Sternum Tattoo – The Hottest Variety of Designs

In the last few years, a sternum tattoo is a trend that is widely popularized by celebrities and attractive people. It allows girls to emphasize beautiful part of their body – the breast, while men apply more brutal images to show their strength. In some cases, the sternum tattoo visually helps to correct some shortcomings, giving the breast volume or necessary shape.

 Sternum Tattoos Meanings

The sternum tattoos leave a riddle in the female image and increase sexual attraction. Applying this type of tattoo the master should take into account the exact size, shape and individual characteristics of the breast to achieve more appealing and unique result.

Depending on the temperament, beliefs and outlook, girls choose different patterns. So, romantic and dreamy clients prefer the following images:

  • The flower is an ideal variant for the female body, as it is a symbol of beauty, tenderness, femininity and Women frequently choose Lotus, which denotes purity, wisdom and harmony. One more popular flower is a rose that is associated with love, passion and pride.
  • The butterfly – symbolizes subtle beauty, which is suitable for tender, charming girls. It can mean resurrection, rebirth and desire for change.
  • The flying bird– gives the feeling of lightness, dreaminess and freedom to its holder.
  • Mandala – is a powerful talisman and a sign of harmony, spirituality.
  • The lace ornament just decorates the body, without carrying any special meaning.
  • The Isis goddess indicates fertility, family fidelity and is considered the defender of children.

Sternum Tattoos Features

The sternum tattoos can be inked between or under the breasts, without touching the tits. The choice of image predominantly depends on the girls’ preferences, life values and priorities. They include various ideas:

  • Bird and heart;
  • Barbed wire;
  • Anime eye;
  • Bound hands and rose;
  • UFO;
  • Bumblebee and honeycomb;
  • Plants (lavender; rosemary, eucalyptus; magnolia);
  • Berries (gooseberry, blueberry);
  • Da Vinci;
  • Geometric tattoo;
  • Memorial tree of life;
  • Snake bites handshake;
  • Snake and woman;
  • Gun;
  • Queen;
  • Octopus;
  • Praying hands;
  • Cross and rose;
  • Death (skeleton);
  • Snowflake;
  • Mystical cat and flowers;
  • Skull knife.

The sternum tattoo is rather untypical for men. However, you may find some interesting designs on the chest, such as:

  • Girls’ kiss;
  • Warp tattoo;
  • Face and flowers;
  • Animals (ram, lion);
  • Birds with plants.

Tattoos in the form of inscriptions are for those, who care about the symbolism of the image. Among the popular inscriptions prevail:

  • Sayings of famous people;
  • Names of relatives;
  • Important dates;

There are no restrictions on size, color or style. So, you may take:

  • Tattoo in line work;
  • Korean tattoo;
  • Black and gray tattoo;
  • Colorful design;
  • Blackwork

Sternum Tattoo Design Ideas

#1.The Female Sternum Tattoo of a Bird And Heart

Here the black bird with straightened wings under the boobs is supplemented by small heart. It is a bold and confident image!
The female sternum tattoo of a bird and heart

#2.The Small Black And Gray Ink Rose Tattoo Under the Breast

The rose is undisputedly one of the favorite flowers, and even in black and gray ink, it looks so elegant and seductive especially under the breast.
The small black and gray ink rose tattoo under the breast

#3.The Barbed Wire Tattoo Between the Breast

The person, who applied the barbed wire, is eager to live without any boundaries. This tattoo is quite small but brightly shows the owner’s obstinacy.
The barbed wire tattoo between the breast

#4.The Small Line Work Lotus Tattoo on the Sternum

The Lotus is a perfect symbol that can reveal your femininity. This sternum tattoo is performed in an intimate place that only enhances the impression.
The small line work lotus tattoo on the sternum

#5.The Sternum Tattoo of Heart Mandala

This wonderful female option of the mandala in the form of a heart is both a protective talisman and a nice decoration for your body.
The sternum tattoo of heart mandala

#6.The Floral Sternum Tattoo for Women

The complex, floral composition that covers the upper breasts and sternum is incredible! It illustrates various flowers in breathtaking forms and ornaments.
The floral sternum tattoo for women

#7.The Rose Tattoo Between the Breasts

The inverted rose is an uncommon but very exciting idea for your future tattoo. This flower between the breasts creates a pretty, seductive view.
The rose tattoo between the breasts

#8.The Cool Anime Eye Tattoo Between the Boobs

The eye is believed to be a protection from the evil. Here you can find the amazing anime variant, which arouses a great interest in its design.
The cool anime eye tattoo between the boobs

