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Captivating Ideas of a Bear Tattoo

A bear tattoo denotes legendary power, motherhood, courage, and it serves as an amazing adornment of male and female bodies. Don’t know where to find a smashing tattoo? Here they are, enjoy!

Cultural lore of many nations is focused on a bear as a representative of a protector from evil forces, as an embodiment of a strong connection with nature and human’s courage. A bear design renders a plenty of denotations, each of them depends on the style and related elements.

Signification of the Bear Tattoo in Diverse Variations

  • Polar Bear stands for the idea of might since for Eskimos and Nenets of Siberia it is a sign of a brilliant hunter and they wear canine teeth as a lucky charm.
  • Fierce bear tattoo – a furious bear with open jaws exudes power and fearlessness, it is about bravery and strength of spirit.
  • Mother Bear – it is the symbol of motherly love and protection.
  • Tribal Bear – ornate or plain designs carry one meaning – the return to roots and connection with
  • Teddy Bear is dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt, who refused to kill a bear on the hunt, so the man with this pattern is kind and peace-loving.
  • Panda Bear – signifies balance, prosperity, harmony.
  • Grizzly Bear with an ax & Black Bear identify a person as spiritually potent and powerful, he can solve all problems.
  • Bear Paw & Claw – it indicates stability and luck, sometimes it is accepted as a mark of valor and nobility.
  • California Bear used to denote freedom.
  • Cartoon Bear is associated with carefree childhood.
  • Haida Bear for Native Americans implied wisdom and spirituality.

Symbolism of the Bear

  • Cruelty and aggression – Europeans associated it with the war and Christians reckoned that it was a sign of cruelty; Scandinavians perceived the animal as a fierce warrior – Berserker.
  • Freedom & Peace – for Native Americans the bear was the marker of freedom and peaceful life.
  • Resurrection – a bear wakes up from a hibernation, that is why it means a start of a new life.
  • Motherhood & Fertility – the animal is related to the moon and indicates childbearing, mothering, and maternal wisdom.
  • Strength & Fortitude – the bear has legendary physical, mental and emotional endurance, it is a Chinese symbol of domination and masculine power, in Russia, it is a national symbol of courage, moreover, it was a strong and wise oracle for Japanese tribes.

Furthermore, among other senses of a bear the following may be distinguished:

  • Confidence;
  • Leadership;
  • Bravery;
  • Sole power.

Hence, a bear tattoo has a deep history and a rich symbolism, it is an ideal option for feminine women and confident men.

Bear Tattoo Ideas

A massive foot tat of a bear, wearing plaid jacket and hat with crossed axes at the bottom, is perfectly performed in black and white shades. A person with the image has a male courage and inner strength.

A bear with an open mouth looks fiercely, each element of the jaws is made clearly, so the emphasis is on them, smooth strokes on the head make it even more volumetric. This chest tattoo incorporates both softness, and aggression, as well as the owner’s character.

A bear’s head and a paw are the elements of the tac on the forearm, done in a graphic style. Shades are made through dashes and the distinct shading is visible. Be sure that the person with this tattoo radiates unique strength and courage.

A surreal image on the belly is done in a dotwork style. A bear with a hole instead of its stomach is coming out from smoke, which generates fire, the bear with wings strives for a cosmic sphere. The woman with the tat exudes inner power.

Flat and rounded lines with dark and fair accents make up a sophisticated image on the back. The tat produces a 3D effect and a colored crown is a nice addition. The picture is about dominance.

Flat lines make the bear image on the hand extraordinary, the jaws are widely open, but due to round eyes it doesn’t look fierce. This one indicates a person, who values family ties.

A gray bear with empty eyes, depicted with white pines, covers almost the whole forearm. If you see a person with this tattoo, be sure that he is balanced, calm and patient.

A plain black and white bear is imprinted in a triangle on the foot, it looks a little bit ascetically. A cyclical nature of human life is clearly expressed in this tattoo.

A leg tattoo depicts a furious bear, one part of its face is a skull. The man with this impressive image has a philosophical attitude towards life, he believes in the immortality of the soul.

A black piece on the thigh strikes because it is weird and captivating at the same time. A bear has an eye on its forehead, strokes, coming out from the eye resemble spurts of flame, it’s obvious that the tat is a talisman from the misfortune.

In nature, a bear is a peaceful creature who loves to feast on berries, so the person who wears the image of a bear with berries, flowers, and an acorn on the sleeve knows how to enjoy the life.

A bear is an official symbol of California, sometimes it signifies California gold rush, so a brown bear with a star and an inscription on the sleeve denotes a person, who always fulfills his dreams and works hard.

An intricate Celtic pattern extends along the sleeve, a bear with open jaws is a harmonious part of an ornament. A man with this design is courageous and always ready to protect his family.

A geometric style always looks appealing, so if you wear a geometric bear tat on the forearm, with smoky accents and smoky lines, let it be a symbol of motherhood and fertility.

