Jürgen Klinsmann (Germany), the national soccer team coach, returned to Korea on the 14th with his players after finishing the two international matches in Europe in September with 1 win and 1 draw. He would have received a warm welcome since he achieved his first win in six games since taking charge of the Korean national team last March, but the atmosphere at his arrival hall was cold. There was no cheering, applause, or flowers. The questions of the reporters who greeted Director Klinsmann were astounding.

I wonder if Director Klinsmann knows why he received a cold reception on his return home. He said, “I wanted to stay in Europe a little longer, but you guys called me and I came here,” adding, “Right now,메이저사이트 I’m in the process of building a team. “Please wait a little longer until next year’s Asian Cup.” It was not much different from what was mentioned in several previous interviews.

The reason soccer fans do not applaud Coach Klinsmann is partly due to his performance of only 1 win (3 draws and 2 losses) in 6 games, but it is fundamentally because he failed to show the responsibility and concentration befitting the title of ‘Korean national soccer team coach’. am. The director says, “I’m doing my best,” but fans don’t really like it.

During this European expedition, Coach Klinsmann was embroiled in several controversies. When controversy arose after he put his name on the list of participants in the charity legend match between Bayern Munich and Chelsea held in London, he withdrew, saying, “I never told the organizers that I would participate.” Immediately after the first warm-up match against Wales (0-0 draw), it was revealed that he had requested a uniform from a player on the opposing team and took it with him, causing a bitter smile.

It is also unreliable to keep wandering abroad. During his six-month term, he stayed in the country for only 67 days. He skipped the press conference announcing the national soccer team roster, but showed his face at UEFA events and ESPN interviews.

Coach Klinsmann must clearly set his own priorities. If outside activities are more important to him than being the head coach of the soccer team, it would be better for him to give up his job as head coach and go there. If he considers the role of director as his number one priority, he must show it through his actions from now on. He must monitor K-League players, communicate with domestic leaders, and meet frequently with soccer officials to draw a big picture for the development of Korean soccer.

Change in the Korea Football Association is also urgently needed. Smooth communication with Director Klinsmann is of the utmost importance. The director must clearly identify a person in charge with whom he can discuss matters openly. Coach Klinsmann said, “After signing his contract, I did not receive any explanation regarding the need for him to reside in the country or the correlation between the Asian Games and military service.” Even if it is true, it is a problem, and even if it is not true, it is a problem.

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