Shinheung Elementary School, Oesan Middle School, and Sega High School wins메이저사이트… .A total of 30 million won worth of baseball supplies provided.The 35th Hanwha Train Charge Elementary, Middle, and High School Baseball Tournament organized by the Hanwha Eagles of professional baseball has concluded its schedule. The five-day schedule ended with the finals for each division on the 26th.

This tournament was hosted by the Daejeon Metropolitan Baseball Softball Association and sponsored by the Hanwha Club. Eight elementary school teams, nine middle school teams, and seven high school teams in the Chungcheong region participated.

In the elementary school division where Shinheung Elementary and Yucheon Elementary faced each other in the finals, Shinheung Elementary won the championship. In the middle school finals, Oesan Middle School defeated Sekwang Middle School 4-3.

Se-Gwang High School defeated Daejeon Jeil High School 5-4 in the high school finals. The Hanwha team provided baseball supplies worth a total of 30 million won to all participating schools as well as to the winning and runner-up teams in the competition.

The club said, “We have been working to expand student baseball infrastructure, including this year’s high school and college all-star games, as well as the Hanwha Elementary, Middle, and High School Baseball Tournament,” and added, “We plan to continue to support the development of amateur baseball in various ways in the future.”

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