60 Brilliant Tiger Tattoos You Have to See

Tigers are splendid mammals which fascinate humans with their grace, ferocity and might. For centuries, people worshiped tigers and even accepted them as the gods. Many folks applied their images on the skin because of the rich symbolism they convey. Let’s take a closer look at these symbolical meanings.

Symbolical Meanings of the Tiger Tattoo

Protection: In China existed the goddess Li Shou which was illustrated in the image of the tiger and accepted as a protector of the families and babies.
Pride, nobility, power: The royal posture, firm treads and lofty appearance- all these features make this animal one of the most respected and admired in the animal world and among humanity.
Wealth and authority: The Asian emperors wore the tiger image on their clothes as a symbol of richness, leadership and authority.
Victory, heroism, valor, bravery: The Japanese soldiers, carved the tiger’s profile on the shield, while they believed that this animal could help them to win in the field and return home safe and sound.
Tranquility and energy: In Feng Shui philosophy, the tiger is associated with the balance, equilibrium and reckoned to be a source of the energy because of its vivid coloration.
Cruelty, ferocity and boldness. In prison, the owner of the tiger tattoo can be characterized as fearless, rude, impulsive personality who can stick up for oneself.
Besides the above-mentioned denotations, the tiger tattoo may disclose the following meanings:

  • independence;
  • dominance;
  • determination;
  • cunning;
  • courage;
  • boldness;
  • strong will;
  • good luck.

The elements which go well with the tiger tattoo design and their meanings:

  • Butterfly- free spirit, independence and fearlessness;
  • Lion- masculinity, aggression, supremacy;
  • Dagger- betrayal, resurrection, beginning of new life;
  • Warrior-warlike spirit, bravery and boldness;
  • Dragon- good luck, confrontation between the evil and the good;
  • Skull- honoring the dead, protection, fearlessness;
  • Koi Fish- overcoming difficulties and obstacles;
  • Wave- strength, cleansing and healing;
  • Joker- risk and propensity for gambling.

Tiger Tattoo Features

Tattoo-enthusiasts tend to ink the tiger image in the striking colors to convey the might and power of this marvelous predator, however, the well-executed monochrome designs don’t yield in beauty to the colorful analogs. In terms of placement, the males prefer to inscribe the tiger’s portrait with lots of detailing on the chest, leg, half sleeve and back, while the girls choose thigh, forearm and shoulder blades for this pattern.
The most popular styles for the tiger tattoo

  • 3-D;
  • Traditional;
  • Illustrative Realism;
  • Black and Gray;
  • Japanese;
  • Tribal;
  • Linework;
  • Dotwork;
  • Photorealism;
  • Neo-Traditional;
  • Old School.

Tiger Tattoos Designs

The impeccably-detailed 3-D tiger face tattoo done in black and gray shades runs down the sleeve. The seriously-gazing critter may symbolize dignity, ambition and determination.

This guy has got a yowling traditional tiger tattoo head on the knee to highlight his explosive and peppery character.

The wicked Japanese tiger tattoo on the thigh depicted in the attacking mode is a pronounced sign of ferocity and brutality.

The cute innocently-looking tiger cub tattoo portrayed in illustrative realism on the leg is a fave design of the tiger-protectors.

Inked on the chest, this black-and-white Bengal tiger profile with the baby-blue eyes and open mouth provides protection and good luck to the bearer.

The hyper-realistic monochrome feline is watching over the prey on the wearer’s forearm. The image characterizes the bearer as a pushy, persistent and cool-headed persona.

A pair of dynamic graceful tigers in black and gray on the guy’s half sleeve is an embodiment of friendship, unity and loyalty.

This double exposure tattoo design encompassing tiger face with the grin and butterfly silhouette lies on the shoulder blade and conveys independence, fearlessness and masculinity.

The vicious gray-shaded Chinese tiger tattoo is pictured on the male’s back. The Chinese associate this beast with the male’s energy, strength, courage and supremacy.

The sky-blue tiger’s eyes staring at the onlookers from the beefy biceps speak of the wearer’s confidence, boldness and leadership.

The linear fragment of the tiger’s profile tattoo is flaunted on the feminine chest and exposes the lady’s passionate and hot nature.

The brightly-colored tiger in flames chest piece is engraved in trendy Irezumi style. Tattoos of this style are thought to have special spiritual protection.

This exclusive tiger forearm ink is a balanced mix of the linework with the negative space technique. The graceful feline fascinates with its mystery and aesthetics.

This gorgeous realistic lion and tiger quarter tattoo reflects two beasts living in every human: one is peaceful and warm-hearted and the other one is aggressive and ferocious.

The Old School black-and-gray tiger head tattoo penetrated with the dagger extends over the forearm. The motif can signify sacrifice, renewal and betrayal.

For the ardent tiger-lovers is invented this great sepia-toned leg tattoo consisting of the tiger’s close-up and the small-sized tiger perching atop the cliff.

The slightly-hatched linework skull of the saber-toothed tiger tattoo is imprinted on the thigh as a reminder of this vanished species and as a prominent style statement.

Artistic geometry-inspired Siberian tiger portrait is performed in the blue-purple gamut on the forearm. The critter’s calm face expression stands for harmony, stability and contentment.

This miniature blackwork tattoo on ribs composition displays the tiger smoking the pipe in company with two hares and signals of the owner’s perfect sense of humor.

