Sexy Ideas of Thigh Tattoos

Thigh tattoos belong to the most attractive and sexiest artworks due to their intimate location. The tattoo on the thigh is a tricky one, so depending on your mood you can hide or show them off. They are preferable among female tattoo lovers. However, there are numerous fantastic patterns for men who also strive to get the hottest design of mesmerizing tattoo on the thigh.

The Variations of Thigh Tattoos Ideas

The large space on the thigh gives a suitable canvas to work on and apply the fantastic composition of different sizes and shapes. The tattoo on the thigh can symbolize and indicate different meanings and things. It directly depends on selected image or combination of several ones.

The most common tattoo ideas include:

  • Butterfly denotes grace or transformation as well as thoughts of freedom and independence;
  • The floral tattoo is a symbol of beauty and femininity. Each of the flowers conveys special meaning. Thus, rose indicates love, passion, youth and rebirth, while cherry blossom symbolizes hope, beauty and fragility. The patterns with florets are usually presented in stretched borders and bright colors;
  • Dreamcatcher is a famous protection from evil and bad spirits;
  • Garter, bow, band and lace are the most delicate designs for women. They look highly seductive and appealing on the thigh;
  • Dragon and Koi fish tattoos are popular among lovers of Eastern culture. They express honor, power and courage;
  • Textures, random patterns and strokes that form elegant designs are considered to be very modern and unique designs in tattoo art;
  • Skull, tribal and Celtic designs, gun and animals (elephant, tiger, lion, etc.) are more aggressive images for tattoos, which easily can be picked up by guys. They signify strength, might, protection and wisdom.

In order to emphasize your fashionable style, you also may choose:

  • star;
  • sun and moon;
  • feather;
  • labyrinth;
  • Disney tattoo;
  • dope;
  • angel;
  • unicorn;
  • phoenix;
  • black hole;
  • tree;
  • peacock;
  • chameleon;
  • mermaid;
  • Darth Vader;
  • quotes.

Size and Pain

Pain differs from person to person and is dependent on some factors like the tattooist’s experience, the amount of soft shading, linework or solid shading used in particular artwork. The size of the pattern, duration of applying the tattoo and breaks are significant too. One session can take 4 and more hours, so in case of the huge tattoo, it is recommended to make it a multisession piece.

  • The top of the thigh consists of Therefore, this area is less painful in comparison with other body parts. It serves the best for large, complicated pictures.
  • The inner thigh is a perfect place for a small tattoo, but it will hurt a bit, as the skin is more sensitive there.People choose this place for intimate sketches.
  • The outer thigh is appropriate for the high quality and colorful graphic tattoos of rather big It is less painful than the inner thigh.

The Thigh Tattoo Styles and Designs

The tattoos on the thigh are available in various styles, such as:

  • tribal;
  • 3d;
  • drawings;
  • realistic;
  • watercolor;
  • dotwork;
  • linework;
  • blackwork etc.

The majority of the thigh tattoos are done in bright, colorful design. Still, there are no restrictions in color spectrum. You can ink a pattern in black coloring or apply a vivid color palette with a great profusion of orange, blue, pink, green or red.


The thigh tattoo costs a bit higher mainly because of a large size of the piece. The range of colors, number and duration of session play a certain role. On average, a price of the thigh tattoo is around $100-$250.

To sum up, the tattoo on the thigh expresses a captivating appeal. The marvelous pattern enhances the charm of its owner and indicates a fashionable living. The thigh tattoos create a modish outlook suitable for both sexes.

#1. The Tattoo of Koi Fish on the Thigh

This small Koi fish looks very delicate in the barely visible floral background. The girls choose this highly meaningful image, as a symbol of joyful life and family prosperity.

The tattoo of Koi fish on the thigh

#2. The Beautiful Thigh Tattoo With a Rose

This rose in blackwork style presents unexpectedly perfect artwork with a slight touch of mystery. The wide band with a floral composition and night makes a wonderful addition to it.

