Elephant Tattoos Meaning with Cute Designs

Animal designs have always been popular among men and women. Have a look at this great selection of different elephant tattoos and make a right choice.

Elephant Tattoos Meaning and Symbolism

Although elephants come from India where they are believed to be sacred animals which bring fertility, strength, luck and intelligence to the people, they live all over the world including South-Eastern parts of Asia, Africa and different places like tropical forests and savannahs. Elephant is one of the strongest and one of the most intelligent animals in the world. However, the grace still remains one of the outstanding features of character for them. There is no wonder tattoos with these animals are extremely popular both with men and women. The pictures of this animal refer to many beliefs and associations, especially in Buddha mythology and philosophy.

The symbolism of elephant tattoo designs:

  • Power, strength and peace. No doubt that these animals are considered to be the most powerful ones in the whole world. However, you will not find an elephant which will use his strength unless it feels danger. This animal is an example of calmness and quite. A representative of this kind of creature is the example of the most peaceful ones in an everyday
  • Luck and success. Elephants are believed to be those who bring luck and success, especially in Hindu religion. Lord Ganesha is a famous Hindu god who is depicted with an elephant head. Elephant’s trunk will bring a good fortune if it is directed up as well.
  • Fertility and devotion. Very often elephant images become the best examples of how a mother should take care of the child. If a female elephant has a child, she will definitely provide all the essentials to bring up the kid. It reveals the real dedication to the members of the female If a mum wants her tiny elephant to be OK, she will certainly do it to represent mother love and tenderness.
  • Elephant communities have a structured lifestyle where all females gather in one herd in order to grow up their offspring. No wonder the scene where all the family following each other holding their trunks became the symbol of a true family.
  • Earlier elephants were believed to take part in the world creation and they were often depicted as the creatures holding the whole planet.
  • These animals live very long life. That is why Romans tend to believe that elephants are legendary creatures and often referred them to the symbols of long and peaceful life.
  • Power is not the only feature which makes elephants so grand. They are extremely intelligent animals which will think before doing something.
  • As they have large families it often happens that elephants will die for their members if they are in danger.

Tattoos with elephants have a huge variety of designs according to the customer’s wish of what he would like to wear this tattoo for.

  1. a) the most widespread styles:
  • origin: Polynesian, Japanese/Chinese
  • tribal
  • Maori
  • abstract and outstanding Salvador’s style
  • outline
  • geometric
  • minimalistic
  • dotwork
  • watercolor
  • cartoon
  1. b) additional designs:
  • lotus
  • Buddha symbols
  • jewelry
  • embellishments
  • leaves and flowers
  1. c) tattoo picture story:
  • elephant family
  • trunk up
  • two trunks in the shape of a heart
  • elephant head

Elephant inks are one of universal ones which will fulfill your dream of having a picture on your body.  With an elephant tat you will never regret having it and you can even change your destiny.

Elephant Tattoo Designs

#1. 3 Elephants Family Ties Tattooed on the Body Side

Cute watercolor tattoo with three members of an elephant family. Elephants have very strong family ties that’s why such a tattoo will be a great symbol of close-knit family.
3 elephants family ties tattooed on the body side

#2. 3d Elephant Head Tattoo on Forearm

Quite an unusual tattoo which is made in 3D effect – blue and red outlines. Notice, that elephant’s trunk is directed up which is meant to be a lucky symbol for a person who has it.
3D forearm biceps of elephant heads

#3. Hindu Elephant Tattoo on the Thigh

Earlier Hindu people used to worship elephants and this was the reason why they were depicted with such an intricate design like this one. Different elements are used to make up the whole shape of the animal showing its grandness.
Hindu styled elephant tat on the thigh

#4. Colorful African Elephant Tattoo

Elephant pictures are seldom performed in bright colors. However, this can act in your favor as it may be the only one in its own way. Flowery patterns inside the animal add some symbolism to the tattoo and make it look like a mascot for this person.
Colorful biceps African elephant tattoo

#5. Elephant Head Tattoo With an Asian Religious Implication on the Back

Spiritual sign “Om” inked on the elephant’s head from Indian religion has a very deep meaning implicating knowledge which perfectly matches the picture of the elephant as it refers to intelligence and wisdom.
Elephant head with an Asian religious implication on the back

#6. Aztec Elephant Tattoo on the Hip

Black and red colors of this tattoo seem to reveal the true character of an elephant which expresses the perfect connection to the nature and absolute respect to the environment where you live.
ztec symbolism with an elephant head on the hip

#7. Elephant Tattoo on the Leg

Very often elephant tats with deep meaning are inked in a Hindu style to show a close belonging to the religion. Such styles are always used for religious ceremonies and decorated with the help of different intricate ornaments.

