Anchor Tattoos Designs with Deep Meanings

As you might guess, the anchor is usually a symbol of the sea. But many young men and women choose it as a first tattoo due to the variety of interesting meanings and designs.

Generally, it means success, stability, hope, and safety not only for those who are connected with the sea, such as sailors, travelers. It`s ideal for people who are devoted to family, home, and a loved person. In this case, the anchor will directly mean that you are anchored to them. It’s also risen in popularity among the Christians as a sign of strength, loyalty, and stability.

Anchor tattoo designs are so varied that you can add any additional pattern to bring a new meaning. Look at some popular designs with the messages and feel which might be the best fit for you:

Anchor tattoo with roses – means love, sacrifice, and honor.

Anchor and rope tattoo – stands for masculinity, confidence, protection, and power.

Anchor tattoo with heart – is a symbol of passion, dedication, and devotion to

a loved person.

Anchor tattoo with cross – is used to render faith and spirituality.

Anchor with the ship – refers loyalty, motherland, and home.

Anchor with the birds – signs freedom, fidelity, security, and guidance.

You may combine the anchor with other objects such as feathers, skulls, rings, names, quotes, etc. to add your own view of life. The U.S. Navy has a long tradition related to the anchor tattoos as they serve as the guarding totems.

The truth is that the anchor tattoo allows for a lot of creativity since there are wide options in color, style, and location. The monochrome tattoos in black and white are mostly preferred by men, the colorful ones look amazingly on the female sides, thighs, and sleeves. Actually, the placement depends on the size as well as the style, so you can put it almost anywhere on the body including chest, foot, neck, face, forearms, and even fingers. The last said location is a great choice for couples to show their endless and anchored love to each other. However, there is a deeper meaning hidden in the anchor tattoo. “A refuse to Sink” is what an anchor means for the deep souls.

As you see, one can add his personal touch to the idea that will be not like another one in the world. Are you inspired by the meanings? It is a high time to look at the stunning anchor tattoo designs below!

A vintage marine tattoo with the scroll looks just perfect! It also includes the motivational quote, able to courage you every moment you look at it. A great design for a real bro!

A black and white design looks highly sophisticated and attractive due to the different details. The combination of the anchor and compass is a great masculine symbol to guide one`s path. The deep quote really inspires!

A hand location is the best choice to present your position openly. Such outlook can sign the connection to the US Navy. The geometrical shapes add more masculinity to this tattoo.

The unity of the anchor and the red roses stand for love, passion, and honor. The colors just impact the meaning of such tattoo. You can hardly stop imaging this tattoo idea on your hand!

So delicate and sexy! The idea represents hope, calm, peace, and love. These things are so important for females. This accurate, but pretty design will look stunning on your back.

That is exactly what you want! Simple, yet stunning! The anchor can represent a tribute to someone who keeps you grounded, i.e. mother, husband, boyfriend. The back of the neck is very personal area to keep the important things close.

WOW! This job shows that anchor can be a key piece of the complicated and impressive tattoo design. The picture presented above can symbolize hope, strength, protection, and fidelity.

The shadings and the 3D effect make this anchor look more metallic and real. This male idea is a nice option for sailors!

The tattoo is beautiful due to the perfectly matching elements and colors. This symbol will keep you steady in the rough waters of life. Cool design!

Just take a look at this tattoo! It`s impressive! The contrast of red and black colors is astonishing! The rose stands for femininity and refinement; the anchor means power and masculinity.

Here is a great concept to show your devotion to the children and family. The direct meaning of the anchor tattoo is stability and we get it from home. The cursive font of the names gives an additional charm to the work.

Emotional tattoo! Isaiah 41:10 says: ‘So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my’ It is a strong combination to exhibit one`s faith!

If you are looking for a creative tattoo covering a lot of symbolic space, then the idea above is right up for you. Just as an octopus may adapt to the different situations, we must also learn to respond intelligently. The aquatic coloring of octopus grabs the attention.

That’s really beautiful work. I love the additional patterns and the colors of it; they bring a lot of life to a classic piece. If you are a captain of your life, ink this tattoo without any doubt!

The BBFs are the best riches. Show your friendship to the public by wearing anchors on the wrists. The anchor plays a role of the bone that unites friends and holds us close to the people we appreciate.

A matching tattoo concept is a cool option for the best friends. A mix of anchor and infinity symbol strengthens a deep connection between the soulmates. This is a small tattoo you can put on your wrist or your chest.

Super nice! Express your love and passion towards the most special person in your life! The lines are clean and clear, and look so tiny!

The two of the couple are anchored to each other forever! An old-school design works well on the pale skin. Take into your consideration!

A watercolor splash is mind-blowing! The colors are exciting and bold! If you have a real love in your life path, take this idea as an inspiration!

An ideal option for feminine! An anchor is a reminder of hope even in a stormy weather!

A floral anchor design would be a great tattoo for girls! That is all about the symbolism of hope, love, and passion. The flowers sweeten up this art piece.

There is a unique design that has the anchor as well as the helm in the background. If you have a love for sea and freedom, this ink is a right choice.

The anchor and the cross are dangling off the shape of the heart. The pattern means that hope and faith are in our hearts. Simple, yet deep in a sense!

The anchors have a rope looped around them for effect. They are shaded a little darker than most. The persons of the couple are complete while together. Ink it for love!

A cool design that has a wheel and anchor blended into the heart. It`s beautiful and original to represent so much love.

Another great example of a simple anchor! The work looks solid and a little bit rustic that makes it an absolute winner for the men. I feel power and freedom while looking at it!

The sea theme is so magic! I love this design because of its details and thin lines. There is also a lighthouse as well as a wheel to show a destination and passion. A cool concept for sailors!

