Unique Nail Designs With Rhinestones

Isn’t it great when everyone admires your manicure? Isn’t it amazing when your nails shine like diamonds and attract people around you? Yes, it’s definitely awesome and such attractive designs can be reached with the help of small decorations called rhinestones. Now it’s your turn to try them out!

Studs, rhinestones, gems, crystals – everything can bring bling and shine to your manicure. All you need is to apply your favorite nail polish and beautify your nails with any type of decoration you want. Nowadays craft shops can offer you a huge variety of rhinestones starting from tiny crystals and ending up with pretty big rhinestones which look like real diamonds. If you don’t stick to one specific color, no problem! The color scheme of rhinestones will also give you an opportunity to choose!

In order to have a flawless manicure with rhinestones, follow some tips:

  1. Apply the nail polish as usual. Give it some time to dry.
  2. After that you can choose any way to apply rhinestones – you can either use a top coat over your nails and put rhinestones on it or use a gel polish/gel glue which will work with bigger gems and studs.
  3. Finally, cover your nails with a top coat. This step is really important as it will give rhinestones longer life.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult about decorating nails with bling yet it will make the manicure more outstanding and eye-catching! There are some ideas about rhinestone nail designs which will help you to get inspired!

Acrylic Nail Designs With Gemstones

The best way to stand out nude acrylic nails is to apply shiny decorations. Two fingernails on each hand will be enough to put beautiful gemstones on.

Almond Nails With Rhinestones

Sweet and tender manicure is a dream of every bride! If it’s the best day of your life, go for gentle almond nail shape with a pink polish and awesome rhinestones.

Black Nails With Bling

A very beautiful combination of a glossy black polish and multicolor rhinestones applied on a ring fingernail will be a perfect decoration for a luxury look.

Blinged Out Nails Images

For those who are fond of a glam style, there is a great variant of a nail design! Set the bling all over the nails, and your manicure won’t stay unnoticeable.

Blue Rhinestone Nails

This nail art is a perfect example of how matte nail polish goes well with rhinestones. They create an interesting contrast which makes the design really adorable!

Cute Bling Nail Designs

Long nails are really good for interesting designs. Especially when you apply different designs on every nail and decorate them with fascinating bling!

Cute Nails With Diamonds

Shine bright like a diamond! Follow these words and try out acrylic nails with a mint green base, painted diamonds and luxury rhinestones for an amazing look!

Fingernail Rhinestones

When we speak about glamour, there isn’t too much shining and gloss. Complete your image with a stunning metallic manicure with really glamorous rhinestones.

French Manicure With Rhinestones

A classic French manicure will never go out of style. However, you can diversify it with rhinestones tips instead of a common white polish. It will look more eye-catching!

Hot Pink Nails With Rhinestones

Daring nail design for saucy girls! Stand out with long pointy nails covered with a pink color, cool pictures, and rocking rhinestones. Extra hot!

Nail Art With Gems

In spite of a common view that white color is neutral, a lot of nail masters will speak against it applying daring lip images and flashy gems!

Nail Designs With Crystals

If you are a fan of long plain nails, you can always beautify them with chrome powder and really massive crystals for a more artistic design.

Nail Designs With Jewels

Sweet and dangerous at the same time? No problem with a subtle pink polish set on extremely long pointy nails. Adding bling, glitters and jewels will make them even greater!

Nail Designs With Rhinestones and Glitter

Have you ever seen a rainbow so close? If not, enjoy a really shining glitter rainbow diversified with brilliant rhinestones. They will notice you miles away!

Nail Stones Designs

One more example of how amazing matte polish looks in combination with nail stones. Gorgeous matte colors and colorful gems will rock anywhere at any time!

Nails With Diamonds

A beautiful purple matte nail design worn on long coffin nails is all about elegance. Don’t forget about diamonds set on the nails to be a real Queen of the night!

Nude Nails With Rhinestones

Neutral hue won’t make you the brightest person, but it can definitely contribute to the image if you set sparkling rhinestones on the nails!

Pedicure Designs With Rhinestones

Go for a never-ending classic French nail art design with a small modification – cross-shaped set of rhinestones on a big toenail.

Pink Nails With Rhinestones

Gentle pink polish matches any outfit and can become a real decoration if you dare to put rhinestones in a random direction.

Red Nails With Rhinestones

When you are looking for a right polish, try out a red one. It’s a classic color that will make you a seductive lady especially when it’s decorated with gold rhinestones.

Rhinestone Nail Art Pictures

Going to the party requires the best look. Every detail is important, so it’s high time you tried a black, white and gold manicure with gripping rhinestones on it!

Toenail Designs With Rhinestones

Your toenails also deserve to be brilliant. Check out this lovely pedicure with a classic combination of black and white rhinestones!

White Nails With Rhinestones

It’s always a pleasure to have a flawless manicure. This perfection can be reached with a white nail polish with some really awesome rhinestones!

Rhinestone Stiletto Nails

For a sassy yet magnificent look give this manicure a try! You have to be really careful with such nails, but it’s worth wearing them!