Non-Classical Ideas of Art Design for Classical Red Nails

Sophisticated red nails have always been the choice number one among women who enjoy being in the center of people`s attention. And it is not a big surprise! What can be more attractive and feminine than red color? The majority of women will definitely say “nothing yet”! Beautifully manicured hands with red nail polish cannot but attract both men and women`s attention. That`s why red manicure is still so popular nowadays.

Chic red nails with various art designs can be used for any special occasion as well as for everyday life. Such type of manicure will complement any outfit and it doesn`t depend on what style of clothes you prefer to wear. Young girls and experienced women of all professions and occupations use red nails to feel more confident and desirable anytime anywhere.

It`s impossible to get bored with red nails because nowadays you can choose different shades of red color and any design you like. Modern fancy girls combine red polish with Swarovski crystals, glitter varnish, golden beads, floral and volume designs, colorful gems, confetti etc. Popular designs are made with the help of acrylic modeling and big rhinestones. Gradient red nails, ombre… Choose anything for your own taste. It`s equally good on the short and long, square and round, oval and stiletto nails.

Not a fan of red nails yet? Just imagine how extravagant you manicure can be! Only make your nails red. And it doesn`t matter what their length or the form is. The red color will emphasize your individuality and be sure you will never be ignored!

Are you ready to diversify your favorite red manicure? If yes, we have excellent variants exactly for you! Go ahead and don`t be afraid to change something: experiment with red nail art designs.

Red Nails Designs

#1. Cute Red Nail Designs for Special Occasions

Having prom night or late night party? The best variant is cute red nails with this unusual ensemble of beads and rhinestones of different shapes and length. Wow-effect is guaranteed!

#2. Easy Red Nail Art Which Makes You Heart Burn

Want people to admire you? Choose easy red nail art. Swarovski crystals on red polish are a good decision. Bright, impressive, adorable. Do you need anything else?

#3. Pointy Red Nails for Self-Confident Women

You will never go unnoticed with these pointy red nails. A little daring? Maybe, but inspirational stiletto nails with beautiful nail jewelry will definitely raise your mood and set to positive emotions!

#4. Pretty Red Nails of Your Dream

This cute mickey mouse from Disney world is a pretty variant of red nails for those who want something heartwarming. It`s a good variant to feel as if you`re are a child again

#5. The Simplicity and Elegance of Your Red Acrylic Nails

The combination of matte and glossy red acrylic nails is the latest style trend. Swarovski elements on the ring finger give a festive look to a casual red. Isn`t a perfect choice for an elegant woman?

#6. Absolutely Stunning Wine Red and Gold Nail Designs

Gorgeous girls will definitely choose red nail design with gold glitters on the ring or index finger! This shimmery variant is for those ladies, who want to try something different.

#7. Red and Silver Nail Designs on Stiletto Nails

The light elegance of silver shine and Swarovski crystals is so pretty and unique! Add red glitters and you`ll have a glam mani! Don`t you think these red nails are a real art?

#8. Sensitive Red and White Nails

Classical combination of red and white colors is the most festive hues of the nails. And it can become a modern nail art design which sensually conveys its owner`s emotions!

#9. Exquisite Red Nail Color in Glam Style

Need some glamor in your style? Details are always important. Red nail color coupled with translucent glitters and rhinestones can make you feel special! Not only diamonds can shine!

#10. Red Nail Designs for Short Nails in a Wild Style

The red color is self-contained. But it is not the reason not to decorate it with such an amazing cat illustration! Don`t worry about the length of the nails. This red nail design looks incomparable on short nails!

#11. Red Nails with Designs for Those Who Can`t Choose

Hesitate what to chose: French mani or red nails? It`s no longer a problem! Combine both favorite variants and make the accent with an unusual design. It`s all you need!

#12. Red Nails with Diamonds Vivid and Stunning

Always looking for something different? Choose stunning red nails with diamonds! Long coffin nails will catch the mind of every trend seeker. Just look what an ideal combination of red and black colors with crystals!

#13. Red Sparkly Nails Definition of Perfection

Want perfect nails? Nail jewelry will make any manicure to be ideal, especially if it`s red sparkly nails! You don`t need other jewels except for your nails. It cannot be resisted!

#14. Timeless Celebration with Sparkling Red Nails

Holiday spirit will always be with you! Sounds marvelous, doesn`t it? Sparkling red nails of different shades with holographic glitters and crystals will cheer you up anytime, anywhere!

