Mohawk Fade Hairstyles for Men

Today hairstyles are so different and sometimes controversial that you can’t even decide what hairdo to have. One of such styles is Mohawk which is originally very rebellious and wild and requires shaven sides and long hair on the top to style it. On the other hand, there is one more haircut which is not so crazy yet it has been really in vogue throughout many years. A mixture of these cuts has created so fashionable style that no wonder a lot of men want to try it out. Here it comes – Mohawk fade!

Let’s see what the main features of this hairstyle are. Firstly, if you don’t want to get rid of all your hair on the sides, you don’t have to do this. A faded haircut features short hair on the sides and in the back, so you may start with a buzz at the neckline and continue a middle fade moving up. Of course, you can always make experiments and you can come across skin fade, burst fade, taper fade, temple fade and many others. But the main idea is the same all the time – from shorter to longer hair on the sides. Don’t forget about designs which can freshen your fade and make it more attractive.

Secondly, the zest of this hairstyle is a Mohawk which is unusual itself. In this case, it’s only your imagination that will help you to choose your own image! Among others, we can mention common short Mohawks for a smart and classy look. For more rebellious guys we can recommend long Mohawks styled with the help of wax, gel etc. Spiky top hair will be the point of admiration. You may want to have a comb-over or a textured Mohawk. If you have natural curls you will have no problems styling it. It’s just up to you what Mohawk to have.

Finally, there is such a great variety of Mohawk fades that you can wear them to the business meetings the same as to the rock concerts!

That’s why we are offering you to check out these awesome Mohawk fades and get inspired! It’s high time you went to the barber!

#1. Afro Mohawk Fade

Mohawk fade is definitely one of the best ideas for afro hairstyles. Ask your barber about a low fade which will smoothly transit into a textured Mohawk. Beard will become a cool image completion!
Afro Mohawk Fade

#2. Bald Taper Fade Mohawk

What is great about afro hair is that you don’t need to style it. With the help of the correct taper fade hairdo, your Mohawk will look great anyway. Finish your look with a sharp line-up in front!
Bald Taper Fade Mohawk

#3. Black Mohawk Fade

Wanna something unique? Then get a fresh Mohawk fade with shaven designs on the sides and be ready for being in the spotlight!
Black Mohawk Fade

#4. Burst Fade Mohawk

A burst fade can be added to any men’s hairstyles, so mixing it with the afro Mohawk would be a great idea for those, who don’t want to lose all the hair length at the neckline.
Burst Fade Mohawk

#5. Cool Mohawks

Pull off a cool burst fade Mohawk! With curly hair, a Mohawk looks really interesting and stylish. A shaven cross can become a small decoration to the whole haircut.
Cool Mohawks

#6. Curly Mohawk for Men

Just have a look at such an extraordinary haircut! Yes, Mohawk fade is quite a common style, but you can stand out separating the front and the sides with a neatly rounded line-up!
Curly Mohawk for Men

#7. Fade into a Mohawk

If you follow fashion, such a hairstyle is certainly for you! A low fade harmoniously turns into a high Mohawk. By the way, comb-over Mohawk will look more attractive!
Fade into a Mohawk

#8. Fade Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

Go for trendy Mohawk fade with a shaven line that separates the low fade and the spiky Mohawk. That gives an impression of two different hairdos that harmoniously supplement each other.
Fade Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

#9. Fade Mohawk Pictures

How to grab people’s attention with a widespread Mohawk fade? Of course, add some awesome details like a shaven triangle and dye your Mohawk in acid green. Looks really cool on black afro hair!
Fade Mohawk Pictures

#10. Faded Mohawk for Black Men

If you are a lucky owner of sponge curls, fade Mohawk is just what you need. A low fade will be a good way to outline the sides, and a Mohawk for such hair doesn’t require any additional styling!
Faded Mohawk for Black Men

#11. Faded Mohawk Hairstyles

In this case, the Mohawk highlights the beauty of natural curls. In addition, you can always ask your barber to add some zestful shaven designs. Looks extraordinary!
Faded Mohawk Hairstyles

#12. Fade With Long Mohawk

How about going for really long hair on the top? You may need more time to arrange it, but a messy way of styling is really popular now!
Fade With Long Mohawk

