Fascinating Mermaid Tattoos With Symbolic Meanings

One of the most alluring designs in tattooing is mermaid tattoos. They are queens of beauty, enchantment, and seduction. The mermaids` ink looks are kinda popular among women as they evoke the feminine qualities.  Men also opt for them due to the symbolism of freedom, depth of the sea and

The Mermaids` Tattoo Designs Are Subject of the Fantasy

Any combination with mermaid creature draws attention as these sirens combine mystery and charm. But there are many designs that will create a masterpiece on your skin:

  • Ariel mermaid from Disney tattoo;
  • Skeleton mermaid tattoo;
  • Traditional mermaid tattoo;
  • Old-school mermaid tattoo;
  • Tribal design of the mermaid tattoo;
  • Pin-up mermaids;
  • Sketch style of the mermaid;
  • Outlined or silhouette design of the mermaid;
  • Mermaid combination with any sea creature;
  • Floral aspects in the mermaid tattoo;
  • A mermaid sitting on the rock;
  • A mermaid with mirror or moon;
  • Grim reaper mermaid or any other mystical

Symbolic Meanings of Mermaids’ Tattoos Are Subject to the Persuasion

Actually, the mermaids are associated with love and beauty as they deal with goddesses, Aphrodite and Venus. But there are other meanings sent by mermaids to the World depending on the designs mentioned above and the wearer himself. Here are some of the essential ones:

  • Love;
  • Temptation;
  • Sensuality;
  • Dual nature;
  • Beauty;
  • Mystery;
  • Yin power;
  • Wild freedom;
  • Independence;
  • Dreaming;
  • Connection with the sea;
  • Fidelity;
  • Courage;
  • Sense of adventure;
  • Courage and rebellious spirit;
  • Self-confidence;
  • Magic;
  • Destruction and death.

Mermaid tattoos are beautiful and their looks are gorgeous on the bodies. The concept of the mermaid tattoo is primarily associated with sailors, fairy tales, folklore, and legends. Sailors have worn such tattoos with the meaning of freedom, fascination, and death. In West and Japan these mythical creatures were heroes of the marine folklore. The Greek and Romans have had a lot of fairy tales about them. The fascinating mermaids were sitting on the rock and sing songs with the lovely voice to tempt sailors and ships. All these facts create fantasy and magic around the mermaid tattoos. There is no limit to your imagination, but you should think about the placement and coloring. The mermaid tattoos can be of any size. The most popular chosen places are the sleeve, forearm, leg, etc. But if you opt for a rather big size, it is better to place it on the chest or back. The rib and side locations are preferred by girls as a sign of temptation. For sure, the coloring is up to your wish but also the chosen style puts some directions. Tribal and skeleton mermaids look better in black and white, pin-ups and traditional ones are multicolored in general tattooing practice.

As you see, there are a lot of options for your inspiration. Check the mermaid tattoos that affect you deeply!

Little Mermaid Tattoos Ideas

#1. Ariel Mermaid Tattoo in Sketch Style

A sketch style of Ariel mermaid. A sketch ink reflects Ariel mermaid’s beauty in full though it is made only in black. The long and waved hair is cutely inked by means of dots that create an airy feel. If you are a fun of this beautiful cartoon character, such ink will look attractive at any part of your body!

#2. Ariel the Little Mermaid Tattoos on the Leg for Women

A leg location of Ariel, the little mermaid tattoo for women. Stunning piece! The mirror emphasizes the meaning of beauty and sensuality, the mermaid, as usual, is admiring her beauty in the mirror. The sea theme is intensified by pearls, shells and sea star. A very attractive symbol of feminine beauty!

#3. Best Skeleton Mermaid Tattoo Ideas

The best skeleton idea of the mermaid tattoo. If you want something outstanding and unexpected, this skeleton mermaid tattoo will wow you! The black work fits well with the dark nature of the mermaid skeleton.

#4. Black and Gray Mermaid Tattoos

A Fantastic black and gray mermaid tattoo. It`s a subject of fantasy! A tail is done wonderfully in black work style. A beautiful and mysterious creature is pictured in back view and thus gives a flight of fantasy. It could be a sign of your inner and outer beauty!

#5. Black Mermaid Silhouette Tattoo

A nice black mermaid tattoo in silhouette style. A silhouette of the mermaid is inked in the sardine jar at the bottom of the sea. Such sign can be a message of warning that the wearer is dangerous and can dawn you. This meaning takes origin from the sailors for whom the appearance of mermaids signifies danger.

#6. Classic Detailed Mermaid Tattoo Ideas

A detailed mermaid tattoo idea in classics. The hair and the fish tail are interlacing as waves. The face is pictured in a minimalistic style but look like a human one. It looks really amazing on the forearm and is a rich symbol of beauty and love!

#7. Colorful Sketch Mermaid Tattoo Ideas

A colorful sketch mermaid as a cute tattoo idea. The colors that change throughout the body make this sketch tattoo very pretty piece. Such combination can speak about the dual nature of the bearer, its dark and light sides.

