There is a lot of talk about the construction of Jamsil Dome Stadium, or more precisely, the ‘Sports and MICE (International Conference Reward Tourism Convention and Exhibition) Complex’.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government initially considered providing a replacement stadium through partial renewal of Jamsil Main Stadium, but for safety reasons, they are considering a third option. In response to this, the KBO and LG/Doosan, which must vacate Jamsil Stadium immediately, are expressing clear opposition. Accordingly, the Seoul Metropolitan Government also issued explanatory materials and expressed its intention to come up with the optimal alternative in close cooperation with the KBO and its affiliated clubs in various ways.

Jamsil Dome Stadium, which has been mentioned since 2013,
is still in place even after 10 years. Will it fail again this time?

카지노However, in relation to this, MHN Sports discovered an interesting fact. The same discussion took place 10 years ago in 2013. At that time, a plan to build a sports MICE complex was announced, and the original plan was to build Jamsil Stadium into a dome stadium by 2020. As Gocheok Sky Dome began construction in 2009 and was about to be completed in 2015, a consensus was formed that Jamsil should also go in the same direction.

However, in the end, this plan was not realized. Rather, the plan changes, drags on for 10 years, and no conclusion has yet been reached, creating a pattern like the ‘Möbius strip’ in which if A is implemented, B becomes a problem and cannot be done, and if B is resolved, C becomes a problem and is not permitted. It’s repeating itself. If this project had been materialized in 2013 and construction had begun in 2014-2015, Jamsil Dome Stadium might have already been built along with Gocheok Sky Dome. Moreover, at this time, interest rates were not high, so it is possible that the consortium responsible for the construction would have had an easier time raising funds than this year. As Seoul E-Land FC of the professional soccer K2 League also entered the K League in 2015, it would have naturally converted back into a soccer-specific stadium after sharing the main stadium.

This pattern has not changed at all even after 10 years. It is said that E is still not possible because of D, and even if E is solved, a new problem, F, is discovered and it cannot be done again. Moreover, interest rates are higher than 10 years ago. If so, the consortium with the development rights is bound to have concerns. This is because the possibility of withdrawal cannot be completely ruled out by determining the feasibility of the project. Then, only after 10 years have passed in the current situation, the story can be quietly revealed again.

Whether Jamsil Stadium is opened with a dome or a new ball park, it is very right to improve the current aging situation. If that’s not true, the Ttukseom Dome Stadium, which is said to have been promoted solely by LG, should have been implemented earlier. If the project is announced with a firm resolve without providing such preparation period, it will not be possible. If things continue like this, we may have to go back to square one for another 10 years.

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