A geometric design with the anchor can be used to remind you about the need to have courage and confidence. The outlined design always takes an advantage by its smart outlook.

The outline of the piece is blurred and undefined. An attached rope creates a shaky line. Visit only an experienced tattoo artist to get such sample on your skin!

A real masterpiece! The lighthouse framed by the anchor symbolizes safety, loyalty, and hope. The sleeve is enough well for inking of a rather big tattoo.

A beautiful style! Outlined tattoos always look great, and this pattern is not an exception! The strokes and twirls highlight the individuality and creativity of the bearer.

Tired of simple ideas? Want something realistic? Take a look at the picture above one more time. The tattoo describes a floor of the ocean and the anchor in a very realistic style to grab the attention of the observers.

The tattoo shows an anchor being dropping into the water. The sunbeams bring out a feeling of faith and hope. The overall idea looks very realistic that you can stare at it for hours!

This is sick! The anchor tattoo on the finger has a personal connection with you and can be seen throughout the day.

The image of the anchored ship is a direct symbol of stability and strength. So rad for real men!

So exciting! Are you anchored to your soulmate? It is a cool idea to have matching anchors on the ring fingers to express your feelings and love.

The anchor on the finger is rendered in the style of minimalism. But it is cute due to the accompanied other navy symbols. A sick style for sailors!

The presented ink is inside the top ten! The sketchy anchor looks prominent in the background of watercolor splashes. The size is a little bit oblong, and it is better to locate it on the sleeve or thigh.

The first image that usually comes to mind is a wonderful sea! The watercolor style resembles the waves and sea atmosphere so well. A captivating symbol of security, firmness, and storm protection!

Super cool! The image is intended to describe a slat, and he, in its turn, renders a character of the bearer.

The idea means motherhood, protection, and guidance, and understanding! The black and white job is done perfectly, and the whale seems to be really swimming in the water.

The maritime tattoo is so gorgeous! The added sun brings energy and spirituality! This can be a good tattoo design for guys!

This stylish idea breaks the standards and allows women to express their unique personalities. Choose this inspirational sign of love, honor, and sacrifice!

The tattoo is relatively minimalistic, but the meaning and the outlook are far from that. This color variation almost looks invisible, but it adds some charm.

It actually looks cool because of well-done shadings. The symbol of faith, hope, and love fits so much to the women`s nature. The wrist location will allow people to see who you are and what you look after.

A perfect line job! Even though the design is black and white, the shape of the tattoo is ideal! Ink it to show the force and the beauty of your soul!

A combination of all-seeing eye and the marine theme creates a powerful symbol of safety. The traditional style is immediately recognizable but is still popular and trendy.

A sailor gets a swallow tattoo if he crossed the equator. Generally, the swallow combined with an anchor marks safety and security.

It is so symbolic to carve the anchor on the foot as if it keeps the bearer steady. Sure, the anchor looks just as good in black and white as it does in color. Stand firm in the face of any problem by wearing such totem!

A classic combination of an anchor with the bird creates a feeling of harmony. The anchor stands for firmness from the one side, and the bird for speed and quickness form the other one.

The lines are super sharp and clean! Respect to the tattoo master! The geometrical figures build the outlook of a real metal anchor. An awesome choice for strong guys!

An incredible art piece! No doubt, such tattoo will represent your emotions and position brightly!

The dot work on the wings is badass! The back placement of such powerful mix looks sexy and handsome! It may represent your freedom, but at the same time, a devotion to home.

Totally male variant! A hardcore anchor with the strokes represents the inner strength.

A real masterpiece! The sea theme consists of different symbols, such as a lighthouse, mermaid, ship, and the anchor. It is supposed to reflect a love for the sea.

The best anchor sleeve pattern! The sketchy strokes are drawn with the help of the rather wide lines, but they make the expression of the storm at sea more real. A striking choice for males!

A realistic style of the anchor and compass keeps us imagining the adventures. The idea mentioned above determines the wearer`s religious guidance because the anchor signs the Christian faith, but the compass determines a direction.

The bright red roses bring vibrancy to this tattoo and stand for loyalty, ultimate sacrifice, and love. Sometimes people choose this design to sign the loss of the loved person, but sometimes to show the endless love to someone.

Dope! The colorful wheel with the anchor represents the wearer`s wish to find his way in the rough sea that is called «Life». The blue coloring makes us perceive sea water.

A neo-traditional style of the maritime tattoo blows my mind! The skull of the captain means one`s destiny or life journey. The astonishing details, such as mustaches and the life-saver, allow us to fall into the sea life.

The matching design on the forearms symbolizes a seeking of the right place where the wearer can drop the anchor and settle down forever.

This tattoo design is made more beautiful with the flowers and birds attached to it. But the location on the rib gives a personal peculiarity and a shade of secret. It is beautiful, isn`t it?

So sexy and attractive! The dandelion helps the anchor to fly, and this image means letting the past go, freedom, and starting something new. The body side is quite enough to carve this combined idea.

The abstract design of the anchor totally kicks butt. If you are in tune with the creativity, that picture on your body will absolutely satisfy you!

The unique collaboration of the anchor and the triangle refers a strong faith. The tree corners of triangle stand for mother, father, and child. An original tattoo to exhibit your devotion to the family!

A delicate twist of the moon and the anchor on the wrist represents a female nature, attainment, and ascension. A blue color gives magic to the image.

A mega detailed art piece! The sea stars mark the babies, and they are combined with the heart and anchor, i.e. love and home. A nice option for mums!

It’s a good idea to work with ornamental design without adding colors. This design that you will be proud of for as long as it’s on your thighs!

Lovely linear anchor tattoo with the birds is a typical motif of the seafarers standing for success and good luck.