Ras (32, Suwon FC) has been severely punished for drunk driving.

토토사이트 The Korean Professional Football Association (KPFA) announced on Tuesday that it held its 10th punishment committee meeting and voted to suspend Suwon FC’s Ras for 15 games and fine him 4 million won.

As a result, the club is effectively banned from the K League 1 for the rest of the season.

After 25 rounds, the K League 1 has eight regular season matches and five final round matches remaining. Suwon FC will have to play two more games if they qualify for the relegation playoffs. However, Rath will be unavailable due to a 15-match suspension.

Rath was arrested for drink-driving on the 7th. According to the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul, he was pulled over in the early hours of the morning near Sinsa Station by police responding to a report of a drunk driver. Rath, who was driving alone without a passenger, did not cause an accident, but was reportedly intoxicated at the time of his arrest.

Suwon FC held an emergency squad management meeting the following day on the 8th and immediately suspended Lars from team training and matches. However, unlike previous cases such as Jonatan Moya (formerly of Anyang), the club will not unconditionally terminate his contract.

[OSEN=Suwon, Kim Sung-rak Reporters]

[Photo: Courtesy of the Korea Football Association

Suwon FC explained, “In accordance with the opinion that unconditional termination of contracts, such as the recent cases of other clubs, is not helpful in preventing future recurrences, the club will once again hold a meeting of the club’s player management committee to make a final decision after the outcome of the federation’s penalty committee on 10 August.”

Suwon FC is preparing other measures such as conditional contract termination. This is because there are opinions that unconditional contract cancellation may not be a big loss for the player.

[OSEN=Daejeon, Reporter Cho Eun-jung].

In reality, if a foreign player leaves a team due to contract termination after a DUI, he can simply find a new team overseas and transfer. They can also avoid sanctions imposed by the Korean Football Association. This is why some people are concerned that foreign players who want to leave the team may take advantage of the contract cancellation after a DUI.

Ras has scored nine goals this season, making him the fourth highest scorer in the league behind In Ji-kyu, Bacco, and Na Sang-ho (11). After being linked with a move, Ras returned to action in the derby against Suwon Samseong on the 5th, scoring the winning goal.

After meeting with coach Kim Do-gyun, he had finally made up his mind. However, upon his return, he suffered a major setback and threw cold water on a team that had just ended an eight-match winless streak.

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