Top 50 Enchanting Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

Originally, the dreamcatcher was an amulet of the Native Americans, but due to its aesthetic appeal and powerful protective features, it was used by the others folks, and now, it’s extremely popular among tattoo-enthusiasts. We have packed our article with the most awesome and creative tattoo designs, just scroll down!

Dreamcatcher Tattoo Meanings

Before you enjoy our amazing gallery, let’s examine the symbolical meanings that carry the dreamcatcher tattoo.

Protection: It’s the main symbolism of the dreamcatcher motif. It’s deemed that the dreamcatcher can keep away the owner from the negative vibes, evil eyes, hoodoo and enemies. What’s more, it’s widely believed, that the intercrossed strings of the dreamcatcher trap the nightmares and insomnia, while the hole in the center of this amulet captures the good dreams.

Love and devotion to the traditions: Some tattoo-lovers, especially American ones, apply dreamcatcher ink to highlight their respect to the ancient traditions.

Life and peace: This significance is conveyed by the airy feathers of the dreamcatcher.

Wisdom and intuition: This meaning is applied if the dreamcatcher is displayed with the owl’s feathers. 

Bravery and valor: The eagle’s feathers is an epitome of the male’s courage and prowess.

Eternity: Such meaning appeared, due to the eight points inside the circle of the dreamcatcher.

The alone-inked dreamcatcher is a truly spectacular sight with a rich symbolism behind it, but if you infuse some others meaningful elements in the tac, it will look more impressive. For instance, you can combine the dreamcatcher with the following motives:

  • Flowers
  • Heart
  • Birds
  • Insects
  • Animals
  • Moon
  • Skull
  • Inscriptions
  • Peace Sign
  • Yin Yang

Dreamcatcher Tattoo Features

 If you want to make the dreamcatcher tat the main attractant of your body, then portray it in the eye-popping, vibrant hues. Less frequently, the tattoo-lovers ink the dreamcatcher in the dark and monotonous colors, but, as a rule, such designs add meditative and enigmatic mood to the image. The dreamcatcher can be done on any part of your body, but the fairer sex prefers to get inked this talisman all over the back, on the ribs and thigh, while the males like to cover sleeve, chest and neck with this tat.

The most desirable styles for the dreamcatcher pattern:

  • Watercolor
  • Linework
  • Tribal
  • 3-d Style
  • Traditional
  • Black and Gray Realism
  • Dotwork
  • Surrealism
  • Photorealism

Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs Ideas

#1. Abstract Dreamcatcher with Blurry Smudges Tat on the Back

The ingenious jet-black dreamcatcher design with the chaotic watercolor smudges connects the owner with the mysterious world of the dreams.

#2. Elegant Dreamcatcher Tattoo in Illustrative Realism on the Ribs

This incredibly dynamic dreamcatcher with the fiery feathers and the ritzy gem is made in illustrative realism and signals about the bearer’s vigor and enthusiasm.

#3. Artistic Watercolor Dreamcatcher Back Tattoo

With this large-scale watercolor dreamcatcher performed in the warm autumn palette, you will be under the double protection and get a lot of positive energy.

#4. Exclusive Moon&Sun Duo Dreamcatcher on the Arm

The brilliant color blend and awesome detailing stand out this dreamcatcher crescent moon and sun motif symbolizing human’s dualistic nature and union of opposites.

#5. Cool Dreamcatcher with Hyper-Realistic Rose Half Sleeve Tattoo

Due to the artistic coloration and clean outline, the ink alives on the skin and fills the owner’s life with the beauty, romance and good luck.

#6. Monochrome Dreamcatcher with Lion Profile Forearm Tattoo

If you want to pay homage to the ancient traditions and heritage of the North American culture, get tattooed this realistic black and gray composition with the smooth shading.

#7. Badass Contrasting Dreamcatcher Arm Tattoo

The juxtaposition of the black and gray shape with the colorful beads converts this piece into a beautiful style statement.

#8. Linear Mandala Dreamcatcher Half Sleeve Tattoo

The extreme contrast of this eye-pleasing motif overwhelms most of all! The elegantly-lined Mandala dreamcatcher with the rainbow watercolor splashes symbolizes serenity, balance and fulfillment.

#9. Flamboyant Peace Sign Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Leg

The active peace promoters and pacifists will appreciate this eye-candy design done in saturated colors with the chaotic bubbles layered upon the piece.