#3. The Elephant Tattoo in Sketch Style on the Thigh

The tattoo with an elephant is very meaningful. The sketch of this sacred animal reveals an idea of strength, loyalty, longevity and peace, which suits strong people.

The elephant tattoo in sketch style on the thigh

#4. The Incredible Garter Tattoo on the Thigh

Does this dangerous combination of revolver and roses admire you? This unusual garter is a nice choice to stress on your beauty as well as obstinate character and independence.

The incredible garter tattoo on the thigh

#5. The Colorful Thigh Tattoo

This woman’s portrait impresses and frightens at the same time. The predominance of red ink with black shade creates a bloody atmosphere. Does this pattern conceal a secret?

#6. The Simple Thigh Tattoo of a Labyrinth

Despite a simple design of a labyrinth, it denotes search for the meaning of life. The union of a cute mandala in the center and a cross near the exit points at your spiritual integrity and faith in God.

The simple thigh tattoo of a labyrinth

#7. The Thigh Sleeve Tattoo With Flowers

This tattoo starts on the thigh and stretches up to the feet, depicting a gorgeous floral pattern. The great choice of beautiful florets is performed in colorful design that only enhances the admiration.

The thigh sleeve tattoo with flowers

#8. The Cool Detailed Thigh Tattoo on the Back Side

A piece of nature on one thigh and a black bird on another, look awesome. Different floral plants and a bee with honeycombs are small parts of this colorful, detailed composition.

The cool detailed thigh tattoo on the back side

#9. The Unique Thigh Tattoo of a Dead Girl With a Cat

This is an amazing tattoo in blackwork style combines two oppositions of living and dead. Here the skeleton of a girl so gently keeps a little cat. The extremely long hair is the most striking point of this image.

The unique thigh tattoo of a dead girl with a cat

#10. The Big Thigh Tattoo of a Chameleon

The chameleon is an extravagant creature itself. Thus, a watercolor design is a superb choice for this reptile. The brightly green coloring with some blue additions works well, while a branch in blossom reminds of spring.

The big thigh tattoo of a chameleon

#12. The Floral Tattoo on the Thigh

The lovers of flowers cannot omit this incredible pattern on the thigh. Two huge florets in blackwork style make a strong contrast with pale skin. The majesty of this artwork is indisputable.

The floral tattoo on the thigh

#13. The Perfect Outer Thigh Tattoo

The peacock is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful birds. The mix of red and black leads to an amazing pattern in this work. This bird not only decorates the female thigh but also signifies love, immortality, glory and longevity.

The perfect outer thigh tattoo

#14. The Dragon Tattoo on the Thigh for Women

This tattoo of a dragon with the bowed head is embellished by a lovely chrysanthemum on woman’s thigh. Being so magnificent, this enormous creature indicates power, wisdom and fidelity.

The dragon tattoo on the thigh for women

#15. The Dope Thigh Tattoo in Black and Gray

This abstract ornament almost casts a spell. The black and gray pattern adorably repeats the girl’s shape of the body, while a white spot in the center highlight this intriguing tattoo.

The dope thigh tattoo in black and gray

#16. The Bow Tattoo With Deer Skull on the Thigh

Here a huge afterlife image creates a unique picture on the thigh. Apart from scaring deer skull, there are a lot of small details, such as spider, bow and mystic signs in various geometric forms.

The bow tattoo with deer skull on the thigh

#17. The Tiger Tattoo in 3d on the Thigh

This is a breathtaking tattoo of a tiger, which looks like a real one. Power, passion and royal dignity are implied in this exciting image. Orange and turquoise inks embody flame and water – like two sides of one personality.

The tiger tattoo in 3D on the thigh

#18. The Feminine Thigh Tattoo Design

The pink flamingo is the best alternative for romantic and sensitive ladies, which may indicate tenderness and affection of its wearer.This tattoo represents an elegant bird on one leg with a creative design of tail.