#15. Sexy Red and Black Nails for Sexy Ladies

It`s the best variant to combine everything you like: coffin and stiletto shape, matte and gloss, design and jewelry, ombre and volume…Achieve sophisticated and sexual look by wearing these sexy red nails!

#16. A Special Design for Short Red Acrylic Nails

White French mani on short nails is widely used nowadays. But what about the red color base for it? The combination is unusual but so creative! In addition, a beige half moon makes your nails more elegant!

#17. Red Passion for a Simple Nail Art

Tired of fancy designs? Simple red mani is always a great choice to be in the trend without specific details! Just emphasize this red passion with some crystals and become a nail queen!

#18. Stiletto Red Nails to Feel Luxury

Long stiletto nails painted in the red color is very luxurious by themselves. But if you make one nail encrusted with Swarovski crystals be sure everyone will be crazy about your mani!

#19. Romantic Red on Short Gel Nails

Do you have a romantic mood? Then this variant of red short nails is exactly for you! Some crystals and some sparkles on the ring finger… and you`re the one and only!

#20. The Nail Charms of Matte Red Nails

You`ll fall in love with this inspirational matte red nails! It is possible to combine them with the ensemble of beads and rhinestones. One could only agree that the charm of this mani is irresistible!

#21. Glitter Red Nails for Bright Women

Attractive red glitters on long red nails will never be overlooked! “Too much red!” someone will say. Don`t think so! Bright, vivid, fiery and even juicy… Just right!

#22. Vivid Beauty for Red Nails

Amazing colorful flowers on red nails can diversify your mani and their vivid beauty will fill you with joy. So fresh and delicate! Summer will come at any time you want!

#23. Universal Red Nails With Flowers

Dark red manicure decorated with flowers is suitable for any season of the year. Cherry red polish makes your image more expressive and painted flowers add you chic. Just do it!

#24. Red Nail Manicure Nothing More but Elegance

Choose such magnificent red nails for any occasion as well as for everyday life and you`ll get a lot of compliments! The volumetric design will emphasize your uniqueness!

#25. Extraordinary Red Chrome Nails

Want to be special at the party? Red chrome nails are the newest trend which makes everybody look awesome. Add such an amazing crystals and you`ll be absolutely remarkable!

#26. Exotic Nails with Red Shellac

This exotic combination of vintage and glam on long red nails is the prettiest one you have seen so far! Nobody will manage to pass your mani, so it`ll work for you in any case!

#27. Floral Red Nails with 3d Design

A voluminous floral pattern with rhinestones on long red nails is everything you need to stand out of the crowd! If you`re annoyed of simple designs it`s time to diversify your mani with this 3d design!

#28. Long Red Nails Which Will Make Your Heart Happy

You`ll go crazy with this favorable blend of fall red colors and marble design! So awesome marble art design will please even too sophisticated women! They look marvelous, don`t they?

#29. Mini Red Nails for Those Who Prefer Minimalism

Do you have short nails? It`s not the problem anymore! This red color with so amazing shine is the appropriate choice for you! Minimalistic design of white color will complement any image!

#30. Lip Infatuation for Diamond red Nails

Believe you`ve tried all possible designs for your mani? Don`t think so! This passionate design including crystals and glitters on the red color will make you crazy!

#31. Gentle Red Nails with Hearts

Gentle ladies choose red nails with hearts! The ideal proportion of red and white colors can help you to create an image of a delicate but dashing woman!

#32. Royal Red Nails with Prisma

Draw a lot of attention with red prisma nails! You don`t need any crystals or rhinestones. Just emphasize some of the nails with prisma and you`ll get a royal mani!

#33. Red and Beige Nails with Zebra Design

Long red nails in the form of stiletto are ideal for such a unique beige design! It`s super easy to do and like all animal print, it`s fabulous!

#34. Magic Red Nails with Cat Eye

It`s easy to have magic mani anytime anywhere! Trendy red cat eye nails will help you to be delightful and mysterious. All people around you will be so excited!

#35. Spring Red Nails with Hand Painted Nail Art

Beautiful red shade is an excellent choice for a spring mani! It goes well with all kinds of hand painted flowers of any colors. Choose this nail design to have spring for the whole year!

#36. Unusual Red for Classical French Nails

Although classical French mani is considered to be white the red color is more attractive. Stand out with these amazing red nails with the ensemble of different rhinestones!

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