#10. Superb Dreamcatcher with Wolf Portrait Forearm Pattern

Being combined with the wolf image, the dreamcatcher becomes an epitome of the masculinity, domination, ambition, valiance and harbinger of success.

#11. Hypnotic Dreamcatcher and Owl Arm Ink for Men

This black and gray textured owl tattoo looks so realistic that’s you could almost pet it! Such tatt is designed for people who are strongly guided by intuition.

#12. Bewitching Dreamcatcher Back Piece with Butterflies and Roses

The gray-toned dreamcatcher pattern, complemented with the butterflies and roses, creates an aesthetic dimensional ensemble highlighting femininity and fragility of the women’s nature.

#13. Pretty Dreamcatcher with Vivacious Brush Strokes Thigh Tatt

This abstract ink can become a distinctive mark of any creative person! No any other design can illustrate better the inner chaos and insatiable energy of the craftsman.

#14. Seductive Cherry Blossom Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Side

When depicting dreamcatcher with the Japanese cherry blooms and falling petals, such image will be interpreted as a symbol of the female beauty and brevity of human’s life.

#15. Awesome Dreamcatcher with Geometric Net Arm Tat

Thanks to this mesmerizing dreamcatcher mascot with the tight web, the evil eyes and spirits will not affect your life.

#16. Black-Inked Dreamcatcher Thigh Tattoo with Name

Imprint this classy black-contoured dreamcatcher tat with the name of your loved one, to have a constant spiritual bond with him.

#17. Mind-boggling Dreamer Inner Arm Tattoo Design

This calligraphic dreamcatcher tac is a nice way to inform the onlookers that you are a visionary person and you often have your head in the clouds.

#18. Girly Linework Dreamcatcher Shoulder Blade Tac with Inscription

Express your love and devotion to the second half with the help of this lovely dreamcatcher ink with the messy swashes and sentimental quote.

#19. Adorable Heart-Shaped Dreamcatcher Arm Tatt in Black-Gray

Here is a solidly-shaded black and gray dreamcatcher motif combining aesthetics and deep symbolism: spiritual ascension, passionate love and free spirit.

#20. Decorative Henna Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Wrist

Temporary Mehendi tattoo instead of traditional ink? Why not?! Fine henna lines make up a sophisticated ornamental dreamcatcher pattern which doesn’t yield in beauty to the permanent image.

#21. Mesmerizing Dotwork Indian Dreamcatcher Thigh Tattoo

The filigree and attractive appeal bring this exquisite Mandala and roses dreamcatcher tattoo to the next level! Except being beautiful, the tac denotes perfection, infinity and balance.

#22. Pink-Blue Dreamcatcher Owl Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

Dreamcatcher in the shape of the owl is a pretty cute and out-of-the-box tattoo idea carrying rich significance: intelligence, wisdom and wealth.

#23. Appealing Simple Dreamcatcher Arm Tattoo

Beauty is in simplicity! This minimalistic black and gray dreamcatcher image isn’t imbued with details, but it still looks appealing due to the subtle shading.

#24. Small Feminine Crescent Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Ankle

The ladies, who blend the dreamcatcher with the crescent moon, want to accentuate their women’s power, sexuality, calmness and fertility.

#25. Croatian Tribal Linework Dreamcatcher Arm Tattoo

This tribal tattoo stands out for its even black lines and exotic ornaments which have special magic-like qualities and represents longevity, strength, dignity and hope.

#26. Head-Turning Psychedelic Dreamcatcher Half Sleeve Tattoo

For the effervescent personalities, we have this extraordinary motif striking with the riot of the colors and a myriad of illustrative elements.

#27. Fab Yin Yang& Peace Dreamcatcher Tattoo on the Forearm

The next color-contrast piece is a mix of the dreamcatcher, yin yang and peace signs which will fill your life with harmony, peace and equilibrium.

#28. Charming Dreamcatcher Scorpio Constellation Arm Tattoo

The dreamcatcher paired with the Scorpio constellation on the watercolor galaxy nebula will become a navigator for the people born under this zodiac sign.

#29. Wonderful Geometric Dreamcatcher Back Tattoo for Girl

No any female will resist this awe-inspiring geometric dreamcatcher ink displayed in a cotton-candy palette and exuding charm and tenderness.

#30. Cute Dreamcatcher Baby Half Sleeve Tattoo

As a memento of your baby, engrave the embryo accompanied by the colorful dreamcatcher image which will provide the spiritual connection with your kid.