#8. Religious Motive of Half-sleeve Buddha

Ganesh, the Indian God, is the most recognizable symbols in the world. Having such a tat can favor good fortune and success in all your beginnings as well as going through the obstacles both physical and spiritual.
agnificent religious motive of half-sleeve Buddha

#9. Tattoo of Baby Elephant Lying on the Trunk

However, this tattoo shows only a tiny baby elephant we can definitely see the trunk holding this kid. No doubt such an ink is designed to show love, tenderness and true devotion of a mom to her child.

#10. Circus Elephant Tattooed on the Forearm

Elephants are extremely intelligent animals and people can express their fascination by tattooing them. Such inks show elephants’ ability to perform difficult tricks using their mind and power.
Mind-blowing circus elephant tattooed on the forearm

#11. Elephant Family with Baby Tattoo

Perfectly inked dotwork tattoo of an elephant baby following his parent and holding the tail could be a real mascot symbolizing true family love.
Adult elephant and its baby tattooed in a dotwork on the body side

#12. Tattoo of the Elephant Head on the Arm

Such a realistic elephant head tattoo, where there is nothing to add and take away can become a real ornament for a person who is wearing it thanks to its minimalistic style
Grey minimalistic dotwork tat of the elephant head on the arm

#13. Elephant Tattoo on the Back with Butterfly Ears

There is nothing more interesting than the combination of nature which is depicted in this watercolor-styled elephant head with extremely beautiful butterfly wings.
Exhilarating elephant head with realistic butterfly ears tattooed on the back

#14. Arm Tattoo of Elephant’s Face

This dotwork tattoo is performed in a very interesting way like the combination of different leaves and flowers made into the whole picture of the elephant head.
Arm biceps dotted tattoo of elephant’s face made of leaves

#15. Symbolistic Tattoo of an Elephant Family

Family dedication is one of the most common plots in tattoos with elephants. Such a tat is a real symbol of strong family ties.
Symbolistic neck tattoo of an elephant family

#16. Elephant Full Back Tattoo

Hindu religious topics find their places in tattoos like showing Lord Ganesha. The incredible multicolor full back tattoo looks just amazingly.
Religious motives in a full back big tattoo of an elephant god

#17. Elephant Face Tattoo on the Hand

Quite an interesting way of depicting the elephant head on the hand. Grey colors and shadows add mystery to the whole tattoo.
Mysterious black elephant head tattoo on the hand

#18. Realistic Elephant Tattoo on the Arm

Nothing can look better than watercolor tattoo like this one performed in an extremely realistic way. Looks more like a sketch on a paper.
Realistic tattoo of the elephant head made on the arm

#19. Henna Hamsa Tattoo with Elephant

Such an elephant tattoo with decorations like the Sun and the Moon can perfectly depict the history of the Universe as these animals are considered to be the creators of the world.
Beautiful hip henna tattoo of an elephant

Elephant Hamsa Tattoo Designs

#20. Elephant – Octopus Chest Tattoo

Undiscovered mystery and wisdom can be shown in such a perfect combining of two powerful creatures such as elephant and octopus.
Gloomy chest tattoo of the elephant-octopus creature

#21. Half Sleeve Elephant Silhouette Tattoo

Since ancient times pictures of elephants have been accompanied by different ornaments, the same as in this tat, especially if they had religious meaning.
Half-sleeve elephant silhouette tattoo decorated with embellishments

#22. Elephant Skull Tattoo on Half Sleeve

Tattoo of the elephant skull looks striking thanks to different tiny details which found their places in this perfectly inked in a half-sleeve.
Black and white half-sleeve elephant skull tattoo

#23. Back Tattoo of Elephant

Woman’s idea of the elephant tattoo found its reflection in a beautiful back tattoo made in neat and accurate dot and line works.
Back tattoo of an abstract elephant in line and dot work

#24. Elephant Head on the Leg

Sinister elephant made in a sketch technique seems to express all the rage thanks to sharp lines and perfect shadow work.
Black sketch elephant head tattoo on the leg

#25. Elephant Silhouette Tattoo on the Wrist

Small elephant tattoo on the wrist completely performed in a dot work looks cute and nice and can become a real mascot of luck to a person.
Walking elephant silhouette tattoo made in a dotwork on the wrist

#26. Simple Elephant Outline on the Back

Women will definitely like such minimalistic tattoos like this one which depicts a majestic animal with the help of only one line.
Nice minimalist elephant outlined on the back