#9.The Korean Small Lotus Under Breast Tattoo

The gentle lotus tattoo with additional adornment ideally fits under the breast. This sweet, spiritual flower is beyond any competition!
The Korean small lotus under breast tattoo

#10.The Old Lines Tattoo with Bound Hands And Rose on the Breast Bone

Look at this unusual image of bounds hands, keeping a rose! The idea is so peculiar that you hardly have a chance to see something similar.
The old lines tattoo with bound hands and rose on the breast bone

#11.The Butterfly Tattoo Between Breasts

The butterfly is very appreciated among women, who wish to get a sophisticated tattoo. This pattern is inked in a strict manner with a lined design.
The butterfly tattoo between breasts

#12.The Black And Gray Ufo Sternum Tattoo

Are you a creative person or a big fan of fantasy? Then this exciting tattoo of UFO is what you need to express your individuality.
The black and gray UFO sternum tattoo

#13.The Black And Gray Sternum Tattoo of Lace And Queen

The chess figure of the queen is a good chance to show your greatness and superiority. The lace ornament with roses, in this case, serves as an excellent background.
The black and gray sternum tattoo of lace and queen

#14.The Beautiful Lotus Tattoo on the Breast for Girls

The gorgeous beauty of Eastern flower touches the girls’ hearts. Here the lotus is placed on the breast, symbolizing purity and femininity.
The beautiful lotus tattoo on the breast for girls

#15.The Female Sternum Tattoo of Fluffy Bumblebee And Honeycomb

The real masterpiece is prepared for you. It consists of honeycomb on the upper breast and bumblebee under the boobs. It enraptures at once!
The female sternum tattoo of fluffy bumblebee and honeycomb

#16.The Colorful Gooseberry, Rosemary And Lavender Tattoo Under the Breast

The interesting mix of gooseberry, rosemary and lavender is offered under the breast. The colorful design of the tattoo makes it look like a real one!
The colorful gooseberry, rosemary and lavender tattoo under the breast

#17.The Colorful Tattoo of Garden Roses with Rosemary And Blueberry Under the Breast

This marvelous combination includes garden roses, rosemary and blueberry. The bright bouquet under the breast is taken in contrast with pale skin.
The colorful tattoo of garden roses with rosemary and blueberry under the breast

#18.The Sternum Peony Tattoo in Black Work

The peony is not only beautiful flower, but it is also rich in symbolism. Thus, this black and gray tattoo may indicate wealth, luck, happiness and youth.
The sternum peony tattoo in black work

#19.The Sternum Tattoo for Guys in Black Ink

This ram tattoo perfectly fits the man’s chest. The animal personifies the best masculine qualities and can be an amulet of a strong man.
The sternum tattoo for guys in black ink

#20.The Face And Flowers Tattoo on the Sternum for Men

The quite surprising choice for man’s tattoo is made on the sternum. The girl’s face among numerous florets gives the notes of mystery.
The face and flowers tattoo on the sternum for men

#21.The Girls’ Kiss Tattoo Design Under the Breast for Guys

Do you want to reveal your boldest fantasies? What about this daring tattoo of two kissing girls? It will excite your consciousness!
The girls' kiss tattoo design under the breast for guys

#22.The Warp Tattoo Idea on the Breast for Boys

The complicated idea of warp tattoo strikes immediately. The man’s breast has transformed into a unique drawing with various notations.
The warp tattoo idea on the breast for boys

#23.The Da Vinci Tattoo Art Design on the Sternum

This complex tattoo dedicated to the works of da Vinci. The central image of a well-known Vitruvian Man figure covers the sternum.
The da Vinci tattoo art design on the sternum

#24.The Black Ink Plant And a Bird Tattoo on the Breast

The astonishing combination of plants with bird looks very natural. This tattoo occupies a large area, decorating male breast.
The black ink plant and a bird tattoo on the breast

#25.The Geometric Tattoo Idea for Women on the Sternum

The geometric patterns do not lose their position in tattooing. The intricate lines and forms create an astounding image of sternum tattoo.
The geometric tattoo idea for women on the sternum

#26.The Tender Korean Tattoo of Eucalyptus Between the Breasts

Here the elegant twig tattoo of eucalyptus adds some charm and refinement to your style. The open dress emphasizes your sensuality and tenderness.
The tender Korean tattoo of eucalyptus between the breasts