The feminine thigh tattoo design

#19. The Hot Thigh Tattoo of a Mermaid

This tattoo presents a gorgeous mermaid on the male thigh. This naked, mysterious beauty with long hair in a seductive pose is associated with death, sexuality and fear.

#20. The Best Thigh Tattoos in Outline Design

The tattoo with octopus expresses special intrigue and uniqueness. Here the fabulous creature is performed in outline style in the sky with a number of tiny diamonds around.

The best thigh tattoos in outline design

#21. The Full Thigh Tattoo of a Lion

This lion tattoo completely shows the greatness of this animal. The tremendous image of a lion in blackwork design is complemented with a black circle above. Its aggressive look is a protection from ill-wishers.

#22. The Sugar Skull Tattoo on the Thigh

The cutest idea of the skull is waiting for everybody, who likes complicated patterns. The skull is decorated with floral ornaments, among which you may see a hamsa-talisman. Three arrows and several circles complete this unusual design.

#23. The Nice Thigh Tattoo With Flowers

Can a tattoo with a skull be an attractive decoration for your body? – Definitely! This tattoo confirms that with such engaging red flowers even a scary image become sweeter.

The nice thigh tattoo with flowers

#24. The Lion Tattoo on the Thigh

The lion always remains majestic look, regardless coloring or size. This tattoo in sketch style is a pattern for winners, who possess nobility, hardiness and courage.

The lion tattoo on the thigh

#25. The Elegant Tattoo of Cherry Blossom on the Thigh

Cherry blossom embodies purity and female beauty. This glorious combination will bring bright hatches into your appearance. The pattern emphasizes your femininity and elegance.

The elegant tattoo of cherry blossom on the thigh

#26. The Badass Thigh Tattoo of a Black Hole

The phenomenon of a black hole is full of secrets and guesses like a tattoo with it. This artwork presents a red sphere with orange and blue spots. The key point is a chaotic black circle around with small speckles along the leg.

The badass thigh tattoo of a black hole

#27. The Tattoo of a Band Around Thigh Meaning the Sea

The creativity of this simple tattoo in blackwork style has no boundaries. Only with the help of a thin band, we designate the marine horizon, where two nice whales live.

The tattoo of a band around thigh meaning the sea

#28. The Tattoo of a Mermaid on the Back of the Thigh

Have you ever dreamt to catch a mermaid? This amazing tattoo in blackwork style embodies this crazy idea. The beauteous mermaid in the form of sketch expresses female energy and unique beauty of its wearer.

The tattoo of a mermaid on the back of the thigh

#29. The Fine Lace Tattoo on the Thigh

This tempting floral drawing with lovely hanging adornment ideally covers the thigh. It demonstrates daintiness and playfulness. The intimate location will evoke a feeling of excitement.

The fine lace tattoo on the thigh

#30. The Impressive Traditional Thigh Tattoos

Take these tattoos of Hawk and tiger in traditional style to emphasize your masculinity and leadership character. These strong and brave creatures are combined with skulls, which brings aggressiveness into the patterns.

#31. The Perfect Tree Tattoo on the Thigh

This girl dancing in the background of the magnificent forest is fantastic! The huge dark trees make a wonderful contrast with airy blue plume, which resembles peacock feathers.

The perfect tree tattoo on the thigh

#32. The Watercolor Thigh Tattoo of Darth Vader

The fans of “Star Wars” will appreciate this captivating tattoo of Darth Vader. The bright blue artwork in watercolor design illustrates the realistic presentation of the main antagonist of a famous movie.

#33. The Beauty and the Beast From Disney Thigh Tattoos

This beautiful rose tattoo is from famous Disney story. The red floret breaks glass dome, and some small glass pieces around bring some action into this dynamic picture.

