New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso has been criticized for a spur-of-the-moment behavior .

Alonso was playing against the St. Louis Cardinals on Sept. 19 at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

The incident in question occurred in the bottom of the fifth inning. St. Louis rookie Maysin Wynn, who was making her debut, hit an infield single to third base.온라인바카라

The St. Louis rookie recorded her first hit in her big league debut. She almost didn’t get the ball. Photo (St. Louis, USA)=ⓒAFPBBNews = News1
It was the first hit of his major league career. Normally, when a rookie gets his first hit, the defending team throws the ball into the opposing dugout.

But for some reason, Alonso threw the ball into the stands on the first base side. Someone’s precious memorabilia was just thrown away.

According to The Athletic and other media outlets on the scene, Alonso was not only booed by the crowd for his actions, but he also had to face the wrath of the St. Louis dugout.

The good news is that Alonso apologized for his actions, and Wynn got the ball back.

Wynn told local media after the game that Alonso apologized to him twice. Once, he apologized right after the incident happened, and the second time, he apologized to Wynn while he was fielding after he got to second base.

He said he heard the crowd chanting “give it back!” when the incident occurred and struggled to contain his laughter. Alonso apologized in exchange for an autographed ball for the spectator who caught it.

For Wynn, it was a debut to remember. He shared some advice from Mets infielder Francisco Lindor, who said, “Look around and enjoy the moment, because it’s not coming back.

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