Head coach Dan Petrescu has vowed to be aggressive and not back down against Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) for the sake of the fans.스포츠토토

Jeonbuk Hyundai will host PSG in a preseason friendly on March 3 at 5 p.m. at the Busan Asiad Stadium.

Jeonbuk will face PSG, a team that is loaded with world-class players. Along with PSG, which has won the French Ligue 1 title, Jeonbuk also holds the record for the most K League titles. It’s a matchup of the most successful teams in each country.

“It will be an important and special match for both the players and the fans,” said Petrescu. I told the players that they don’t have many chances to meet a special team like PSG, so let’s prepare well and go in.”

Hong Jeong-ho also said, “I would like to thank the ‘Coupang Play’ officials for giving us this great opportunity. Although it is a friendly match, we will prepare well to play a good game as we are representing the K League.”

The match was organized on a tight schedule. After facing PSG on the 3rd, Jeonbuk will play Incheon United in the 25th round of the K League 1 on the 6th, followed by the FA Cup semifinal against Incheon in the middle of the week.

Petrescu said: “We have a lot of games coming up, so we’re going to change the first and second lineup. We will prepare the players to play up to 45 minutes each.”

[Coach Petrescu and Hong Jung-ho at the pre-match press conference].

Q How do you feel about the match?

Coach Petrescu: I think it’s an important game for the players, the club, and the fans. It will be a special game. I told the players that they don’t have many chances to face a special team like PSG, so let’s prepare well.

Hong Jeong-ho: I would like to thank the officials of ‘Coupang Play’ for giving us such a great opportunity. Although it is a friendly match, we will prepare well to play well as we are representing the K League.

Q The game is being played on a tight schedule.

Coach Petrescu: We’re going to play with different rosters in the first and second half because we’re still on the road. We will prepare to play a maximum of 45 minutes each.

Q What do you expect from the players against PSG?

Coach Petrescu: I want the players to play for the fans. I want them to play with confidence offensively. We will not back down. We’re not going to back down, we’re going to play attacking football. We want to reward our fans with a good game, a fiery game.

Q Going up against Luis Enrique?

Petrescu: I played against Enrique when I was a player and I know Georges Popescu, who is very close to me, because we played together at Barcelona. I had the opportunity to meet him briefly before the open training and have a small talk. He told me that he was happy to have Enrique at PSG and that he was happy in Paris.

Q Which PSG player are you most excited about?

Hong: I would be happy if Lee Kang-in played tomorrow. It would be a good memory. I hope he plays a little bit, and it will be a good experience to play against Neymar, the most famous player.

Q Which PSG player would you like to swap jerseys with?

Hong Jeong-ho: We talked among the players for a while. (Moon) Seon-min wants to swap with Neymar, (Baek) Seung-ho wants to swap with (Lee) Kang-in, and (Park) Jin-seob wants Marquinhos, who is his role model.

Q You and Coach Petrescu are now working together.

Hong Jung-ho: He is a result-oriented coach. I think the players’ attitude to win every game has changed. It will get better and better. The players also trust the coach. I hope we can smile with a good result at the end.

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