This is a drunk driving issue that pops up as soon as we forget about it.

Regardless of occupation or person, it is basic common sense not to drink and drive. However, another case of drunk driving occurred in the soccer world. This is already the third time this year alone. This time, it was revealed that Gangwon FC’s goalkeeper Kim Jeong-ho (25) had been driving under the influence, shocking fans. On the 13th, the Gangwon club announced Kim Jeong-ho’s drunk driving fact through the club’s SNS and said, “The club plans to process the case as soon as possible in accordance with regulations as soon as the investigation by the relevant agencies is completed.” The Korea Professional Football League also suspended Kim Jeong-ho, banning him from participating in official K-League games for 60 days.

Kim Jeong-ho is a young player born in 1998 and wore the Gangwon uniform in 2021. At the time, Gangwon had high expectations, saying, “He is calm and bold for his young age. The addition of Kim Jeong-ho is expected to bring about positive competition in the goalkeeper position.” However, the competition for the starting position was not easy. Kim Jeong-ho has appeared in 15 matches in his professional career so far this year. He played in 6 games in the first year of his transfer, but only appeared in 3 games last year. He did not play a game this season.

This year, Gangwon fell to 11th place. Even though all the players worked together and fought hard to remain in the first division, Kim Jeong-ho was caught drunk driving, which had a negative impact on the team. His performance is disappointing, but since Gangwon prides itself on having “the best team atmosphere at all times,” the blow from this incident is bound to be even greater. The reality is that it is not easy to compete for the starting position, and you can get drunk on the team’s poor performance. But no matter the reason, drinking and driving is wrong.

메이저사이트In fact, this is not the first drunk driving incident in the soccer world. This is the third drunk driving incident in professional soccer this year. Last April, foreign striker Jonatan, who was the top scorer in K League 2, was caught drunk driving. At that time, Jonatan’s blood alcohol level reached the level that would result in his license being revoked. Jonatan’s team, FC Anyang, decided to expel him. Last August, K League 1 Suwon FC striker Ras was caught up in a drunk driving incident. As a result of the investigation, Lars’ blood alcohol level was at a level that would have resulted in his license being revoked. Eventually, Lars also left Korea.

Anyang and Suwon FC suffered great damage due to the drunk driving incident of the two players. This year, Anyang remains in 8th place in the league. Anyang ranked 3rd in K League 2 last season and was aiming for promotion, but it doesn’t seem easy to even reach the semi-playoffs this season. From the beginning of the season, the team was reeling from the Jonathan drunk driving incident. Suwon FC is also in a similar situation to Gangwon. They remain in the relegation zone, 10th place in K League 1.

The absurd mistake of drunk driving is an act that causes great damage not only to the club, but to the entire league and to the fans. This year’s K-League is enjoying record-breaking popularity. For the first time in a single season, paid spectators exceeded 2 million. However, if we forget, drunk driving incidents occur. This is nothing but a disgrace to the entire soccer world. It is also disappointing to the fans who gave them great support and love.

Athletes themselves must be aware that they can also suffer great damage. Even if you get through it quietly this time, it could turn into a boomerang and come back at any time in the future. Just before the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, the selection of Lee Sang-min (Seongnam FC) to the national team was a big issue. Lee Sang-min was caught for drunk driving in May 2020. In August of that year, he was fined 5 million won for violating the Road Traffic Act, so he could not wear the Taegeuk mark at the time due to regulations. However, he was called by coach Hwang Seon-hong and made the national team roster.

Afterwards, there was great criticism. Of course, the Korea Football Association’s absurd administration, which failed to properly understand the regulations and player situations, was a bigger problem at the time. The Korea Football Association made a lame excuse that it failed to properly review the regulations because he was a second division player whose league news and player-related information were relatively unknown to the outside world compared to players of the K League 1 or national team A. The Korea Football Association apologized, and Lee Sang-min was ultimately excluded from Hwang Seong-hong. In the end, Lee Sang-min did not share the honor of winning the Asian Games gold medal.

Earlier, Jonatan and Ras were released. It is known that the contract period of Kim Jeong-ho, who caused the drunk driving incident this time, is until this season. There is also the possibility that his career will suffer a major blow, including his failure to renew his contract.

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