Tramp Stamp Tattoos Ideas

Sensual and stylish tramp stamp tattoos are worn by thousands of women and men. They catch attention, for sure. But, there are contentious reasons about its meaning and designs. Let’s have an eye for it:

What is a Tramp Stamp Tattoo?

Nowadays a tramp stamp means a lower back location of any the tattoo. But it originates from Tribal and Celtic designs because they appear to have been “stamped” onto the skin. The tramp stamp inks were extremely popular in the 90-ies. The peculiar point of these tattoos is their unseen location to the wearer itself, and it carries a special magnetism. There is a negative connotation of such tattoos referring to promiscuous women. But in present day world of the tattoos, the meaning mentioned above fell off the edge of the earth thanks to the artistic ink masters and the variety of options and designs.

Tramp Stamp Tattoo Designs

You can ink any tattoo on the lower back. But we prepare popular ones for your inspiration:

  • Floral: sakura branches, lotus, rose, daisy and even gardens;
  • Mandala concepts;
  • Tribal and Celtic ornaments;
  • Animals: сat, fox, lion, etc;
  • Birds and insects;
  • Hearts, wings, feathers;
  • Quotes and lettering as separate tattoos and as additions to the main inkings;
  • Geometry: triangles, circles;
  • Balance;
  • Abstracts concepts;
  • Fairies and cartoon characters.

These designs can be inked in full color, in monochromatic, black and white or watercolor. The symmetrical design is prevailing among tramp stamps inks, but some of them are tattooed with vertical spine extension, as well very attractive.

Meanings of Tramp Stamp Tattoos

Tramp stamps exhibit different meanings depending on the design and your wish. Here are some of them:

  • Feminity and sensuality;
  • Beauty and purity;
  • Enlightenment and rebirth;
  • Readiness for changes;
  • Power and wisdom;
  • Connection and love;
  • Adventurous and romantic soul;
  • Balance and freedom;
  • Your personal attitude to life and philosophy;
  • Something you faced in life.

In case you are ready for the tramp stamp, be sure it will work well with no change after weight or age fluctuations. The lower back inks can be hidden easily, if necessary or can slip out if the jeans or a skirt slides up a little. It’s all according to what aesthetic look you want to have. The impressive tramp stamps are preferred by females mainly, but men carve them as well. Take the advantageous features in your imagination and check the prepared tramp stamp tattoo samples!

#1. Black and White Conception of the Tramp Stamp Tattoo

The floral design along the back looks feminine and can allow you to express yourself creatively through the body ink. Black and white work works well on the pale skin of the wearer.

#2. Awesome Flowers and Lettering Tramp Stamp Tattoo

A linework in black and gray colors is located in more vertical direction and looks awesome.

#3. Bad Tramp Stamp Tattoo

It looks like dirty spots! The black color of inking on the black skin is innocence. Do not repeat such mistakes!

#4. Beautiful Gray Flowers Tramp Stamp Tattoo

A lower back location is such a sexual area! The flowers are finely inked as the bouquet, and the petals are cutely shaded in subtle gray inking color! Her tattoo is really beautiful!

#5. Best Blueberry and Flower Tramp Stamp Tattoo

That flourish theme with blueberries on the sides is inked using watercolors. But the colors are not bright, and the tattoo looks delicate! Such motif stands for purity and hope!

#6. Kaley Cuoco Celebrity Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Damn sexy! Small black hieroglyph seems to be simple, but it hides a deep meaning for the wearer. You can go on your own and special one!

#7. Classy 90th Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Here you can see a classy style of the lower back inks which were damn popular in 90th. Done in a tribal form the butterfly can denote the bearer’s readiness for a change.

#8. Cool Tramp Stamp Tattoo With Hands and Flowers

An amazing and cool design! All job is carved in gray, but the idea catches. The message of this ink is as follows: « It`s all in your hands! ».

