Music Tattoo Designs and Ideas

When it seems that you can’t express what’s on your mind or in your heart with words, music can do that for you. Whether we are happy or sad, worried or excited, with the help of music we are able to convey any of our feelings. But there’s a question anyways. If music is a way to give voice to your emotions, feelings and perceptions, how can you express your love to music? That’s right, with the help of a nice ink!

Music Tattoos Meanings

It would be hard to single out the list of meanings because every musical tattoo carries some personal meaning and unrepeatable value to the tattoo bearer. But with all confidence, we can say that every music themed tattoo is a tribute to music as to an art form and a way to show one’s love and appreciation.

Possible Music Tattoo Designs

So, whether you are a fan of ‘Pink Floyd’ philosophical lyrics or you like to move like Mick Jagger while listening to the legendary ‘The Rolling Stones’.Or you enjoy dancing to the rhythms of hip hop bands, whatever the music style you prefer, there are tons of different tattoo designs to denote your devotion to music:

  • Treble or bass clef
  • Music notes
  • Sheet music
  • Musical instruments
  • Microphones, headphones and other musical equipment
  • Your favorite song lyrics
  • Musical quotes
  • Your favorite band logo
  • The portrait of the musician
  • Vinyl records
  • Cassettes
  • Radios and gramophones
  • DJ set
  • Beatbox
  • Piano keys etc.

If you want to increase the symbolism of your music tattoo or make it even more attractive, consider these complementing details:

  • Flowers
  • Birds
  • Portraits or masks
  • Banners
  • Pin-ups
  • Geometric elements and decoration patterns
  • Stars
  • Skulls
  • Fire or smoke
  • Animals
  • Hearts
  • Butterflies

Music Tattoos Ideas

Thanks to the variety of all possible music tattoo designs that come in different sizes and colors, you are free to choose that body spot you think is perfect for your ink. Of course, smaller tattoos with the simple treble clef or the music note look lovely on fingers, ankle, wrist or behind the ear. Big images of guitars or microphones can create some gorgeous sleeves and quarter sleeves. You may like to place bigger inks on your back or thigh. As for tattoo styles, we would like to advise you next ones:

  • Watercolor
  • Realism, Hyper-Realism and 3D
  • Trash Polka
  • Traditional and Neo-Traditional
  • Graphic style, Dotwork and Linework
  • Sketch style
  • Black and gray realism

Well, if you are thinking about getting inked with a music tattoo but you haven’t decided what design to choose yet, get inspired by some of the most beautiful music tattoos ever!

#1. Stunning 3d Microphone Music Tattoo

This 3D tattoo with the vintage microphone with its already iconic look can be a great reminder of how you feel about music on the whole.

#2. Awesome Colorful Owl Music Tattoo

This saturated in colors owl with treble clef tattoo fascinates and inspires. The colors are amazing! The shades and white highlights add this cool image depth and volume. Can look at it for hours!

#3. Compelling Surrealistic Full Back Music Tattoo

Featured by bizarre and sometimes dreamlike elements surrealism is the interesting style of tattooing. Reminding the paintings of Dali, this skull instead of guitar headstock tattoo is insanely beautiful!

#4. Dope Bass Clef Tattoo in Watercolor Style

Those of you who play bass instruments may be interested in tattooing the bass clef symbol. For instance, this dope watercolor bass clef tattoo. Awesome job, isn’t it?

#5. One of the Best Music Tattoo Designs Ever

Named after world-famous jazz and blues musician Les Paul this Gibson guitar accompanied by vintage microphone tattoo looks stunningly and unbelievably realistic.

#6. Cool-looking Heart Violin Music Tattoo

Did you know that music can treat not only your soul but your body as well? As a way of correcting the natural rhythms of the body musical positive influence has been studied by many scientists. Thus, this beautiful violin in the shape of the heart tattoo doesn’t look so weird.

#7. Some Crazy Music Tattoo

This psychedelic tattoo interpretation of singing vocalist is superb and absolutely insane at the same time. Truly unique piece!

#8. Incredible Forearm Music Tattoo

Music can give you comfort when you feel down as well as this awesome colorful music half-sleeve which depicts the vintage microphone, piano keyboard and saxophone. You can almost hear the sound of the nice jazz song.

#9. More Than Just Good Music Cassette Tattoo

Maybe you’re old enough to remember how to rewind a cassette with an ordinary pen. If you’re nostalgic about crazy 80’s and 90’s, you’ll definitely need to check out this cool watercolor cassette tape tattoo!

#10. Outstanding Black and Gray Guitar Forearm Tattoo

Nietzsche said once: “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Indeed, it would. This astonishing black and a gray realistic tattoo that depicts the process of playing the guitar proves that the tattoo bearer’s life isn’t a mistake!

#11. Expressive Love for Music Tattoo

Show your endless love and devotion to music with the nice Watercolor headphones tattoo. Warning! This one is only for real music mads!

#12. Charming Music and Butterfly Tattoo

Looking for some cute tattoo designs? Check out this one that combines butterflies and musical notation along with ornamented treble clef. Looks feminine and charming!