#27. Tattoo of Elephant Head on Shoulder

This tattoo shows only general features of the elephant head. Yet it looks like a sketch to some horror cartoon which makes this tattoo interesting to look at.
Black sketch tattoo of an elephant head on the shoulder

#28. Little Realistic Elephant Tattoo on Ankle

Small ankle tat doesn’t lessen the grandness of the elephant which will definitely bring luck as its trunk is up to the sky.
Little realistic elephant tattoo made on the ankle

#29. Elephant with Wings on Back

Woman’s one of the most favorite tattoo places such as a back can be decorated with a line work tattoo of a flying elephant. Daring decision.
Unusual elephant with wings back tattoo idea for girls

#30. Tattoo of Elephant Head With Flowers

All the woman’s side of strong character can be reflected in the tattoo of the elephant decorated with different leaves, flowers and paraments.
Side woman tattoo of an elephant head with flowers

#31. Realistic Elephants Thigh Tattoo

Amazing realistic tattoo on thigh of the whole elephant family showing the strength and power of each of the member if they are all found together.
Realistic elephant motive tattoo on the thigh

#32. Trunk Tattoo on Forearm

Very interesting way of depicting the elephant’s trunk. It seems like this spiral shows the eternity of the existing world.
Extraordinary spiral trunk with tusks on the arm

#33. Cute Elephants Adorned With Flowers

Nothing can be cuter than mother and her child. Such tattoos are definite symbols of mother’s love and child’s devotion to its parent.
Tender leg tattoo with two elephants adorned with flowers

#34. Tribal Elephant Trunk Up with Meaning

Polynesian style of tattooing elephants is very popular thanks to its unique embellishments interweaving each other and making an eye-catching picture.
Polynesian tattoo of the elephant with its trunk up on the belly

#35. African Elephant Tattoo Design on Back

African style stands out with black and red colors and different floristic motives which are ideally shaped in the form of the elephant head.
Unique African feminine elephant back tattoo designed with ornaments

#36. Geometric Elephant Head Tattoo Design

The geometrical topic looks unusual especially in the mixture of dot and line works which make a perfect tattoo of the elephant head.
Interesting geometric design for the elephant head tattoo on the shoulder

#37. Hindu Ganesha in the Elephant Representation on the Forearm

Lord Ganesha in elephant’s representation is extremely popular that’s why the look of such tattoos is thought out to every tiny detail.
Hindu God Lord Ganesha in the elephant representation on the forearm

#38. Indian Elephant Sleeve Tattoo in Color

Elephant tattoo with the mixture of bright colors and very neat and accurate work makes this tattoo look like a masterpiece.
Indian elephant half-sleeve tattoo with impressive colorful decorations

#39. Japanese Elephant on the Back

Such unusual tat deserves to be admired as it has unusual theme combining real animal like an elephant and mysterious dragon in one bright picture.
Japanese styled dragon-elephant tattoo o the back

#40. Cute Little Elephant Wrist Tattoo

Tiny tattoo on the wrist which shows the elephant with the trunk holding up the symbol of the strongest feeling of the world – heart.
Cute little elephant wrist tattoo with a small symbol of love

#41. Heart Shaped Elephant Back Tattoo

Performed in a black color and a line work this cute heart-shaped elephant can become an extremely attractive design for women.
Heart-shaped lucky elephant back tattoo

#42. Cute Baby Elephant Hanging on Its Mother Trunk Tattoo on the Arm

As elephants are one of the symbols of strong family ties, this tat is a great expression of mother’s care and tenderness to her child.
Cute baby elephant hanging on its mother trunk tattoo on the arm

#43. Meaningful Realistic Elephant Tattoo on Forearm

Extremely realistic elephant grandly walking on the arm. Every line and shadow in this tattoo are neatly inked so that this picture would look great.
Extremely realistic walking elephant tattoo on the arm

#44. Salvador Dali Elephant Tattoo

Unique Salvador Dali’s style is shown in this tattoo. Elephant with long spiky legs and majestic stuff on its back looks just like Dali’s pictures.
Abstract half-sleeve Salvador Dali elephant tattoo

#45. Tiny Simple Elephant Tattoo Design on the Forearm

Five lines and a dot can be made in a tiny cute tattoo of the elephant which looks unusually and can be a real mascot for the person.
Tiny simple lines designed into elephant tattoo on the forearm