#9. Amazing Floral Cover Up Tramp Stamp Tattoo

This is more of a masterpiece than a tramp stamp tattoo. It combines a waistline tattoo with a vertically located snake and flowers and means a temptation. For your information, a rose and snake tattoo is a tip of the hat to the Temptation of Eve in the Garden of Eden.

#10. Cute Tramp Stamp Tattoo

If you want to turn your scar on the lower back to advantage, the tramp stamp tattoo is a cute option! A tiny flower with lettering in the vertical position is framing the scar in a nice way.

#11. Eyes Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Magnetism is felt looking at this tattoo. The curly lines make the ink seductive and smooth the whole black job! Low cut jeans will make the best and show your magnetic tattoo off.

#12. Female Korean Style Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Delicate and excellent! A rose is a sign of the pure, chaste nature of femininity and other flowers just accompany the rose. The location is chosen well, a bit higher that the waist.

#13. Lotus Flower Tramp Stamp Tattoo

What is more beautiful than a floral design on the low back? A watercolor Lotus is designed in the center and is associated with purity and beauty. Opt for this so feminine ink, and you will be stunning!

#14. Funny Tramp Stamp Tattoo With Snoopy on Board

If you are a big lover of Snoopy, this funny ink can be cutely carved on your waist. It can be done for showing that you are mad about sea and surfing!

#15. Good Tramp Stamp Tattoo With Flying Fox

The line art of the etching work seems to be wonderful! The wings of the flying fox are carved symmetrically and sign sociality and maternal love. An interesting concept if you are looking a rather big tram stamp ink!

#16. The Guy With Island Tramp Stamp Tattoo

This is a perfectly detailed idea for guys! It is clear that the wearer likes adventures. That is attractive and unordinary!

#17. Tiny Clothes Hanger Tramp Stamp Tattoo

The models often go for such tiny tattoos on the lower back. The hangers symbolize their professions as they are a clothes hanger. It can be hidden easily if necessary. Small, yet cool ink!

#18. Hottest Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Monochromatic hues and ornaments are so sexually binding the woman`s waist. No doubt, it reveals the femininity and hotness.

#19. Lady and the Tramp Stamp Tattoo With Sakura Branch

It makes the back looks so stunning! Dark pink flowers of the sakura branch represent the beauty, love, and cycle of the life. The lower back location and its extension along the spine really work well on the girl’s body.

#20. Nice Watercolor Lotus Tramp Stamp Tattoo

If you want to strengthen your attractiveness, the above-pictured inking is an appropriate idea! Soft pink and more vivid watercolors magically render the whole beauty of the lotus flower. Just adorable!

#21. Popular Botanical Tramp Stamp Tattoo

The traditional peony is centered exactly on the tailbone, and the petals are balancing the flower. The interesting areola and sophisticated feel are created due to the shadings in one color. Follow it!

#22. Pretty Lettering Tramp Stamp Tattoo

A pretty font indeed! The tramp stamp lettering shows a great love for the parents. You can opt for any other lettering and take this font as an inspo!

#23. Sexiest Tramp Stamp Tattoos

It doesn’t cover much space but adds an aesthetic feel to your sexy back. Such designs are so extremely popular amongst women.

#24. Sexy Daisies Tramp Stamp Tattoo

The daisies are carved in a simple way, but look so pretty and sexy on the girl’s body. A nice accessory of purity and innocence!

#25. Small Tramp Stamp Tattoo With Spider and the Moon

A small but meaningful tramp stamp tattoo. The spider and the moon phases are colored on blue, and this creates magnetism. The ink marks an intuition and mysticism.

#26. Tramp Stamp Butterfly Tattoo

It seems that pink and blue are blending into each other. The strict lines put an abstract view to this tattoo. A tramp stamp can slip out if the jeans or a skirt slides up a little! That combination looks so capturing!

#27. Tramp Stamp Rose With Wings Tattoo

A floral design is a king among tramp stamp inkings. But here the artist has made a cool thing. The rose plays a role of the body, and the wings are integral parts of it, both they stand for LOVE! When the ink is placed properly, it can really accentuate the feminine features of a beautiful body.