Despite being small, this tiger visage tattoo done in black and white technique on the finger is considered to be an undeniably powerful guardian.

Two Traditional fearsome beasts- tiger and dragon- adorns the lad’s half sleeve. In the oriental culture, these animals represent the opposition of the dark and good forces.

This scenic smoky back-piece showing the warrior trying to kill the tiger will leave everyone speechless. The pattern renders valor, triumph, strength and warlike spirit.

The monochromatic tiger’s half face tattoo with the sketch lines layered atop looks very impressive on the forearm.

The next tiger pattern features the roaring beast in realistic style on the foot. It’s a highly desirable tattoo design among bossy, domineering and emotional individuals.

Here the black and gray tiger portrait tattoo on the hand is complemented with the jungle imitation for a lifelike look.

The lightly-stippled tiger tattoo with the composed face expression is spotted on the leg. In Indian mythology, the tranquil hunter epitomizes wisdom and common sense.

The mesmerizing bold black tiger tattoo gracefully walking along the lady’s side stands for defense of the hearth and home.

The unbelievably realistic black-and-gray tiger’s close-up tattoo embellishes the half sleeve. In the antiquity, the tiger’s picture on the body meant boy’s transformation into a man.

The unique tiger’s stripes pattern extending over the leg sleeve is a cool way to accentuate your effervescent personality and stand out in the pack.

A beautiful Neo-trad Bengal tigers couple tattoo is sitting on the female’s thigh. These picture-perfect big cats epitomize faithfulness and devotion in the partnership.

The emblem-like Dotwork tiger tattoo with the third eye in the forehead beautifies the arm. In Buddhism, such ink represents wisdom, enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

This spectacular gray-shaded back-piece illustrates the tiger on the foreground accompanied by the monster and flourishing tree on the sides.

This vicious New-School tiger tattoo jazzed up with the floral ornaments on the chest protects the bearer from the evil eyes and negative vibes.

The dark-toned Oriental tattoo portrays the tiger chasing the Koi Fish on the woman’s side. The composition means overcoming the hardships on the way to success.

This dark-brown 3-D tiger tattoo inked on the guy’s shoulder looks so realistic as if it’s going to tear to pieces the onlooker.

The peaceful-faced tiger tattoo done in the muted colors is piercingly gazing at the viewers from the man’s thigh and emphasizes his even-tempered character.

The blackwork tiger half face blended with the devil half face tattoo is a sample of the prison tattoo conveying aggression towards the authorities.

Cool frenzied tiger tattoo design performed in the classic traditional colors is placed on the gal’s stomach and can be simply hidden with the wardrobe.

The third-eyed linear tiger head tattoo covered with the unparalleled stippling accentuates the thigh. The third eye serves as a connector with the universe.

The intensely-shaded roaring tiger is worn on the beefy male’s chest. The chest is a top-rated tattoo location for the tiger image among the guys.

Hypnotizing black-and-gray tiger profile tattoo paired with the cute rose embraces the lady’s arm and hand and stands for passion, confidence and bravery.

Technicolor open-mouthed tiger tattoo pierced with the dagger is imaged in the pool of blood on the arm what symbolizes sharp pain from betrayal.

Inky-black tribal tiger tattoo is made of the bold swirling lines on the half sleeve. Some tribes accepted the tiger as a spiritual guide.

Proud white tiger tattoo inked in the legible watercolor technique on the ankle points out on the wearer’s uniqueness and originality.

The traditional black and gray tiger in the hunting pose is resting on the dude’s stomach. The ink will suit the vigorous and tough guys.

The glowing hyper-real half sleeve tiger tattoo featured in the natural habitat reminds an oil painting and signifies good luck, prosperity and productivity.

Wild and vicious black and gray tiger tattoo with the 3-D effect is inscribed on the man’s neck and reflects his brutality and bestial nature.

Before you is a creative mashup: monochrome tiger’s eye coupled with the girl’s one on the lad’s forearm. It’s an awesome tattoo idea for the lovers to show up.

Combining with the skull, this subtly-shaded linear tiger leg tattoo designates honor of the dead but if you add the all-seeing eye to the skull, the ink turns into a protective totem.

The brightly-colored Old School tiger tattoo with the knife-sharped teeth and blazing eyes beautifies the hand and instills fear into the viewers.

The mothers are the best protectors- this is the message of this photorealistic tiger forearm tattoo portraying the enraged tigress defending her cub from the enemies.

The coin-sized black and gray tiger with the solemn face etched on the wrist tells that the wearer knows what he wants from this life.

he black-lined tiger tattoo is creeping along the guy’s thigh. The attacking pose of the critter indicates that the lad is a real hunter inside.

The next forearm piece is an eclectic mix of the majestic dotwork tiger with the huge tidal wave. The ink represents healing, rebirth and power.

This illustrative tiger tattoo on the hand is a real killer due to its metallic color palette. The mammal’s freezing gaze will make your enemies shiver with fear.

This sketch mashup of Joker’s face with the tiger’s one on the forearm is a frequent tattoo choice of the risk-takers, gamblers and daredevils.

Massive blackwork tiger tattoo with the hatching is walking down the male’s chest. The zest of this pattern is the absence of the eye-balls by the predator.

The Japanese shadowy tiger and peony tattoo covering the guy’s chest and the quarter sleeve is symbolic of the good fortune, prosperity and welfare.

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