#13. Half Mohawk Fade

A good option for those who want to accentuate their natural curly hair on the top. The low fade is separated from the Mohawk with the help of the neat shaven line. Rocking!
Half Mohawk Fade

#14. High Taper Fade Mohawk

Pretty nice hairstyle featuring prominent sides that taper into a fade. Not original enough? Then try out the Mohawk. By the way, fiber will work best on longer hair.
High Taper Fade Mohawk

#15. Long Mohawk

Do you like wild and crazy styles? Then check out this awesome low fade with long Mohawk styled messily. Yes, exactly the Mohawk will give the impression of your wild human nature!
Long Mohawk

#16. Low Cut Fade Mohawk

Searching for your unique style can be difficult, but you will get through it if you aren’t afraid of the experiments. The low fade with the Mohawk and shaven designs can easily prove it!
Low Cut Fade Mohawk

#17. Low Skin Fade Mohawk

A low taper fade will be a great way to get a smart image. Buzzed hair from the sides and a side-combed Mohawk create a great look for some business affairs.
Low Skin Fade Mohawk

#18. Mid Fade Mohawk

Get a sharp skin fade with some unusual strips shaven. This will help you to mark out a rocking Mohawk with natural curls.
Mid Fade Mohawk

#19. Modern Mohawk

There are a lot of ways to style up your sponge hair. One of them is to get a zero fade on the sides spicing it up with some designs and leave long hair on the top for a stunning Mohawk.
Modern Mohawk

#20. Mohawk Bald Fade

The best side of the bald fade is a clean, stylish look. You may diversify this look leaving mid-length Mohawk. It will look exciting especially when you have curly hair.
Mohawk Bald Fade

#21. Mohawk Fade for Straight Hair

Do you have straight dense hair? Then you will be lucky to get such a hairdo! A neat fade slowly transiting into a voluminous Mohawk is the best variant for a classy image!
Mohawk Fade for Straight Hair

#22. Mohawk Fade With Designs

Although original Mohawks require shaven sides, you can go for a low fade with your designs. Pay attention, for such a spiky Mohawk you will need ultra-strong gel!
Mohawk Fade With Designs

#23. Mohawk Temp Fade

All you need for a perfect hairstyle is a professional barber! This photo is the example how neatly the work can be done. A zero fade, a Mohawk and angled sides – everything is flawless!
Mohawk Temp Fade

#24. Skin Fade Mohawk

Creative lines separate hair into the parts that are differently faded. Quite an unusual decision yet it’s really interesting to look. Get a short Mohawk for the contrast.
Skin Fade Mohawk

#25. Temple Fade Mohawk

If you are not a big fan of long Mohawks, you can create an interesting contrast between two parts of your hair though. The easiest way is to get a temple fade and a short Mohawk separated by the shaven line.
Temple Fade Mohawk

#26. Thick Mohawk Fade

A burst fade looks cool and nice in a mix with angled temples and a short Mohawk. For a complete image, add a neat short beard and you will rock!
Thick Mohawk Fade

#27. Undercut Mohawk

Such a perfect haircut seems to be unreal! A skin fade is extremely popular nowadays. And you can make it more fashionable leaving shorter hair in the back and longer on the top.
Undercut Mohawk

#28. Usher Mohawk Fade

Mohawks don’t always have to be wild and crazy. For a smart and classy look, you may want this Usher Mohawk with a smooth fade and sharp lines on the temples.
Usher Mohawk Fade

#29. Mohawk Fade for Boys

A simple fade Mohawk shouldn’t be boring. Especially when you are a boy being a fan of Captain America. This cool image on the side can’t be unnoticed!
Mohawk Fade for Boys

#30. Mohawk Hairstyles for Kids

Even if you are a kid, it doesn’t mean you’ll have a dull hairstyle. Freshen up your fade Mohawk with a purple color on the top. Modern and trendy!
Mohawk Hairstyles for Kids

#31. Fade Haircut With Designs

Common fade can look extraordinary if you add some cool designs. Add a V-shaped back hairstyle and comb-over Mohawk on the top and your image is perfect!
Fade Haircut With Designs

#32. Blurry Mohawk Fade for Man

These designs create an unusual contrast between different side parts which are faded in different ways. Two-parted textured Mohawk speaks for itself!
Blurry Mohawk Fade for Man