#28. Tramp Stamp Moon and Star Tattoo

The whole tattoo looks like a cloud and depicts a night sky with moon and stars. The meaning of it is the wearer’s one only, I guess. But it is still a variant for both, men and women.

#29. Tramp Stamp Tattoo for Girls

The blackwork looks impressive. All thanks to curly script in Latin. A famous lettering describes the inked girl as the only one of its kind. The size of the tattoo is rather big for lettering kind and cover up the lower back along the full length. Such variant will define who you are!

#30. Triangle Tramp Stamp Tattoo on Men

An intricate concept of the triangle with the heart is cutely etched on the man. This tramp stamp tattoo symbolizes linkages in our life. A cunning option for men!

#31. Tramp Stamp Tribal Tattoo

A tribal design fits well the location. A graciously carved on the lower back, a tramp stamp ink is a nice choice!

#32. Trashy Three Poisons of Ignorance Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Three poisons are usually called Greed, Hatred, and Delusion. Even inked in black, it is still a great idea. If we overcome greed – we cultivate generosity, overcome hatred – we cultivate loving-kindness, and overcome delusion – we cultivate wisdom. If you are looking for an insightful tattoo, this trashy tattoo is the best one.

#33. Unique Bird Tramp Stamp Tattoo Idea

An asymmetry looks as well as the symmetrical tramp stamp inks. The smudgy lines give a sense of a real flight of the birds in the air. The birds are amazing!

#34. Worst Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Do not do it! It is a dirty and ugly idea with no expression, no idea, and no meaning.

#35. Chinese Black Work Tramp Stamp Tattoo Desig

Absolutely gorgeous! The petals of Chinese lotus are made by a cool technique as they are painted in black by the brush. You will be in love with such tramp stamp tattoo if you ink it!

#36. Watercolor Lotus Flower Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Pretty sick! Beautifully colored in red, the lotus means peace and love. The pictured tattoo will dress your body in a more precious way than a beautiful accessory!

#37. Cute Lettering Lower Back Tattoo Design

Oh, it’s cunning and cute! A delicate font of the lettering describes the bearer’s position towards the life. You can pick this dainty and delicate design and show it to your artist.

#38. Super Cute Snoopy Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Cheerful Snoopy carved on the back is a nostalgic way to remember good times of the childhood. The position of the dog describes a philosophic mood of the wearer. Super cute option!

#39. Amazing Lower Back Tattoo Design With Flying Small Bird

The masterly detailed small bird is painted in dynamics. An amazing bird exhibits a generous, romantic and kindhearted person. Get it!

#40. Lined Style Hug Tramp Stamp Tattoo

An interesting idea of the tramp stamp tattoo carved only by lines. The legs hug each other and spell out the connection between two persons, a loving couple, we guess. It should seem simple, but original.

#41. Pretty Flower and Lettering Tramp Stamp Tattoo

A lovable idea with the interlacing of a flower with lettering! The cursive font and waved flower creates a sensitive feeling while looking at this tramp stamp tattoo. Very stylish design!

#42. Ornamental Tramp Stamp Tattoo Idea

An ornamental motif so luxuriously decorates the lower back using the sprawling leaves. The tattoo emphasizes a sensual woman’s shape. It is your option if you are the lover of black and gray.

#43. Big Lotus Tramp Stamp Tattoo

An amazing job for you to try too! It’s a well-done tattoo with beautiful full-color elements with a meaning of enlightenment and rebirth.

#44. Sakura Branch Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Absolutely fantastic! The symphony of Sakura blossom and branch represents a feminine power.

#45. Floral and Butterfly Tramp Stamp Tattoo Idea

As you see, even in black and white floral tattoos still look pretty. A rather big butterfly highlights a garden of flowers. Thus is a popular symbol of feminity as a woman is always surrounded by the beautiful flowers.