The Korean women’s basketball team is playing against North Korea in the second round of Group C of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games women’s basketball group stage held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center gymnasium in Zhejiang, China, on the 29th. The Korean basketball team finished the second quarter with an 8-point lead, 33-25.

The match on this day attracted attention as a match between centers from South Korea and North Korea. In Korea, Park Ji-soo (KB, height 195cm), the best center in the Korean Women’s Professional Basketball (WKBL), will play, and in North Korea, Jin-ah Park (2m 5cm) will play, and it is expected that there will be a fierce battle under the goal.

South Korea played a tense game with North Korea in the early first quarter. South Korea and North Korea fought a war of nerves until about 5 minutes in the first quarter. Korea’s Park Ji-su led the Korean team’s scoring with a series of confident middle shots and under-the-goal layups with Park Jin-ah in front. Korea scored with Park Ji-soo’s shot, taking advantage of the active passes of Kim Dan-bi (Shinhan Bank) and Ahn Hye-ji (BNK). South Korea finished the first quarter at 11-13, two points behind North Korea.

Korea did not score easily in the early second quarter. As the Korean guards’ 3-point shots and middle shots did not enter the net, they were unable to add a point until 3 minutes and 30 seconds into the second quarter. On the other hand, North Korea succeeded in scoring one after another, widening the score gap between South Korea and North Korea to 11-21,카지노 or 10 points.

However, Korea chased after Lee Hwa-ran’s goal. Lee Hwa-ran scored 3 points by inducing a foul following a 2-point shot. Korea trailed 14-21. Park Ji-su began scoring in earnest in the second quarter. Park Ji-su overcame the tough checks from North Korean defenders under the goal and scored an offensive opportunity, earning one free throw. South Korea quickly scored consecutive goals into North Korea’s net, trailing by 3 points, 18-21. Korea trailed by 20-21, 1 point, thanks to quick attacks by Kim Dan-bi and Lee Hwaran. The Korean players played coordinated defense to prevent North Korean center Park Jin-ah from having a chance to score, resulting in a turnover.

Korea achieved its first comeback, 22-21, with 3 minutes remaining in the second quarter thanks to Kim Ji-su’s undershot shot. Afterwards, South Korea and North Korea engaged in a close battle with repeated reversals and reversals. Danbi Kim, MVP of the WKBL last 2022-2023 season, added points with a calm middle shot. Danbi Kim led the Korean game by coordinating the team’s attack and defense.

Sohee Lee hit a thrilling 3-point shot with about 1 minute and 30 seconds left in the second quarter. Lee So-hee scored a 3-point shot from the right outside of the Chinese half, and then did not miss the offensive opportunity created by a fast break and hit a middle shot, adding 5 points in an instant. Kim Dan-bi also widened the score gap by scoring a shot under the goal with a fast break won by defense.

Korea finished the first half with an 8-point lead, 33-25.

Meanwhile, the North and South Korean women’s basketball match held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center gymnasium where the game was held on this day also featured a heated cheering match between the North and South Korean cheering squads.

The Korean cheering squad was located on the first floor of the stadium. The Korean cheering squad cheered on the Korean athletes while holding Taegeukgi and fans. The North Korean athletes were divided into the second and third floors and cheered while holding the North Korean flag.

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