“I don’t have any back problems.”

Pepper Savings Bank, coached by Joe Trindge, has selected Yasmin Bedardt (real name Yasmin) as its foreign player for the upcoming 2023-24 season.

온라인카지노Yasmin has been playing for Hyundai E&C since 2021. In the 2021-22 season, she played 30 matches with 674 points, 42.81% attack success rate, 0442 serves per set, and 0.434 blocks per set. He ranked first in serving, second in attack success rate, and fourth in scoring.

Photo (Gwangju)=Jungwon Lee

Photo courtesy of KOVO
After re-signing with Hyundai E&C, Yasmin continued to play in the V-League in the 2022-23 season. However, her back held her back. In the 2021-22 season, Yasmin also had back problems. After the third-round match against Pepper Savings Bank, Hyundai E&C sent Yasmin home after a long absence. Yasmin’s departure was disappointing as she was performing better than the previous season with 359 points, 42.86% attack percentage, 0.447 serves per set, and 0.681 blocks per set in 13 matches before her injury.

Since leaving Hyundai E&C, Yasmin has been working on her rehabilitation. She submitted her application for the 2023-24 Foreign Player Draft, but the reviews weren’t very favorable. Her back was a ticking time bomb that could go off at any moment.

At the time, however, head coach of Aachen Kim Pepper Savings Bank said, “I thought it would be helpful for a young club like ours going into its third year to have a V-League veteran. No matter who you pick, there are risks. Yasmin is a veteran pro player and knows what she needs to do. I chose her because I know she has a professional mindset,” he said, showing his faith in Yasmin.

“I’m happy to be back in Korea,” Yasmin said when we met at the Gwangju Pepper Stadium on the 4th. “Since I left Hyundai E&C, I’ve been traveling with my family, but I’ve spent most of my time rehabbing. I don’t have any problems with my back. My goal is to stay healthy until the end of the season.”

Photo by Chun Jung-hwan
“I’m very happy with my training pace right now. I think I will be able to show a good performance in October. As the season progresses, I think I will be able to show better and better.” Indeed, Yasmin’s powerful front and back attacks, as well as her physical defense, earned her the applause of coach Joe Trindge.

However, she was still recovering from her back injury, and in practice, she was using a floater serve instead of the spike serve she was used to in the V-League. “It’s not that I’m not doing spike serves because of my injury, I’m just practicing a new serve,” Yasmin assured us.

She has been playing in the V-League since 2021. Although she left midway through last season, she won the title of foreign player in the V-League for the third consecutive year. What is Korea like for Yasmin?

“The people are so welcoming, and I love the volleyball environment, the fan support, and the club support. Overall, it’s a good fit for me. I hope to play in Korea for a long time,” she smiled.

While the past two seasons have been spent working together with Hyundai E&C players to win titles, now they will be competing as enemies between the nets. “I think it’s going to be fun, and we’re going to have a lot of fights and fierce mental games,” Yasmin laughed, “I think it’s going to feel good to meet them as enemies.”

Photo courtesy of KOVO
In conclusion, Yasmin said, “Our goal is to win a lot of matches in the upcoming season. If we do our job well, we will be able to take a step closer to victory.” “I left without saying goodbye to the fans of Hyundai E&C. Thank you for always supporting us and cheering us on. If I could say something to the fans of Pepper Savings Bank, I would like to say that we will do our best and play fun volleyball this season, so please support us.”

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