#31. Glorious Deer Head Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Calf

This dreamcatcher design with the all-powerful Stag is tended to be inked by guys because this animal looks noble, and greatly reveals male’s strength and virility.

#32. Dark-Toned Compass Dreamcatcher with Anchor Arm Tattoo

Not only sailors can opt for this naval black and gray dreamcatcher motif, but, as well, people who need guidance in this stormy ocean of life.

Compass Dreamcatcher Tattoo

#33. Enticing Flowers Dreamcatcher and Humming Bird Thigh Ink

The hummingbird and flowers add-ons make this watercolor dreamcatcher pattern more picturesque and artistic. The Native Americans believed that all these elements could bring good luck and prosperity.

#34. Surrealistic Dreamcatcher Disney Tattoo on Inner Arm

Here is the surrealistic dreamcatcher with the cartoonish touch: Minnie Mouse silhouette with the Disney castle inside it is depicted not in its girly manner, but in a gothic style.

#35. Butterfly Dreamcatcher Half Sleeve Tattoo in Illustrative Style

Butterfly with the dreamcatcher is a popular tattoo blend which has a stunning appeal and epitomizes beauty, grace, independence and metamorphosis.

#36. Traditional Dreamcatcher Spider Thigh Tattoo in Reddish Shades

Tattoo-lovers get tattooed dreamcatcher with the spider when they want to attract positivity and success in life and ward off troubles and misfortunes.

#37. Classy Dreamcatcher& Wolf Chest Tattoo Cover Up

Cover up your boring tac with the dreamcatcher wolf portrait representing fearlessness and courage. The add-on name of the loved one will accentuate your faithfulness to this person.

#38. Photorealistic Dog Portrait Dreamcatcher Half Sleeve Tat

Immortalize your dog by inking his portrait in a photorealistic style like on the upper photo. Enframe the image with the dimensional dreamcatcher, and your pet will be under protection.

#39. Gorgeous Feather Floral Dreamcatcher Tattoo

This sweet dreamcatcher motif with the geometrically-colored feathers resembles a gorgeous sunflower which symbolizes hope, energy, happiness and vitality.

#40. Sketchy Watercolor-esque Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Back

The terrible dreams won’t bother you if such dynamic fine-lined dreamcatcher with the blurred watercolors will be tattooed on your body.

#41. Geometric Mandala-Inspired Dreamcatcher Half Sleeve Tattoo

Such geometric-patterned dreamcatcher with the contrasting colorful feathers is supposed to open the path to enlightenment and helps to concentrate during meditation.

#42. All-Black Bird Dreamcatcher Ink on Shoulder Blade

This black bold-lined dreamcatcher with the realistically-depicted bird wonderfully flows with the body. Such combo defines loyalty, freedom and pride.

#43. Delightful Sapphire-Blue Dreamcatcher Back Tattoo

If you make up your mind to ink the dreamcatcher in a saturated blue color, you will get the tac symbolizing good luck, tranquility, inspiration and productivity.

#44. Astounding Tree of Life Dreamcatcher Thigh Tattoo

Healing, immortality and hope –popular significances of the leafless dreamcatcher tree. If the gray-colored tac is too dull to you, add the effect of the pouring paints in the background.

#45. Cryptic Black and White Moon&Eye Dreamcatcher Arm Tattoo

The zest of this protective dreamcatcher crescent-eye amulet is the stippled shading which lends a mysterious feel to the motif.

#46. Screaming for Attention Sugar Skull Dreamcatcher Thigh Tat

This traditional black-gray dreamcatcher-skull-Mandala pattern with the colorful add-on reminds us of the constant battle between life and death, beauty and ugliness.

#47. Tiny Dreamcatcher Neck Tattoo in Fine Lines

Such miniature fine-lined dreamcatcher motif with a watercolor feel won’t attract much attention and can be easily covered with the hair.

#48. Rad Wolf Dreamcatcher Half Sleeve Tattoo

Reveal your inner beast with this badass wolf dreamcatcher tattoo. Due to the nice texture, shading and color combo, the piece looks absolutely realistic.

#49. Patriotic Dreamcatcher Ink on Arm

Portray love to your country and national fervor through this patriotic black and gray dreamcatcher image sited with the skull.

#50. Magnificent Realistic Eagle Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Back

The soaring eagle carrying the dreamcatcher on his wing is one more popular patriotic design standing for success and victory.

#51. Flashy Greenish 3d Dreamcatcher Forearm Tattoo

Put more reality and depth in your tattoo by doing it in the on-point 3D style like on the snap.