Fascinating Fish Hook Tattoos with Meanings

At the very beginning of the fish hook tattoo history, fishermen and sailors were the first and only ones who got tatted up with these designs. But a little while later fish hook designs spread among all the tattoo lovers, both men and women. Even if you have nothing to do with fishing, you’ll definitely find something that connects you with fish hook tattoo design.

The Symbolism and Hidden Meanings behind Fish Hook Tattoos

Simple and beautiful fish hook tattoos have become popular designs that carry many positive symbolic meanings and attributes among which are:

  • Good luck
  • Faith
  • Safe travelling
  • Prosperity and wealth
  • Strength and refusal to give up
  • Life and vitality
  • Determinacy and endurance
  • Masculinity
  • Affiliation to the sea, the ocean
  • Passion for fishing
  • Commitment and devotion to loved one
  • Connection to family and ancestors– in Hawaiian culture.

If you aren’t after some complicated tattoo design, a fish hook ink is exactly what you need. Still, you may like to decorate your hook tattoo with some complementing elements which will breathe new life into it. Consider adding something from this list:

  • Hearts
  • Fish
  • Feathers – for depicting a fishing lure
  • Pine needles
  • Rope and sea knots
  • Fishermen
  • Boat, ship, etc.
  • Lighthouse
  • Anchor
  • Fishing rod
  • Sea, ocean, river, waves
  • Needle with thread
  • Flowers
  • Fishhook with a worm
  • Different sea creatures like octopuses, sea stars, dolphins, whales, etc.

The Features of Fish Hook Tattoos

If you feel like a fish hook is that type of tattoo you’d like to get, think of the size and placement. Small images of fish hook look awesome on fingers, wrist, ankle, foot and collarbone. Bigger in size and more complicated designs that often complemented with additional elements look nicely on thighs, arms and calves. Fish hooks are predominately depicted in black ink, but it’s possible to find bright and colorful designs as well. There are different tattoo styles to opt for among which are:

  • Old School, Traditional and Neo-Traditional
  • Dotwork and Linework
  • Blackwork
  • Realism, sometimes 3D and Hyper-realism
  • Minimalism
  • Watercolor
  • Tribal (Hawaiian, Maori and Samoan)
  • Sketch style etc.

If you are a man, these tattoos will emphasize your masculinity, if you are a woman, they will show off your extraordinary style and uniqueness. One way or another fish hook tattoos are definitely worth going through the pain of tattooing!

#1. One of The Best Fishing Hook Tattoo Ideas on Leg for Girls

While men love showing off their brutal fishing-themed tattoos, girls, you have the chance to add this super sweet minimalistic tattoo portraying the fishing hook with the heart on it and the fish to the list of tattoos that will undoubtedly highlight your femininity!

#2. Simple yet cute Fish Hook Tattoo Design on Forearm

How about this cute fishing hook on the wrist? Though it is the simple design, it looks unbelievably realistic thanks to the white highlights that imitate steel the hook is made of.

#3. The Awesome Korean Style Fishing Hook Tattoo Design

If you feel this strange desire to get inked with a fish hook tattoo as soon as possible, don’t be afraid, because you’ve just been hooked by the beauty and simplicity of this awesome fishing hook with feathers tattoo.

#4. Incredible Functional Cutthroat Trout Tattoo for Measurement

This cool tattoo on the arm that is portraying the 8″ long cutthroat trout will be used as the measurement while fishing. If you are looking for some functional tattoo idea, take a closer look at this one.

#5. Absolutely Great Circle Hook Tattoo Design on Forearm

Combine two of your passions – fishing and tattooing in one nice circle hook with pine needles tattoo. With this fascinating example, we can guarantee that the result won’t disappoint you at all!

#6. Super Cool Fishing Hook Tattoo on Leg

Sharp colors of this razor-sharp fish hook tattoo design perfectly blend creating some beautiful vivid tattoo design on the leg.

#7. Interestingly Designed Fishing Sleeve Tattoo Brother’s Couple

The problem with arm tattoos is when you bend your arm, the tattoo image can deform and look awkwardly. So to say here we can see the clever solution of this problem. Accompanied by the lighthouse and some waves this huge hooked fish bends its tail when the bearer bends his arm.

#8. Significant Fish Hook And Heart Tattoo Design on Forearm

This cute tattoo of the fishing hook with the needle the thread of which creates the heart may symbolize your devotion to the beloved person. Once you are caught on the hook of love, there’s no way this feeling will ever let you go.

#9. Mind-blowing Colorful Fishing Fly Hook on Sleeve

We are used to seeing a fish hook as a single tattoo design, but it’s possible to add it to some tattoo composition if you like. That’s exactly what we see in this mind-blowing colorful sleeve with the fishing fly hook as the complementing detail.

#10. First Class Fish Hook in Skin Tattoo Idea

What is this if not your catch of the day? Stuck in the skin this astonishing fisher hook with three-dimensional effect can serve as a good luck amulet while traveling.

#11. Amazing Fish Hook through skin Tattoo Idea on Forearm

Some people get inked with the tattoo design of fish hook piercing the skin to define their connection to family. Colorful and realistic this fishing fly hook tattoo image speaks for itself.

