Korea is ahead 2-0.

The Korean men’s national soccer team, led by coach Hwang Seon-hong, is playing against Kyrgyzstan in the men’s soccer round of 16 of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games at Jinhua Sports Center Stadium in Jinhua, China, at 7:30 p.m. (local time) on the 27th.

Following consecutive wins in the 2014 Incheon and 2018 Jakarta-Palembang competitions, Hwang Seon-hong, who is aiming for his first three consecutive wins in Asian Games history, will enter the full-scale tournament stage. Hwang Seon-hong sailed through the group stage. They won 9-0 against Kuwait in the first game, 4-0 against Thailand in the second game, and 3-0 against Bahrain in the third game. They made a quick run with 16 points and no goals in all 3 games.

Now the tournament ends if you lose.

For Korea, Lee Gwang-yeon, who had taken a break in the third game,메이저사이트 again guarded the goal. Hwang Jae-won, Park Jin-seop, Jeong Woo-young, Baek Seung-ho, Park Jae-yong, Eom Won-sang, Jeong Ho-yeon, Kim Tae-hyun, Lee Kang-in and Seol Young-woo came out first.

Korea, which had been pushing Kyrgyzstan from the start of the game, was awarded a penalty kick in the 9th minute of the first half. Seol Young-woo was fouled in the opponent’s penalty box. Baek Seung-ho, who played as a kicker, calmly scored and gave the team the first goal.

It didn’t end here. Immediately after, Eom Won-sang’s cross was easily headed by Jung Woo-young. An additional goal led to a 2-0 lead.

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