#8. Colorful Traditional Mermaid Tattoos for Men

A traditional colorful mermaid tattoo for men. This tattoo looks absolutely charming! The mermaid keeps a heart in her hands, and this means that a beautiful woman occupies the man’s heart. The octopus tentacles make an interesting touch in the hair of the mermaid.

#9. Cool Mermaid Tattoo for Boys

Extra cool mermaid tattoo for boys. A tattoo is inked in black and white but looks very artistic. The lines serve as a guide to the woman’s body to boys. Cool idea!

#10. Dotwork Mermaid Tattoo Design on Quarter Sleeve

A dotwork design of the mermaid tattoo. The splendid dotwork in her tail is hypnotic! It is a wonderful performance of the mermaid image and can be a sign of fidelity to your boyfriend. The tattoo is placed well on the quarter sleeve as if there is enough space long way to paint the tail.

#11. Feminine Black Mermaid Tattoo on the Arm

A black mermaid tattoo for the feminine arm. Really nicely done! Such details, as a tail, hair and sea waves are united in the arm tattoo by the curving lines. This mermaid is a creation of the goddess of love and beauty. Take it as your inspiration!

#12. Feminine Thin Mermaid Tattoo on Leg

A thin mermaid tattoo on the feminine leg. Very sweet! The curved lines only replicate the contour of the mermaid and this concept creates a platform for dreaming. It`s straight for thin female’s leg!

#13. Grim Reaper Mermaid Tattoos for Men

A mermaid «Grim reaper» for the man’s tattoo. A grim reaper is an Angel of Death. To save the daunting challenge in the look, the artist inked the siren totally black. The tattoo on the man’s chest stands for courage and bravery. Brave men, opt for it!

#14. Ideal Black and White Mermaid Tattoo on Leg

An ideal mermaid tattoo on the leg in black and white colors. Wow! The mermaid is not too heavy with details, but the lines are amazing. An alluring and emotional nature is felt looking at this leg piece!

#15. Impressive Cat Woman Mermaid Tattoos

An impressive cat woman-mermaid tattoo. Very cool combination of cat and fish in a mermaid image! Sensuality, seductiveness, intuition are symbolic meanings of such impressive tattoo! The presented tattoo is a very fitting symbol for women.

#16. Little Mermaid Outline Tattoo Under the Collarbone

An outlined little mermaid under the collarbone. A minimalistic style and pink bra go so cute together! It deals with love and yin power of the feminine. You will want this one, no doubt.

#17. Little Mermaid Tattoo Sleeve in a Watercolor Style

A little mermaid tattoo in a watercolor style on the sleeve. The watercolor ink is done uniquely. The splashes of blue, of course, imitate the sea. They are done so well that there is a feeling of a real sea. For men it brings luck.

#18. Male Outline Mermaid Sleeve Tattoo

A male look of the mermaid outlined tattoo on the sleeve. The coolest tattoo for the male sleeve! The God of the Sea is etched in outlined way but so cutely detailed. This tattoo is like an icon for protection and power!

#19. Matching Mermaid Tattoos for Couples or Friends

A matching mermaid tattoo for friends` couple. Fantastic! If you are BFFs, this matching design will look absolutely on the thighs. The nautical themed tattoo can depict the love to the sea by both friends. Or maybe you BBF has taught you to swim.

#20. Mermaid Anchor Tattoo With a Flower

A pretty mermaid tattoo combined with the anchor and flower. The rather big siren is inked on the forearm in combination with anchor and flower. A proposed design is a great choice to exhibit a freedom of life and sense of adventure. It`s beautiful, isn`t it?

#21. Mermaid in a Jar Tattoo on the Body Side

A mermaid in a jar on the body-side tattoo. A very beautiful mermaid is tattooed here. But it is sitting in the jar to describe a protection from danger during the adventures of life.

#22. Mermaid in a Jar Tattoo With a Sipper

A dope mermaid in a jar tattoo with a sipper. The tattoo is dope but looks very special! But this idea has a deep and underneath meaning: the bearer has no fear of depths but needs freedom to take an air through the sipper. The skulls are men who were tempted by the mermaid.

#23. Mermaid Sleeve Tattoo Oldschool Style

An oldschool style of the mermaid full sleeve tattoo. The ink on the sleeve describes a richness of the sea. An old school style only emphasizes the magic of it and can serve as a sign of devotion to sea. One can stare at this piece for hours!

#24. Mermaid Tattoo on Belly With a Quote

A wonderful location of the mermaid tattoo on the belly with a quote. The queen of enchantment is so grandly located on the belly. The quote carries the before written meaning in letters. Just look at the mermaid’s fish, it’s sick!

#25. Mermaid Tattoo on Ribs for Women

An amazing mermaid tattoo on ribs for women. A rib location allows describing the diving mermaid in all its beauty. The fins are like amazing petals. It`s a creature of beauty and love! Super job of the ink master!

#26. Mermaid Tribal Tattoo for Boys

A tribal mermaid tattoo for boys. There is an unusual look of the mermaid, but still good-looking! Such design can be worn by the boy to show his wish to meet a beautiful girl.