#27.The Tender Magnolia in Korean Tattoo Between the Breasts

Magnolia is a bewitching eastern flower that embodies female beauty, self-esteem and self-sacrifice. This sweet inverted floret is created for subtle girls.
The tender Magnolia in Korean tattoo between the breasts

#28.The Memorial Tree of Life Tattoo on the Sternum

The wish to have a part of your family in the form of a tattoo, push people to choose such incredible memorial tree of life with birth dates.
The memorial tree of life tattoo on the sternum

#29.The Sacred Heart Tattoo Between the Boobs

This sweet tattoo of the heart is very similar to the shape of a vintage medallion. Its performance between the boobs seems highly intimate.
The sacred heart tattoo between the boobs

#30.The Small Black And Gray Tattoo of Ink Rose Under the Breast

Taking queen of the flowers you confidently stress on your majesty and beauty. The size or color of rose does not matter in this case!
The small black and gray tattoo of ink rose under the breast

#31.The Tiny Wild Heart on the Sternum Tattoo

This heart tattoo with a lettering “wild heart” is done in a quite simple way. The small pattern on the sternum emphasizes your unbridled temperament.
The tiny wild heart on the sternum tattoo

#32.The Snake Bites Handshake in Tattoo Design on the Sternum

The interesting idea of handshake gives food for thought. The snake is depicted instead of one hand, which may symbolize wariness of its owner.
The snake bites handshake in tattoo design on the sternum

#33.The Small Gun Tattoo Under the Breast

The woman and gun is a dangerous combination! Here the gun tattoo under the breast is used as a sign of emancipation and self-reliance.
The small gun tattoo under the breast

#34.The Unique Snake And Woman Tattoo Between the Breasts

This fantastic tattoo between the breasts impresses and horrifies! The woman that is destroyed by a snake is intertwined with some lovely leaves.
The unique snake and woman tattoo between the breasts

#35.The Kiss of Octopus in Tattoo Design Under the Boobs

The tattoo of a girl that is not afraid to hold the dangerous creature like octopus or even kiss it. Reveal strong and independent personality.
The kiss of octopus in tattoo design under the boobs

#36.The Tattoo Idea of Praying Hands Under the Breast

The praying hands belong to a religious symbol. This small black and gray tattoo under the breast denotes Christianity and faith in God.
The tattoo idea of praying hands under the breast

#37.The Cross And Rose Tattoo Idea on the Sternum

The rose and cross are two powerful images, and when they are united, the tattoo usually indicates suffering or the desire for love.
The cross and rose tattoo idea on the sternum

#38.The Black And Gray Rose Tattoo Between the Breasts

The beauty and obstinacy are mixed in this engaging tattoo of a rose. This proud flower is inked between woman’s breasts, which looks extremely tempting.
The black and gray rose tattoo between the breasts

#39.The Funny Idea of Death on the Sternum Tattoo

To apply this funny tattoo of death, you need to have a good sense of humor. The idea of a skeleton with a scythe has no equal.
The funny idea of death on the sternum tattoo

#40.The Simple Snowflake Tattoo on the Sternum

If you dream to have a tattoo that personifies uniqueness, purity and fragility, this snowflake on the sternum is the best option.
The simple snowflake tattoo on the sternum

#41.The Tattoo Idea of Total Blackout Rose on the Sternum

This black rose tattoo on the pale skin provides an unforgettable effect. Besides, this flower is located on the sternum that makes this work very secret.
The tattoo idea of total blackout rose on the sternum

#42.The Mystical Cat And Flowers Tattoo Design in Blackwork on the Sternum

The female image is often covered in mystery, especially if it is complemented with such mystic tattoo of a cat, the moon in conjunction with flowers.
The mystical cat and flowers tattoo design in blackwork on the sternum

#43.The Skull Knife Tattoo Design Between the Boobs

This knife tattoo is so skillfully done that it’s impossible to look away. The woman’s reflection and skull of an animal on the lever refine the sketch.
The skull knife tattoo design between the boobs

#44.The Ornamental Mandala Tattoo on the Sternum

Mandala as a great Buddhist symbol is presented in inverted form. Some beautiful elements, like a flower in the center, add uniqueness
The ornamental mandala tattoo on the sternum

#45.The Black And Gray Mandala Tattoo Idea on the Sternum

This tender black and gray tattoo includes flower and nice ornaments. Mandala pattern completely fits the sternum area, repeating the shape of your body.
The black and gray mandala tattoo idea on the sternum

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