#13. Unusual Abstract Music Arm Tattoo

You can be tone deaf or unable to play any musical instrument, but if you simply like listening to music, convey your love to it in the nice graphic music tattoo design containing some abstract facial contours along with dots and lines. Cool piece!

#14. Truly Fantastic Music Bird Tattoo in Neo-traditional Style

What do think about this rad Neo-Traditional microphone custom tattoo with the bird, roses and lettering ‘like father like son’ which is supposed to represent the same tastes in music of father and son? As for us, it’s stunning!

#15. Splendid Guitar Music Chest Tattoo

Guitar images take a vital part in music tattoos since the guitar is the second most popular instrument to play, after piano. If you’re crazy about guitars as well as this guy, you will definitely like his absolutely amazing sketch-like aquarelle guitar chest tattoo with flowers.

#16. Creative Black and Gray Music Collage Tattoo on the Shoulder

If you are a DJ or like this sort of music and culture, this beauteous black and gray tattoo depicting the DJ skull in huge headphones with DJ set will surely sing a duet with your lifestyle.

#17. Incredible Music Sheet Flower Tattoo

Tattoos with music notation are by far the most popular way to denote ones love to music. No wonder, take a look at these charming black and gray roses made of music sheet!

#18. Insane Music Half-sleeve Tattoo in Trash Polka

Trash Polka is one of the best tattoo styles to implement any of your maddest music tattoo ideas. If you aren’t convinced yet, check out this awesome bass clef with contrabass headstock tattoo in this insane red and black style.

#19. Conceptual Music Heart Tattoo

The concept of this music tattoo is so cool. Music can melt the ice off even the coldest and impassible heart and make it burn like fire.

#20. Awesome Music Heartbeat Tattoo

We are 100% sure that this awesome music tattoo presenting the real human heart in headphones on the chest will surely strike the right chord!

#21. Splendid Music Inspired Realistic Tattoo

This realistic tattoo that presents the girl with the old radio walking down the railroad is so cool that we barely can find any words to describe our fascination with it.

#22. Gorgeous ‘Music Is My Life’ Tattoo

Whether you are in a good mood or a bad one, calm or full of energy, you will always find the song that fits the situation perfectly. If music is your life, check out this drop dead gorgeous tattoo depicting the pin up girl with the vinyl record, roses and the broken heart in a Traditional style.

#23. Charming Violin Music Leg Tattoo in Sketch Style

There’s something charming and refined about the slightly unfinished look of this Sketch violin tattoo decorated with Watercolor poppy flowers. Will suit anyone who plays or appreciate this fine instrument!

#24. Sweet Music Notes and Bird Tattoo

You’ll hardly find some other animal that would be so closely associated with music as a bird singing its merry melodies while sitting on a tree branch. If your heart is warmed by bird’s sweet singing the same as ours, go for the bird with notes tattoo.

#25. Expressive Watercolor Circular Music Note Tattoo

We are sure that one of the best ways to indicate your devotion to music is to get inked with the song you like in the form of staff lines with music notes. Instead of usual horizontal lines try the circular design with expressive color splashes all around the tattoo.

#26. Simple Music Note Tattoo Behind the Ear

Get inspired by this interesting music notes tattoo idea with the treble clef that finds its place behind the ear. Beautiful and simple design!

#27. Compelling Staff Lines With Music Notes Tattoo for Guys

This distinctive Trash Polka collage tattoo featuring red and black dots, sharp colors and staff lines with music notes is truly outstanding piece! Maybe you can tell us what song is it?

#28. Enchanting Dandelion With Music Notes Tattoo on Arm

Music notes that are flying like dandelion flower create some amazing lace-like pattern tattoo that looks so lovely on this woman’s arm.

#29. Interesting Minimalistic Music Player Wrist Tattoo

Music is endowed with the amazing power to lift you up when you’re down and to help you in going through whatever struggles in life. This minimalistic yet attractive music player tattoo serves as a reminder of music power.

#30. Indescribably Beautiful Music Quote Back Tattoo

‘When words fail, music speaks’ quote tattoo is stylized with delicate pink cherry blossoms. Indeed, music can connect people without any words.

#31. Funny Cartoonish Music Related Tattoo

This fun cartoonish beatbox tattoo accompanied by the lettering ‘Don’t stop the music’ reminds us of 90’s music culture. By the way, we weren’t going to stop music for god sake.

#32. Mind Boggling Rose Music Tattoo Design

This divinely beautiful realistic colorful tattoo with roses, piano keys and table clef is a nice option if you want to express your affection to music in tattoo art. Neat piece!

#33. Nice Music Sheet Tattoo

Have you got your most favorite song or music composition? Well, this guy has. It’s world-famous Christian hymn ‘Abide with me’ written by William Henry Monk. The tattoo with this song’s music sheet is nicely inked in Neo-Traditional style on the arm.