The Beauty and the Beast from Disney thigh tattoos

#34. The Skull, Sun and Moon Thigh Tattoo

The skull conveys the meaning of death and danger. This utterly pessimistic image is done realistically by means of dotwork and blackwork styles. Besides, there are interesting interpretations of the sun and the moon below.

The skull sun and moon thigh tattoo

#35. The Flowers on Thigh Tattoo

This tattoo is performed in blackwork design and presents a delightful composition of flowers. Each bud consists of plenty of tiny florets, which on the whole create a detailed piece of art.

The flowers on thigh tattoo

#36. The Gentle and Sexy Thigh Tattoo for Women

This tender tattoo of blue flowers will become a symbol of your grace and fascination. The floral ornament looks bright and unusual due to watercolor design.

The gentle and sexy thigh tattoo for women

#38. The Monochrome Angel Tattoo on the Thigh

An angel is a positive and kind creature. But this tattoo presents it in the form of a horned girl with black wings. The moon behind and a bouquet of flowers in front of this lady, embellish this great drawing.

The monochrome angel tattoo on the thigh

#39. The Rose in Hand on Thigh Tattoo

This amazing rose looks exciting on the woman’s thigh. Even dark ink does not diminish its beauty. But what brings uniqueness into this tattoo is a hand that barely touches the flower.

The rose in hand on thigh tattoo

#40. The Fabulous Unicorn Tattoo on the Thigh

The unicorn is a mystical creature that embodies chastity, wealth and spiritual purity. Here a gray unicorn is depicted in a colorful watercolor environment that creates fairy atmosphere.

The fabulous unicorn tattoo on the thigh

#41. The Awesome Thigh Tattoo of a Bird

The gray bird with an unusually big orange beak is an incredible image itself. It is presented sitting on the branch. One more bright point of this composition is red berries around the bird.

The awesome thigh tattoo of a bird

#42. The Blue Bird on Leg and Thigh Tattoo

The bird in blue and gray coloring occupies the back of the thigh. This wonderful symbol of freedom and independence has an interesting detail – a thin black line that stretches up to the foot.

The blue bird on leg and thigh tattoo

#43. The Pretty Tattoo Design on the Thigh

The cute wolf tattoo in black pattern with a nice ornament around its eyes is unbelievable! This wolf tattoo in linework design means not only strength and courage but also fidelity.

The pretty tattoo design on the thigh

#44. The Original Phoenix Thigh Tattoo With an Eye

This graphical tattoo illustrates the very original presentation of Phoenix with chaotic black lines. Moreover, this lovely creature is combined with a large eye above as a sign of control and power.

The original Phoenix thigh tattoo with an eye

#45. The Feather Thigh Tattoo in Pocahontas Style

If you want some wild design in your collection of tattoos, this band around your thigh with feather ornament will be a good option. Besides, it resembles a well-known Pocahontas style.

The feather thigh tattoo in Pocahontas style

#46. The Peacock Tattoo on the Thigh

The peacock is a symbol of bright, wealthy life full of adventures. This bird with berries and plants within its marvelous blue feathers will admire the connoisseurs of beauty.

The peacock tattoo on the thigh

#47. The Charming Tattoo of a Dreamcatcher on the Thigh

This enormous image of a dreamcatcher will make a mysterious point in your style. The numerous colorful feathers and patterns create an impressive design. You will be safe with this powerful talisman!

The charming tattoo of a dreamcatcher on the thigh

#48. The Scaring Skull Tattoo on the Thigh

The combination of skull, cross and flowers is not surprising. This black and gray tattoo shows a contrastive idea of living and dead. This dark artwork on the thigh is your reminder of the value of life.

The scaring skull tattoo on the thigh

#49. The Rosary Beads Tattoo on the Thigh

The incredible composition of flowers looks unbelievable on the thigh! What is more, it is embellished with lovely rosary beads. This decoration adds coquetry and glamour to black and gray tattoo.

The rosary beads tattoo on the thigh