Jeonbuk head coach Dan Petrescu said he will look to play strong attacking soccer against Paris Saint-Germain.

On the 2nd, Jeonbuk Hyundai held a pre-match press conference ahead of their match against PSG on the 3rd at the Busan Asiad Stadium. Petrescu and Hong Jeong-ho participated in the press conference.

Petrescu took over at Jeonbuk on June 14 and turned the club’s fortunes around after a poor start to the season. Since Petrescu’s arrival, Jeonbuk has recorded four wins, one draw, and two losses in seven official matches and has climbed to fourth place in the league standings.

Jeonbuk will have to work hard to get back into contention for the top two spots in the K League 1 after the international break, and the PSG game will provide a lot of insight into what they need to work on for the upcoming season.바카라사이트

Speaking to the press, Petrescu said, “We won’t have many opportunities to play against a special team, so we need to prepare well,” and expressed his determination to do his best in a friendly match.

Here’s what Hong and Petrescu had to say at the press conference

-For the PSG match.

I think it will be a really good match for our players, the club, and all the fans, and I also told the players that they should prepare well because they don’t have many opportunities to meet such a special team.

(Hong Jeong-ho) I’m grateful to the officials for giving us such a good opportunity. Even though it’s a friendly match, we’re representing the K League, so we’ll do our best to prepare well and have a great game.

-With a K League game on the weekend and another one next week, how will you strategically allocate your players?

We’re going to play two teams, one in the first half and one in the second half. I’ll give each player about 45 minutes.

-You played with Luis Enrique at a similar time in your career, did you get a chance to talk to him this time?

I’ve played against him a lot, and I had a chance to talk to him a little bit on the field before the game. He told me that he was happy to be the coach of PSG and that he was happy with his life. We talked about a few things.

-Which PSG player are you looking forward to facing?

I was interested in Lee Kang-in (Hong Jeong-ho), the new signing, and I’d like to play with him, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to play. I would be very happy to play as a Korean player, and I hope I can play a little bit because I think it will be a good memory. It will be a good memory to see Neymar because he is so famous.

-What has changed since Petrescu took over, and what can we expect to see in this match?

(Hong Jung-ho) The most important thing is that he always values results, so I think the players have changed a little bit, starting with the attitude of trying to win every match. It hasn’t been a long time, but I think it will get better. The players also trust the coach. Hopefully, we will have a good result at the end.

-What do you want to see from the players against PSG?

I want them to play for the fans. In that sense, I want them to be confident in their offensive play. It’s a friendly, but Enrique plays aggressive soccer, so we’re not going to back down. Jeonbuk will do the same, and we want to reward the fans who traveled to Busan with an aggressive game.

-Did the players discuss swapping jerseys?

(Hong Jeong-ho) talked about it for a while, but the players said they would switch with someone after the game. Moon Sun-min wants to swap with Neymar. Baek Seung-ho wants to swap with Kang In, and Song Min-kyu wants to swap with him. Park Jin-seob said he would like to swap with Marquinhos because he loves him so much.

Photo by Kim Han-jun, Busan, Korea Football Association

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