The massive sketch covers the whole back, due to a black color and an aggressive expression of the bear, the tattoo looks scary. This man has an animal courage and a good intuition.

Show that you stay a child always and it doesn’t matter how old you are. A gummy bear on the foot will be a great option for this purpose, express your carefree personality through this design.

A contemporary bear design on the sleeve looks dope! A brutal bear, wearing a turquoise kimono and holding a red umbrella, is an unusual choice for multifaceted people, who can laugh at themselves.

The sleeve is perfect for an image of a rabid bear with a wide open mouth, at the bottom of the picture there is an ax which is stuck in a log, the background incorporates images of pine trees and mountains. The motto of the owner is strength and labor.

Eskimos wear Polar bear’s canine teeth as a talisman, which brings good luck, so an ascetic image on the arm of a standing bear may be a sign, which protects from evil.

Are you a peace-loving and calm personality? Express it through a smashing teddy bear ink on the arm, have it done in a popular dotwork style, the image will be simple and super lovely.

A potent man can wear a bear tat on the leg as a sign of his strength. The tattoo will look more impressive if it is monochrome and the bear stands on its hind legs – it will symbolize the courage of the man in face of life’s difficulties.

In this tattoo on the side, maternal wisdom and care are expressed, an adorable smoky teddy bear is sitting on a crescent and represents a loving essence of a woman.

An arm piece displays a sweet orange teddy bear with an inscription “teddy” and a crown above. The tat is worn as a mark of a certain happy life period.

A distinctive mother bear is an embellishment of the arm, a well-drawn bear is surrounded by beautiful flowers. This design is the symbol of motherly love and suits women, who cherish their families.

Celts considered a bear as a feminine sign, so a tattoo on the hip is great for women. Opt light and deep brown shades for a bear and add an interesting detail – for instance, a heart-shaped balloon and it will be a cool decoration with a deep sense.

Blackwork style doesn’t work well with all designs, but it is perfectly combined with a bear! Have the image of an angry bear, done in a blackwork style and wear it on the half sleeve, show the world that you are afraid of nothing.

In nature, a bear is a loving parent and a frantic protector of its offspring, so choosing the design of a large bear, and a bear cub, who are holding hands on a background of mountains, you show how much you care for your family.

In Japan, a bear is associated with a new beginning, eternal wisdom, and sagacity, so a bear outline on the hip with a pattern of the universe on it, combined with geometric shapes, denotes an intelligent woman with a well-developed intuition.

A small bear sketch on the foot looks nice, it may be hidden under the clothes if needed, so the image may be a protective lucky charm for the owner.

A furious gray bear with a frightening grin is imprinted in the rhombus and put on the female hip, three circles at the bottom are made in a dotted line. The tac renders a sense of a feminine beginning and cyclical nature of life.

A bear is an accepted symbol of physical strength and moral endurance, so a deep black bear with a monocle on the sleeve is done through confident flat lines and it carries a meaning of a wise personality.

The ink of stunning black bear with a constellation instead of its chest exudes mysticism. Both Orion and the bear are symbols of a great hunter, so the owner of the tattoo is a superior man with an inner core.

A well-performed tat on the leg encompasses many details and a red bear looks very friendly. In this case, the image reflects the inner world of the owner – adventurous and brave.

A gray tat on the arm is a masterpiece, in the plain picture a long history is hidden. A cute bear is frolicking on the place of a holiday camp, so it is obvious that the man with this design lives life to the fullest.

A design of two bears in a wild nature is done in black and white tones and it is tattooed on the arm. This tribal ornament conveys the idea of tight family ties and a deep spiritual connection with roots.

A cute panda is covering the globe, the contrast between a black and white animal and a colored globe looks good. The meaning of the tat on the forearm is a balance, peace, and harmony.

A female back is adorned with a bear pattern, done in Mandala style. The ink illustrates the Celtic idea of a bear as a symbol of the full moon and childbearing.

A Polar bear holds a special place in the folklore of the people of Siberia, it is the sign of strength and the embodiment of a brilliant hunter. In the tat on the arm, a bear is wearing cute winter clothes and it signifies inner might and secrecy.

A volumetric bear image on the stomach is done in turquoise and crimson shades, blue piercing eyes of the animal draw attention. The tat suits people, who are strong morally and emotionally.

An unusual bear tac on the side looks dope, a beautiful scenery of the sunset covers the whole bear sketch. This one was done as a reminder of a native place – home.

Arm tattoo, done in a linear technique, is for people, who love geometry and minimalism. A complicated bear figure looks surreal, but still appealing and denotes peace and freedom.

New school style has gain popularity in recent years, so a bear ink on the thigh looks stylish. Except for a bear, there are geometrical shapes with a mosaic pattern and the picture of the night forest, all together they signify loneliness of a strong personality.

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