The conflict is escalating.

카지노Kylian Mbappe, 24, will be excluded from Paris Saint-Germain’s (PSG) first-team training,” French outlet RMC Sport reported on July 7.

The world’s best striker is not even on the first team training roster. The conflict with the club shows no signs of ending. PSG is trying to get rid of Mbappe, who has declared his intention to stay. PSG is trying to get rid of Mbappe, who has declared his intention to stay.

The conflict began with a refusal to renew his contract. Mbappe’s current contract expires next summer. PSG is not willing to let go of their undisputed ace. They offered him a new contract after the season.

However, Mbappe rejected the offer. PSG immediately prepared to sell. If they wanted to keep Mbappe for another season, they would have to let him leave as a free agent. PSG bought Mbappe outright in 2017 for €145 million after a one-year loan from AS Monaco. At the time, it was the second most expensive transfer fee in soccer history. The first was the €222 million that PSG spent on Neymar in 2017.

With such a high price tag, PSG is hoping to recoup the transfer fee by selling Mbappe. It would also be a huge loss to let a player of Mbappe’s caliber go for free. Mbappe is a PSG ace who has scored 212 goals in 260 appearances for the club. He also starred for the French national team, winning the FIFA World Cup in Russia 2018. He followed that up with a runner-up finish at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar four years later.

Mbappe uses his blistering speed to outrun opposing defenders, and his incredible and powerful shooting skills to find the back of the net. One of the best strikers in the world right now, without a doubt. He’s a player who could bring PSG a lot of money.

However, Mbappe chose to stay at the club this summer instead of moving on. The reason for this was the ‘loyalty bonus’ clause in his contract. Mbappe will receive a bonus worth 120 million won if he is still wearing a PSG jersey in September. If Mbappe stays this season, PSG will not only lose out on the transfer fee, but also on the huge bonus.

Somehow, they will have to sell him this summer. There are quite a few suitors. First up is Real Madrid, the most likely destination for Mbappe. But Real Madrid are having second thoughts. PSG have set a whopping €250 million price tag for Mbappe. That’s a lot of money. Real Madrid are considering making Mbappe a free agent next year. Although they are in need of a solid striker this summer. Aside from Joselu, who they brought in on loan from Espanyol, they don’t have a proper frontline striker. Even so, Mbappe’s price tag is certainly high.

Al-Hilal (Saudi Arabia) then made an offer. Al-Hilal offered Mbappe a whopping 700 million euros (about 1 trillion won) per year. It’s an astronomical sum, and the contract is for one year. Mbappe could return to Europe at any time. PSG also offered a transfer fee of 300 million euros (about 4,305 million won). PSG had no reason to refuse. But Mbappe rejected the offer. His desire to play in Europe was strong. The situation was back to square one.

According to the British publication The Mirror, Mbappe could join Real Madrid after one season in the Premier League. Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal are the most likely destinations. PSG are also considering the option.

If Mbappe doesn’t leave, PSG will use a last resort. They will use a last resort if Mbappe doesn’t leave. It’s a form of blackmail to get him to play less.

For now, PSG has left Mbappe off the Asian tour roster. This is a clear indication that they want to keep him on the sidelines. Then, when no progress was made in negotiations, they removed him from the first team training roster. According to RMC Sport, Mbappe will train with Loft. A “loft” is a term used in French sports to refer to players who are up for release. As a result, it is unclear whether we will see Mbappe at PSG this season.

Meanwhile, PSG have made a number of reinforcements ahead of the new season. One of the most notable additions is Lee Kang-in, who was an ace for Mallorca last season. Lee made 39 appearances for Mallorca last season, scoring six goals and providing six assists. He was responsible for the team’s overall offense with his flashy dribbling and crisp passing. Mallorca finished ninth in the Spanish La Liga thanks to Lee’s performance.

After the season, Lee was linked with a move to Atletico Madrid, but negotiations stalled. In the meantime, PSG became active, and his final destination was the French league. PSG is already enjoying the “Lee Kang-In effect”. All of the jerseys that went on sale in the official store have been sold. Before the season starts, the marketing effect is huge.

PSG then added Manuel Ugarte, Luca Hernandez, and Milan Skriniar to bolster their midfield and defense. They were also close to signing Benfica ace Gonzalo Hamus. “PSG have signed Gonzalo Higuain,” Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano reported on Sunday. The €80 million ($117.7 billion) transfer fee was preceded by a one-year loan due to Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules.

The signing of Hamus was also made in anticipation of Mbappe’s departure. If PSG were to release Mbappe, they would be without a frontline striker who could be utilized immediately this season. Naturally, PSG would look for a new striker. They considered the likes of Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur) and Victor Osimhen (Napoli), but ultimately settled on Hammus.

Hamus is the type of player who creates a lot of goals with his precise off-the-ball movement, and he’s also a good shooter. He made a splash for Portugal at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. He scored a hat-trick against Switzerland in the round of 16, pushing a slumping Cristiano Ronaldo out of the starting lineup. Now that he has joined PSG, we can look forward to seeing how he will work with Lee Kang-in.

Hammers, who had a stellar performance in Qatar


What the future holds for Mbappe.

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