#46. Small Tattoo of the Elephant

Walking elephant on the leg looks attractive if it is of a small size. Vividly outlined silhouette together with a watercolor body looks nice.
Small leg tattoo of the walking elephant

#47. Thai Elephant Tattoo

Elephants turn up as widespread religious symbols just like shown in this tattoo. Different ornaments around the head add mystery to the tat.
Religious topic in thai elephant leg tattoo

#48. Tiny Orange Elephant

Orange elephant on the chest looks nice as it is small but very bright and performed in an accurate watercolor work.
Charming chest tattoo with a tiny orange elephant

#49. Traditional Hindu Elephant Back Tattoo

Traditional Hindu embellishments appear to be the best designs for decorating simple black tattoos of elephants’ heads.
Traditional Hindu elephant back tattoo

#50. Tribal Tattoo of the Elephant Face

As elephants are believed to be the creators of the world, you will definitely like cosmic motive including stars and planets decorating tribal elephant’s head.
Cosmic motives in tribal half-sleeve tattoo of the elephant head

#51. Small Origami Elephant Family Tattoo

Lovely elephant family made in a minimalistic way is attractive thanks to neat lines and dots representing folds in paper origami crafts.
Paper origami elephant family forearm tattoo

#52. Quarter Sleeve Elephant Designs

This elephant looks frightening and funny at the same time as it seems to be a modern teenager surfing forward on the skateboard.
Unique modern-styled elephant on the biceps

#53. Colorful Elephant Tattoo in Watercolor Technique

An unusual way of depicting the elephant as it is really colorful and full of life. Different lines and lots of details add vitality to this tattoo.
Colorful elephant head shoulder tattoo in watercolor technique

#54. Ekzuperi “petit Prince” Elephant Swallowed By the Snake on the Foot

A hat or an elephant swallowed by a snake? Eternal question “asked” by Ekzuperi’s picture to his fairy-tale “Petit Prince”
Ekzuperi “Petit Prince” elephant swallowed by the snake tattooed on the foot

#55. Cute Cartoon Elephant on Arm

Not only serious elephants can be tattooed. This animal has a hilarious face with bulging eyes holding its trunk up showing the symbol of luck.
Funny cartoon arm tattoo of the elephant

#56. Origami Elephant Tattoo With a Cute Heart on Arm

Heart and elephant is a common mixture in tattoos as they show the eternal feelings and devotion to beloved people.
Original paper elephant tattoo with a cute heart on the arm

#57. Elephant and Wolf Forearm Tattoo

Attractive tattoo of two, it seems, different animals on the arm which are inked in every small detail from the whole appearance ending with tiny dots and lines.
Half elephant half wolf dotwork arm tattoo

#58. Realistic Indian Elephant Head Designs

This realistic elephant head seems to glitter thanks to the perfect watercolor technique and master’s attention to every detail.
Big realistic elephant head tattoo on the chest

#59. Geometric Elephant Tattoo on Arm

A combination of sharp geometric forms and abstract lines and dots creates a great tattoo of a grand elephant.
Dot and line works interweaved in a geometric elephant arm tattoo

#60. Elephant Head and Lotus Ornaments

Lotuses and elephants mix together in a magnificent and magic picture with religious motives. Blue and black colors will immediately grab your attention.
Magic leg tattoo with an elephant head and lotus ornaments

#61. Cute Elephant Toy Tattoo on the Forearm

What can be cuter than a plush toy? A plush elephant toy which seems to be a lovely child’s picture made in different colors.
Pretty plush elephant toy tattoo on the forearm

#62. Geometric Elephant Head Dotwork Tattoo

Geometrical pieces seem to gather in one great picture of the elephant. These figures add mysticism to the whole tattoo.
Geometric dotwork tattoo on the biceps with a mystical elephant head

#63. Traditional Mandala Elephant Tattoo on the Hip

Women’s idea of an elegant elephant tattoo decorated with traditional mandala outlines, dots and extremely beautiful color stone in the head.
Traditional mandala elephant tattoo on the hip

#64. Elephant With Flowers Tattoo on the Back for Women

Tender grey color tattoo for women in watercolor technique and very detailed dotwork will be a nice decoration for girls.
Gorgeous elephant with flowers tattoo on the back for women

#65. Tattoo of the Elephant Face on the Arm

Intricate picture of lots of lines and embellishments creates relief tattoo of the elephant head which looks very eye-catching.
Classical line work tattoo of the elephant head on the arm

#66. Simple Little Baby Elephant Tattoo

A funny color tat of a small baby elephant washing in the bucket shows warm and tender relationships between mother and child.
Sweet tattoo with washing baby elephant