Coach Jose Mourinho (60, Portugal), who has won countless trophies, is once again experiencing difficulties in his third season. AS Roma plans to consider working with coach Mourinho considering his performance over the next three months.

Italian media ‘Lego’ said on the 14th (Korean time), “No matter how the season goes, there is no risk of Coach Mourinho leaving the team before his contract expires. Likewise, next summer’s location is not guaranteed,” he said.

Coach Mourinho, who has been leading AS Roma since 2021, this season is the final year of his contract. He won the UEFA Europa Conference League (UECL) in his first season, giving AS Roma the first European title in the club’s history, and immediately proved his outstanding leadership by reaching the UEFA Europa League (UEL) final the following season.

Unfortunately, they were caught by Sevilla and were unable to win the European competition for two consecutive seasons, but the atmosphere at AS Roma changed after Mourinho took office. However, due to AS Roma’s poor financial condition, coach Mourinho was unable to provide satisfactory reinforcements this summer.

Most of the new recruits, including Romelu Lukaku (30), Evan Ndika (24), and Houssem Aouar (25), were on loan or free agents (FA). Leandro Paredes (29), who paid a transfer fee of only 2.5 million euros (about 3.5 billion won). With ace Paulo Dybala (29) unable to play this season due to injury, AS Roma is winless 먹튀검증(1 draw, 2 losses) in 3 games since the league opened.

It was also said that after losing against AC Milan in the third round of the league, coach Mourinho and the players raised their voices and argued with each other. However, Augusto Ciardi, a reporter for the Italian media ‘La Roma 24’, said, “There were no complaints from the players or requests to change tactics. He dismissed the rumor, saying, “We just had a face-to-face conversation after the loss.”

The atmosphere is similar to when I was in charge of other teams such as Chelsea and Manchester United. ‘Lego’ predicted, “AS Roma’s board of directors will meet with coach Mourinho before the end of the year to discuss the contract renewal and then make a final decision.” There are about 3 months left.

Coach Mourinho is a ‘championship contractor’ who has won numerous championship trophies while maintaining his career as a manager for over 20 years. During his first season at Chelsea, he dominated the Premier League based on shocking counterattacking football, and even achieved a treble with Inter in the 2009/10 season. However, with his fiery personality and harsh words and actions, the number of times he has led the same team for more than three seasons can be counted on one hand.

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