heart seeing such a tender friendship on the thigh.

#21. The Charming Tattoo of Fairy Tinker Bell for Ballsy Girls.

Tinker Bell is famous for her passionate, impulsive and impatient character. Is it familiar to you? Then, try this gorgeous one!

#22. The Great Walt Disney Tattoo on the Thigh

The Disney fans do not mind devoting the part of the body to this great creator of the fabled world.

#23. Forearm Tattoo of Mermaid Ariel in a Watercolor Style

The tattoo of Ariel Mermaid aback looks unusual but very seductive on the forearm, which increases the enchanting beauty of the sea nymph.

#24. The Disney Underwater Friends Tattoo on the Thigh

This picturesque composition is located on the thigh. It serves as a marvelous decoration embracing the best-loved heroes from “Ariel” cartoon.

#25. Stitch Tattoo – a Big Alien Experiment on the Thigh

Do you dream to tame little villain? This blue alien will remind you to stick only to the side of goodness.

#26. The Romantic Disney Tattoo for Girls

The terrifying appearance may reveal beauty, don’t you agree? So, this forearm tattoo of the Beauty and the Beast confirms it.

#27. The Lion King With a Company on the Arm Tattoo

The lion King and his friends Timon and Pumba are united in an admirable positive company on the arm.

#28. The Enigmatic Cheshire Cat Tattoo on the Biceps

The secret of Cheshire Cat’s smile, which enthralls and intimidates at the same time is unknown. Can you solve this interesting puzzle?

#29. The Half Sleeve Tattoo of Loyal Helpers Mrs. Potts and Chip

Mrs. Potts and Chip are secondary characters of the cartoon, however, their kindness and geniality touched both children and adults’ hearts.

#30. Disney Dory Tattoo for Those, Who Are Always in a Research of The Past

The image of blue surgeonfish with poor memory is humorous and sad simultaneously, while her vivid appearance will not go unnoticed.

#31. The Magic Aladdin Lamp Tattoo on the Wrist

The Aladdin lamp is a splendid gift, which makes dreams come true, especially if you wear its colorful image on the wrist.

#32. Alice in Wonderland Tattoo on the Thigh

If you can not repeat the fate of the favorite hero, you may ink the incredible variant of it on your thigh.

#33. Watercolor Disney Tattoo of Tinker Bell on the Forearm

Tinker Bell – a perennial spring of energy, curiosity and charm are executed in shining watercolor style on the forearm.

#34. Forearm Tattoo of Disney Heroes Lock, Shock and Barrel

These terrible cranks inspire fear but if you are not easily scared, choose this brave Christmas gang on the forearm.

#35. The Disney Villain on the Forearm Tattoo

Do you prefer bad characters? This villain on the forearm is an embodiment of the whole evil will suit you for sure.

#36. The Witch Maleficent Tattoo on the Forearm

Maleficent of Angelina Jolie is a mix of charming evil and seductive beauty. The great choice for forearm tattoo!

#37. Frozen Disney Characters Tattoo on the Forearm

Two Disney girls surrounded by snowflakes on the forearm will look extravagant in summer. Are you ready to experiment?

#38. Winter Tattoo Art With Disney Olaf on the Calf

This smiling Disney snowman is done on the calf. Olaf is associated with winter and lovely holidays like Christmas.

#39. Disney Calf Tattoo of Ornate Minnie Mouse

It is not a simple tattoo of Minnie with watercolor designs: tiny details, such as flower, shoe, lion enrich unbelievable painting.

#40. Disney Winnie The Pooh on the Ankle Tattoo

Winnie the Pooh without honey is impossible to see, so this tattoo on the ankle will make your life sweeter and rosier.

#41. Tiger from Disney “winnie The Pooh” Leg Tattoo

The Tiger image from “Winnie the Pooh” on the leg personifies desirable happiness that is complemented with the meaningful phrase.

#42. Disney Traveler Donald Duck on the Arm Tattoo

Even the strong, mature men take cute Donald Duck pattern, as his positive and cuteness do not leave anyone indifferent.

#43. Dopey – The Disney Dwarf Tattoo on the Forearm

Cool little Dopey is located on the forearm. The adorers of “White Snow” love this silent hero due to his great heartiness.

#44. Lively Forearm Alien Tattoo from “Toy Story”

Green head, many eyes and blue overalls – that’s all about our droll Alien. His bright image looks outstanding on the forearm.

#45. Two Friends from Disney “Toy Story” on the Calf Tattoo

Do you wish to share the company of guys like Woody and Buzz Lightyear? It is easy with these marvelous tattoos on the calf.

#46. The Disney “Toy Story” Tattoo With Rex on Your Shoulder

This tattoo presents an awesome green dinosaur toy on the shoulder. The big creature with a kind heart is a good mix of contrasts.

#47. Intelligent Disney Oswald on the Forearm Tattoo

The first Disney’s rabbit Oswald acquired modern features in this pattern on the forearm. The cheerful creature with remote is worth attention.

#48. The Sea Depths in Disney Tattoo on the Thigh for Her

The underwater life attracts many tattoo holders, if you are one of them, try this wondrous piece on the thigh.

#49. The “Finding Nemo” Half-sleeve Story in One Tattoo

This half sleeve tattoo comprises various bright Disney heroes: turtle, fish seem highly spectacular and fresh in water design.

#50. The Disney Tattoo of Lion’s Love on the Thigh

This sweet couple of Simba and Nala on the thigh is aimed at romantic girls, who appreciate tender feelings.

#51. Bambi Hero in Disney Tattoo on the Hand

Applying Bambi character, you emphasize gracefulness, refinement and slight timidity. It makes no sense to look for the more feminine image!

#52. Villain Donald Duck Forearm Tattoo for Men

Here positive Donald Duck character is a real villain in a black mantle and sinister grin. The surprising work, isn’t it?