#27. Mermaid’s Tail Tattoo Design

A tiny design of the mermaid’s tail. An exciting thing for ladies! A tiny and delicate fishtail is combined with the fine line on the forearm to tell about the sensuality of the female creature!

#28. Naked Mermaid Tattoo With Flower Tail

The naked mermaid tattoo with a flower tail. For effect, the artist has made a floral design of the tail. The naked body is a great line work. Well, flowers and mermaids go well together!

#29. Old School Mermaid Tattoo Covering Breast and Belly

An old school mermaid tattoo covering breast and belly. Just picturesque! It looks like a real nautical painting. A lighthouse is surrounded by two mermaids and they create a great symbol of protecting for the wearer. One can opt for it if appreciating big and detailed inks about the sea.

#30. Original Colorful Mermaid Tattoos on the Arm

An original colorful mermaid tattoo on the arm. The beauty and charm of such mermaid can seduce even a hard-core man. The shadings of blue framing are masterly done to introduce the sea. Get inspiration from this awesome art piece!

#31. Original Mermaid Tattoo in Colors

An original mermaid tattoo in colors. A neo-traditional mermaid tattoo combines beauty and mystery so there are various ways you can draw your siren. The contrasting image speaks about dual nature and is quite intriguing.

#32. Outline Mermaid Tattoo on the Arm in Black

Here is a nice illustration of the mermaid in linework style. An outlined black design is perfect for women as well as guys. If your nature force is sea, that will be a good choice for you!

#33. Outline Mermaid Tattoo on Body Side for Boys

It wows from the first sight! A really outstanding work with lines and details to show your appreciating of the sea and adventures. An outlined design is a good fit for men!

#34. Outlined Small Mermaid Tattoos

An outlined design of the small mermaid tattoo. Sooooo tiny! You can only see the outlined of the mermaid`s shape. The image is small and subtle looking but outlines the erotic features of this creature in full.

#35. Perfect Black Mermaid Tattoo on the Arm

A perfect black mermaid tattoo on the arm. OMG! This mermaid tattoo is extremely beautiful. The bushy fish tail grasps the mind due to the perfect line work.

#36. Perfect Mermaid Tattoo Dotwork

A perfect dotwork of the mermaid tattoo. A beauty, love, and sexuality are combined in the image of the mermaid. Even her posture is seductive. Choose this fascinating accessory for your body!

#37. Pinup Mermaid Tattoo in Black and White

A pin-up mermaid tattoo in black and white. This one features a pin-up and neo-traditional styles of the mermaid. Such idea is a direct identification of the alluring and tempting nature of the wearer.

#38. Sexy Mermaid Tattoo in Red Watercolor

So sexy mermaid tattoo in red watercolor. A half of the mermaid is depicted as a nude woman, and it is cool stylistic preference. It looks as though a red paint has been poured round the body of the mermaid. Such concept is great to ink on the bicep as you can to add a lot of details in this area.

#39. Skeleton Mermaid Tattoo for Women Blackwork

A blackwork of the skeleton mermaid tattoo for women. Sick dude! Here is an important reminder that «Nothing lasts forever» and even your beauty can disappear. The black work is brilliantly done.

#40. Skeleton Mermaid Tattoo on Forearm

This is another look at the skeleton mermaid tattoo. Why not? It signs that we should spend every moment in happiness as the life can change at any moment. Enjoy your moment by making a cute tattoo

#41. Sketch Mermaid Tattoo on Leg

A sketch mermaid tattoo on the leg. A scaled tail is just outstanding! The mermaid is a sign of a carefree lifestyle and self-admiring. If you are such nut, opt for this sample.

#42. Sophisticated Mermaid Tattoo Ideas for Women

A sophisticated idea of the mermaid tattoo for women. A mermaid with wave-like lines of the tail and hair looks absolutely gorgeous inked on the skin. The moon adds more magic to the mermaid’s look and generally, the mermaids are connected with the mood energetically. A wonderful tattoo for a beautiful and self-confident woman!

#43. Traditional Mermaid Tattoo on Inner Biceps for Men

A traditional mermaid tattoo on the inner biceps for men. Here is an erotic performance of the traditional mermaid tattoo! The men like the sexual qualities of such done sirens. The inner biceps are kinda popular places chosen by men to ink mermaids.

#44. Unusual Skeleton Mermaid Tattoo

An unusual skeleton mermaid tattoo. The fish is saved by the artist as the beautiful one, but the skeleton represents the other part. It looks both unique and mystical!

#45. Watercolor Little Mermaid Tattoo for Women

A watercolor little mermaid tattoo for women. That watercolor touch is really amazing! Blue and green symbolize liveliness and energy! I love this artistic freedom and creativity!

#46. Wednesday Addams Mermaid Tattoo on Leg

Wednesday Addams mermaid tattoo on the leg. Holy shit! If you are a big fan of monsters and ghosts that go well together, this creative design will drive you mad! Wednesday Addams is a tribute to all angsty young women in the Universe.