High and Tight Haircuts

The high and tight haircut is really popular among military men. However, it is so easy to do that it found its place in everyday life. Almost every man has tried such a haircut in his life. It has been one of the most popular short haircuts for a long time, and it seems that it will stay the same in the future. So why is it so popular?

In most cases men like simplicity. High and tight refers to the haircuts that are really simple, yet you can choose your style asking your barber about options. By the way, this haircut is so popular that most barbers are familiar with it.

Who Can Wear This Haircut?

Almost every man can become the owner of the high and tight. No matter what hair color you have, what structure of your hair is (probably except kinky structure) and how dense your hair is you can get this hairstyle done.

How to Cut the High and Tight?

For this procedure you will need clippers for the back and the sides from #0 to #2 but not longer. Make sure these parts are clipped well, and this will make a “tight” look. For a “high” look you will need clippers 1-2 numbers higher. In such a way you will create a strip of hair on the top which is so easy to take care of.

Can I Diversify It?

Actually yes. Nowadays there are no such strict boundaries when cutting hair, although the idea should remain the same. You can get different types of faded hair the same as the undercut. You can leave long top hair if you like styling it. By the way, for styling a “high” part it’s better to use gel or wax. There are a lot of options; you just need to ask your barber about the best one for you.

So, if you are considering a high and tight haircut, this great selection will definitely appeal to you!

#1. How to Cut High and Tight

Nowadays hipster look is really popular among men. Why not try it? Start with your haircut featuring a high and tight style which falls into a flat top. Arrange your hair and be on-trend!

How to cut high and tight

#2. Army High and Tight Hairstyles

One of the best versions of a high and tight hairstyle. This haircut features a skin fade with minimum hair left on the top which makes this hairdo easy to perform.

Army high and tight hairstyles

#3. High and Tight Haircut

You may want to do an experiment with a high and tight haircut and diversify it somehow. Well, here is a cool variant for you! Leave your side parts shaven and style the top hair into the Mohawk.

High and tight haircut

#4. High and Tight Haircut Fade

Masculine look thanks to the correctly chosen haircut! A simple high and tight can look really manly if you go for a sharp hair line together with right angles.

High and tight haircut fade

#5. High and Tight Haircut Photos

Such a flat top is an old school yet it looks great on sponge hair. A skin fade and a high round-shaped flat top create a cool combination with a sharp hair line. Try it out!

High and tight haircut photos

#6. High and Tight Haircut Pictures

Freshen your hairstyle! This one looks really modern and deserves to be admired! Short fade with long spiky top hair can be combined with a medium beard which makes the image more dramatic.

High and tight haircut pictures

#7. High and Tight Cool Haircut Styles

In this case, most of the hair is shaved, but the top hair is quite long. With the help of the top hair styled messily, you can create a “bad boy” image. Sassy!

High and tight cool haircut styles

#8. High and Tight Haircut Styles

This haircut reminds of a taper fade and requires minimum efforts to take care of. A great choice for men who don’t want to waste time styling their hair.

High and tight haircut styles

#9. High and Tight Hairstyles

The fashionable look can be reached with the help of such a haircut. Leaving the top hair long will allow you to arrange it to the side using gel and shaven side parts will make a perfect contrast!

High and tight hairstyles

#10. High and Tight Long on Top

This hair on the top definitely has enough space to play with styling while the side parts are faded. With such a styling you will go back to 50s yet you will rock!

High and tight long on top

#11. High and Tight Men’s Haircut

High and tight haircuts may seem to be boring unless you turn on your imagination and ask your barber to make a very sharp hair line. An awesome fade!

High and tight mens haircut

#12. High and Tight Recon Haircut

This version of the high and tight has higher lines on the top creating a kind of a crown. Looks unusual especially if you dare to leave at least 3-inch hair on the top.

High and tight recon haircut

#13. High and Tight Skin Fade

If you prefer more modern style, then go for this haircut. A neat skin fade, V-shaped hair line and longer top hair will attract people’s attention!

High and tight skin fade

#14. Jarhead Haircut

The main feature of this hairstyle is that the side parts and the back are buzzed shortly, while the top hair can be left a bit longer. A great option not just for military men but civilians.

Jarhead haircut

#15. Long High and Tight

More and more men would like to try wearing Mohawks. Why not? You can easily go for a fade leaving longer hair on the top and styling it however you want.

Long high and tight

#16. Marine High and Tight Haircut

Marine, military corps? Or just a hairstyle experiment? Doesn’t matter as you should give the haircut a try! Totally shaven side parts and back, comb-over top – who won’t notice you?

Marine high and tight haircut

#17. Military High and Tight Haircut

One more variation of a real military haircut. You don’t require any styling as the side parts are completely shaven and the top hair is not long enough to pay much attention to it. Yet it looks really masculine!

Military high and tight haircut

#18. High and Tight With Waves

Dense, wavy hair? Then go for a fade with a medium top. Thanks to the hair structure your waves will be eye-catching!

High and tight with waves

#19. High Fade Haircuts for Men

A high fade is quite popular among men. The reasons are that this takes no time to style it and it looks good for any occasion.

High fade haircuts for men

#20. Slicked High and Tight Hair

One of the most common haircuts for men is a taper fade. No wonder as it creates the image of a real man!

Slicked high and tight hair

#21. High and Tight for Guys

For a thick hair structure, a taper fade is one of the best variants. The top hair can be combed over for a greater look.

High and tight for guys

#22. High and Tight Razor Fade

For an interesting style, try a razor fade which will look neat and modern. Add a zest in the form of a shaven line separating the top and the fade.

High and tight razor fade

#23. High Fade With Beard

A dramatic look is guaranteed if you get this really sharp fade and style your top hair up. Beard will be a cool completion to the image.

High fade with beard

#24. High Sharp Fade Hairstyles

A skin fade is good for black hair as it creates a smooth contrast between the fade and the top. Separating line will make it more vivid.

High sharp fade hairstyles

#25. High and Tight With Bun

The latest trend among men is faded side parts and long top hair arranged in a bun. Awesome choice for a man of fashion!

High and tight with bun

#26. High and Tight With Bangs

Why not try high and tight with bangs? The bangs will outline the forehead and create a smooth transition to the fade.

High and tight with bangs

#27. High and Tight Male Haircut

Wavy hair is a good reason for getting a high fade. Top hair will show natural beauty.

High and tight male haircut

#28. High and Tight Undercut

If you are going to change your natural hair color but want a short hairstyle, a skin fade with long back combed hair is an excellent option.

High and tight undercut

#29. High Summer Haircuts

Hot weather can cause the desire to shave your hair. However, you may want to diversify it a bit, leaving a high top strip.

High summer haircuts

#30. High Taper Fade for Men

A great taper fade with perfectly textured top hair for real men! Do experiments with styling the top hair any way you want.

High taper fade for men