Major League Baseball’s (MLB) 카지노 leading switch-hitter, Luis Arajuez (Miami Marlins), has seen his batting average plummet. His batting title is in jeopardy.

Arajuez was batting in the mid-teens through mid-June, and after that wall came down, he was batting in the low-to-mid 30s. He was hitting .381 until his last game last month against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Arajuez has the ability to hit the ball to the left side of the plate, even on body pitches (for a lefty). He’s shown that he can generate hits even if he’s only hitting to the infield in a trend that’s become more about increasing launch angles and creating hard contact.

However, Arajuez’s hitting has faltered in August. He was batting .230 for the month until Game 1 of a doubleheader (DH) against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Aug. 20. He had only four games without a hit, but only three multi-hit games, and his batting average dropped to .357 in 2023.

As of April 20, only four other hitters in the National League (NL) had an on-base percentage above .357. The MLB is also following the two-hitter trend. It’s great that you’re hitting in the triple digits.

But a batting title isn’t guaranteed. Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Freddie Freeman is right behind him with a .333 batting average. In particular, Freeman has been on fire in August, when Arajuez’s batting average has dropped, hitting .356 for the month. Unlike Araujo, he’s been hitting better since June.

MLB hasn’t had a 4-for-4 hitter since Ted Williams in 1941. Araújo’s 2023 campaign, which was expected to be the last of the “last four”, has been rerouted to a mission of “winning the batting title”.

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