NC Dinos Koo Chang-mo (26) overcame a long-term injury and succeeded in returning to the first team. Now, attention is focused on whether or not he will remain in the Asian Games team.

Koo Chang-mo was called up to the first team ahead of the game against Doosan Bears in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 20th. 

Koo Chang-mo, who recorded 1 win, 3 losses, and an ERA of 3.26 in 9 games (47 innings) 메이저사이트 this season, suffered an injury in the game against LG on June 2 and came off the mound after facing only one batter. Afterwards, he concentrated on rehabilitating his injury, but was unable to pitch in a single game. 

Koo Chang-mo, who was diagnosed with a micro-damage to the flexor flexors of his left arm, did not recover as quickly as expected, and because of this, after a re-examination, he was diagnosed with a stress fracture of the ulna of his left arm. Koo Chang-mo, who also suffered from this injury in 2020, eventually underwent plate fixation for an ulnar stress fracture as his injury did not recover until 2021. Fortunately, this injury is pain in a different area than the area where the surgery was performed at the time. 

The Hangzhou Asian Games team announced the final roster of the national baseball team on June 9. The list includes Koo Chang-mo, who was already injured. As Koo Chang-mo’s return was delayed, concerns grew about whether he would be able to join the national team scheduled to be convened on the 23rd. 

Koo Chang-mo, who entered the bullpen pitching stage on the 5th, quickly progressed to the actual pitching stage. He threw 30 balls in the 5th, 30 in the 7th, and 50 in the 7th. He sped up his recovery by doing bullpen pitching every two days, and performed 30 pitches live pitching at Masan Stadium in Changwon on the 13th. 

Koo Chang-mo, who has completed preparations for his return, took the mound in the Futures League game on the 19th and completed his final inspection against KT by allowing 1 hit, 2 strikeouts, and no runs in 2 innings. The highest speed of his fastball reached 145 km/h. Asian Games national team coach Ryu Joong-il and Power Strengthening Committee Chairman Jo Gye-hyeon also visited Iksan Stadium, where the game was held, to personally check Koo Chang-mo’s conditio

Koo Chang-mo, who returned to the first team after a long time, said, “When we played yesterday, there was no big problem in the sensory aspect because we were definitely in the real game. It was a pitch that I felt was satisfactory. I think the redemption came out better than I thought. My physical condition is no big deal. “My muscles are a little tight, but there are no major problems,” he said, expressing confidence in his physical condition.

NC coach Kang In-kwon said, “I received a report that there is no major problem with Koo Chang-mo’s injury. However, there seems to be some symptoms of muscle tightness,” he said. “For now, Koo Chang-mo will wait in the bullpen. “He will increase the number of pitches, and when the number of pitches goes up to 80, I am thinking of using him as a starting pitcher,” he said of Koo Chang-mo’s plan to hire him. 

Koo Chang-mo, who said, “As my injury prolonged, I felt very sorry for the team,” said about participating in the national team for the Asian Games, “When I was injured, the entry announcement was made, and I am really grateful that they believed in me and selected me. “I felt a sense of responsibility representing my country, and I thought a lot about returning quickly and showing a good performance.” He continued, “I cannot decide on the Asian Games national team. “I feel sorry for the team, and I will try to do my best in the given environment,” he said, declining to say anything about participating in the Asian Games. 

Gu Chang-mo emphasized that there is no problem at all with his current physical condition. “When he had surgery before, he returned after a gap of one year and six months, but he had good memories. Koo Chang-mo, who said, “Even when he was rehabbing this time, he didn’t worry about his pitching sense or balance at all,” said, “There is no problem with his performance. I don’t think the pitching balance or feel is bad. I try to be as prepared as possible for any situation. “I am ready for any position, whether as a starter or in the bullpen,” he said, showing his determination to play.

KBO plans to announce the national team replacement list ahead of the national team convocation. Leading hitter Lee Jeong-hoo (Kiwoom) dropped out due to injury, and Koo Chang-mo and Lee Ui-ri (KIA), whose physical condition is questionable, are also likely to be replaced. Fans are watching with interest to see whether Koo Chang-mo, who showed off his health in the second team, will be able to participate in the Asian Games without any problems.

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