#34. Extraordinary Music Sign Tattoo on the Side

This G-clef tattoo on the side with some watercolor splashes of blue and purple is just fantastic. What an innovative and extraordinary way to show your belonging to music.

#35. Trendy Trash Polka Music Staff Lines Tattoo

If you feel like you are meant to be a musician and you want to get a reminder of this, give this awesome Trash Polka treble clef and staff lines tattoo a try. The incredibly smooth piece, isn’t it?

#36. Fascinating Music Tattoo Art

This good-looking sphynx cat in headphones tattoo combines two of the tattoo bearer’s passions-cats and music. The calf is probably the best spot for this kind of tattoos, don’t you think?

#37. Inspirational Accordion Music Tattoo Idea for Women

What music instrument inspires you the most? If it’s an accordion, we hope that this fantastic Traditional accordion tattoo will satisfy your taste! The clean thick outlines along with perfect coloring and shading create some amazing shoulder music tattoo.

#38. Stunning Hyper-realistic Music Tattoo Sleeve

Music can help you to overcome different life obstacles and challenges. No surprise that people often get tatted up with various music-inspired tattoos to give a tribute to this form of art. As for this highly detailed hyper-realistic sleeve depicting speakers and the playing vinyl record, we are stunned by its beauty!

#39. Stylish Guitar Music Tattoo for Girls

This fairytale-like guitar tattoo is the perfect option for a girl who is fascinated by music and singing. Looks so stylish and interesting!

#40. Sick Music Tattoo for Men

This gramophone skull tattoo is so dope thanks to the design and excellence of the tattoo master. The intense shading adds this incredible image depth. Music is immortal!

#41. Unrepeatable Music Tattoo on Wrist

Music is something that will always be there for you when you need it, for this reason, music is considered by many as the soul-healing art form. We think that previous thought is the main idea of this cool music custom tattoo.

#42. Stunning Music Themed Side Tattoo

Seems as if this awesome picture of piano keys turning into the treble clef was drawn by the ordinary graphic pencil not the tattoo machine. In fact, the opposite is true and this picture accompanying by music notes is the stunning music side tattoo!

#43. Inspirational Guitar-tree Music Tattoo

We really like the idea of this abstract colorful acoustic guitar with the tree instead of the neck. The tattoo has its inexplicably mysterious and inspirational impact!

#44. Mind-blowing Biomechanical Guitar Musical Tattoo

The most awesome thing about Biomechanical tattoos is that non-human elements become a part of human body. Just take a look at this impressive guitar neck and headstock that coming out of the skin on the arm becoming its part. Rad 3D tattoo!

#45. Badass Musical Tattoo Picture on Thigh

This colorful Traditional tattoo presents one of the best electric guitars in the world – SG Gibson standard. Adorned with beautiful roses and banner that says “Shred til you’re dead” the tattoo looks so dope!

#46. Remarkable Watercolor Radio Tattoo Design

Back in the late 1970’s Joy Division sang “Dance, dance to the radio”. We assume that listening and dancing to the radio is the main theme of this marvelous old-fashioned radio tattoo with aquarelle color splashes.

#47. Enchanting Shoulder Speakers Music Tattoo

If you find inspiration in music and you feel like you can do everything when listening to your favorite song, this musical themed black and gray realism tattoo with speakers is exactly what you need.

#48. Alluring Simple Music Tattoo

Provided you want some simple yet attractive tattoo, go for this fantastic ink that combines treble clef, bass clef, quaver note, semiquaver, crotchet and beam notes.

#49. Elegant Small Quaver Note Music Tattoo on the Finger

If you’re passionate about music but not ready to cover your body with big tattoos, consider tattooing this nice tiny quaver note tattoo on the finger. It’s so elegant!

#50. Cute Stars and Music Notes Tattoo

When you dwell on the idea of tattooing music staff lines with notes, think of some decoration elements like stars in this case. Looks cool and feminine!

#51. Amazing Thigh Music Tattoo With Guitar and Notes

This awesome tattoo is the tribute to its owner’s father, and it is so sweet! Consisting of Dotwork patterns, Watercolor decorations and Tribal outlines of the guitar with notes on its strings the tattoo looks incredibly beautiful!

#52. Impressive Treble Clef and Rose Tattoo

If you don’t know how to express your sincere admiration for music, opt for this cute girlish treble clef tattoo decorated with the nice rose and color splashes.

#53. Creative Tribal Treble Clef Music Tattoo

Just like a treble clef opens a musical composition, you can open your individuality and creativity with the help of this fantastic Maori infused treble clef placed on the side.

#54. Creative and Unique Music Tattoo With Blues Brothers

Another cool music tattoo idea is to get your favorite band or the musician inked on your body. These awesome matching bicep tattoos present The Blues Brothers band with vocalist Jake Blues as the microphone and harmonica player Elwood Blues as the harmonica.

#55. Lovely Vintage Music Tattoo

We are not going to argue those words that the banner of this fantastic Traditional music tattoo say “Rock’N’Roll can never die”. Along with the guitar image and laurel wreath, the lettering looks lovely!