#12. Freaking awesome Fishing Hook And Nigiri Sequence Tattoo Design

This bizarre yet interesting Dotwork hook, fish and sushi tattoo has all the right to be called unique! We guess the ink shows all the stages of sushi cooking. This guy must a real sushi-mad since he has this tattoo done.

#13. Meaningful Tiny Fishing Hook Tattoo Idea on Wrist

This nice fish hook wrist tattoo is inspired by the words from Matthew 4:19. It means going after something even if you don’t see it, but you definitely know it’s out there.

#14. Absolutely Awesome Colorful Fishing Lure Tattoo Design

Watercolor along with Sketch style can create some wonderful tattoo designs, take for example this quirky yet beautiful fishing lure tattoo. Looks so nice!

#15. Impressive Dotwork Fishing with Fish Pole Tattoo on Arm

Who knows maybe this awesome fisherman tattoo in Dotwork style was inspired by Hemingway’s ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ or this guy simply enjoy fishing, the result is truly impressive anyways!

#16. Phenomenal Fishing Rod Tattoo on Upper Arm

If you consider yourself as a fishing crazy, this awesome black and gray fishing rod tattoo is just for you! Smoking the pipe this man in the tattoo image is absolutely satisfied with what he’s doing.

#17. Splendid Realistic Fishing Half Sleeve Tattoo

It’s way too cool to be true. No, really this insanely beautiful black and gray fishing-themed quarter sleeve is more realistic than the reality itself. You literally can’t get your eyes off this tattoo!

#18. Refined Small Fishing Hook Tattoo on Finger for Girls

Not only fishermen have hook tattoos done but those who define themselves as ‘a real catch’ as well. Though this super cute fishing hook finger tattoo is quite small, it can tell a lot about its owner.

#19. Two Stunning Black Fishing Hooks Tattoos for Guys

If you share the idea that even the worst day of fishing is still better than a good day at the office, then you have come to the right address. With this neat tattoo depicting a couple of fishing hooks, you’ll show off your point pf view to everybody.

#20. Good-looking Fishing Tattoo on Back for Men

This cool tattoo depicts the fisherman in the boat who has caught the impressively huge fish decorated with Maori patterns. Looks so good on the shoulder!

#21. Expressive Fishing Lure with Treble Hooks Tattoo Idea on Forearm

If you associate yourself with the ocean, consider inking this Traditional fish lure with treble hooks tattoo as a reminder of your passion or you can have it done just for fun!

#22. Awesomely Creative Tribal Fish Hook Tattoo Idea on Hands for Girls

The lettering ‘fish on’ is made of different shaped hooks which is a quite interesting idea if you like fish hook tattoos but want to have something unusual! ‘Fish on’ means a hooked fish in fishing competitions.

#23. Some Funny Little Worm on Fish Hook Tattoo on Hand

This simple yet elegant tattoo with the worm on the fishhook is the real bait for all tattoo aficionados, isn’t it? Traditionally worms aren’t seen as the most pleasant-looking creatures, but if fishing is your whole life calling, worm on the hook can create some interesting and extraordinary tattoo design.

#24. Eye-catching Fishing-themed Simple Hooks And Lures Tattoo Design

This badass Blackwork fishing hook tattoo proves that a good tattoo doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated in design to look eye-catching.

#25. Motivational Black And Gray Realistic Fishing Tattoo Idea on Arm

Even though a fish is already caught on a hook, it doesn’t give up struggling for life. Considering this, people get tatted up with fish on the hook tattoos to remind themselves of not ever giving up despite all the life challenges and obstacles.

#26. Super Nice Fishing Lure Tattoo on Arm in New School Style Rod

There’s something special in Traditional and Old School tattoos. While most of the today’s trendy designs and styles just come and go, pin up girls, ships, roses, nautical stars and of course fish hooks or fishing lures are not going to leave the stage down the road

#27. Fantastic Metaphorical Blackwork Fishing Tattoo Design on Leg

Fishing-themed tattoos are symbolic to life and success. Sometimes you need to sacrifice the smaller fish to get the bigger one as you can see from this incredibly beautiful Blackwork Fish tattoo.

#28. Super Tiny Fish Hook Tattoo on Ankle

This black and white fishing hook with worm tattoo is close to the actual size of real hook and looks just fine on the ankle along with other nautical tattoos!

#29. Attractive, Simple Fish Hook Tattoo on Hand

Well, are hooked on tattooing? Even if you are non-fisherman, this artfully dotted hook tattoo on the hand can’t leave indifferent. Really good placement for this kind of tattoo.

#30. Beauteous 3D Fish Hook Tattoo on Wrist

Those people who spend lots of time sailing in rough waters will appreciate this fish hook piercing the skin tattoo that provides safe journeys. Hey, the tattoo looks so cool and can be your lucky catch!

#31. Outstanding Two Fish Lures Tattoo on Arm for Fishermen

Without any doubt, this one is the perfect tattoo for the fisherman, don’t you think so? Two black fishing lures, that are simple in design, are inked on the forearm. Neat!

#32. Inspirational Neo-Traditional Fishing Tattoo Design on Forearm

Now when you are aware of all possible fish hook tattoo meanings, choose the one that fits your persona best and find some inspiration in this nice Neo-Traditional hooked fish tattoo.