43 Most Honorable Bible Verse Tattoo Designs

Tattoos with lettering are quite popular among people of all ages. Some can be done in a specific period of your life but as time goes by they can lose their importance or can get hated. Quotes and passages from the holy book have been read for thousands of years and still, every person finds something important and inspiring in the Bible.

Bible Verse Tattoos Symbolism and Meanings

It’s hard to single out the list of some specific meanings. The whole point is that it only depends on your preferences. Bible is full of different proverbs, parables, enlightening verses affecting all the life aspects.

  • You can choose the prayer that you know from the childhood and still find helpful.
  • Some verses can be chosen in memory or in honor of someone you love.
  • Whether you feel lost or confused Bible has the answers and directories for any problem.
  • Tattoo with the verse from Bible can be the way of expressing your faith and devotion to God;
  • You can choose the quote from Bible that motivates you and gives you strength.

Words from Bible can be inked as a separate tattoo piece or can be combined with some complementing details among which are:

  • The image of Bible;
  • Crosses;
  • Angels;
  • Hearts;
  • Wings;
  • The sign of infinity;
  • Scrolls;
  • Sunlight, clouds, and sky;
  • Birds – doves, swallows, ravens, eagles;
  • Feathers;
  • Rose;

Scripture Tattoos Design Ideas

If you are sure about what Bible words you want to decorate your skin with, your next step should be choosing the tattoo font, size, and color. There are different tattoo font generators which can help you with this. You can also ink your favorite Bible verse with the image of scroll or add a cross. The placement of tattoos with bible verses can be different. Small tats with the name of Bible part and numbers indicating the verse can be inked on the wrist, on foot, behind the ear, on the finger, at the nape of the neck. Huge tattoos with full quotes from the Bible should be placed on the back, on the thigh, on sleeves, on chest or breast.

The most popular variations of bible verses tattoos are:

  • Realistic images with scrolls or words coming out of skin;
  • Verses inked in Watercolor style, Trash Polka;
  • Minimalistic tattoos with the number of the verse, etc.

This tattoo piece that is presented on the shoulder shows the passage from Psalm 23. Depicted on the ancient-looking scroll these words from the holy book can give you strength to go through all the problems.

Performed in different tattoo fonts this ink is great for self-motivation. Every suffering finally leads to the new hope.

Seems as this tatt was written with the help of quill and ink on paper. Besides this script tattoo is elegant and beautiful, it refers to the verse from the bible which says that the faith is the greatest gift of God.

Losing close people is unbearably painful. If you want to have a tattoo in memory of someone dear who passed away, consider these great words inked in the scroll.

If you decided to ink the whole bible passage, the back is just perfect because it allows inking huge pieces. This passage is taken from the book of Micah, the prophet.

As sunlight is often associated with faith and hope it is common to see this tattoo pattern in combination with verses from Bible. The one in the picture is motivational and inspirational with those words about God who is always with you.

This is so delicate and intimate tattoo that it takes your breath right when you see it. Decorated with curves, these words describe the love of God to the world.

If you need inspiration and motivation throughout your life, there’s no better way than a tattoo, especially a bible verse tattoo with such enlightening words from Deuteronomy.

Inking a flying dove with the bible verse is quite common because the dove is thought as the Spirit of God that we are able to see. Besides its religious significance, doves flying out from the feather look amazingly beautiful!

If you want to highlight your deep faith and religiousness with a tattoo, you won’t find a better way than a full sleeve with the bible verse on a scroll, angel, doves and clouds. This is a stunning tattoo piece!

This piece is fairly fantastic showing bible words that are coming out from the cracks on the back. The realism this tattoo is inked with is outstanding!

This verse is taken from the New Testament, the book of John tells us about the Christ sacrifice to all the mankind. Performed with an interesting script-like font, it is tattooed on the chest.

Bible teaches us many things but it tells us that the greatest gift is love which never fails. Those words that were taken from Corinthians are engraved with the sign of infinity and a heart, symbols of eternal love.

The tattoo with words from Matthew serves as a reminder to look out of those who are the wolves in sheep’s clothing and proclaim themselves as true prophets.

The contrast between black and the red color is amazing for such intimate tattoo design. The tatt gives us the message that loves never fails!

The idea of this scripture tattoo on the chest is amazing. Whilst the ink is coming out through the cracks of skin it seems as the words of God were engraved on flash.

Having a bible verse tattoo is a nice way to point out to your faith and indicate your religion. With the image of crosses where Jesus gave his life to wash the people’s sins and the verse taken from the book of Isaiah, this arm tatt is meaningful and interesting.

Combining many interesting tattoo fonts, this ink looks quite girlish. The nimbus and wings finish the words affirming that God and angels guard you no matter which way you have chosen.

This scripture part reminds us about Christ sacrifice despite all the people’s sins. While the verse from Romans is inked in the scroll, cross attracts more attention because the cross is a symbol of Christianity and faith.

While the splashing of Watercolor style makes this tatt emotional and rainbow-like, these inked words of God declare the love between wife and husband. Great way to celebrate the marriage!

The verse 4:13 from Philippians is probably one of the most popular among religious tattoo patterns. Maybe it’s because the verse gives the belief in yourself whilst God is always by your side and you have faith in Him.

This bible verse is often inked in memory of the loved ones who passed away. It is also popular among military people, firefighters, journalists, those, who take risks and put their life in danger.

The scroll with lettering and the cross encircle it are tattooed on the ribs. The tattoo message is simple. Whenever you feel lost or confused, God will always hear you and answer you.

Words from the holy book can be comforting, inspiring, motivating or enlightening. So why not to celebrate your faith and devoting to God with a fantastic tattoo piece on your arm?

Romans 8:18 verse is a great tattoo design for those who are going through a hard time in life because it gives hope, inspires and comforts that all the suffering can lead to the new glory.

You can get tattooed with the small bible verse ink without quoting the whole passage. This tiny bible verse title tattoo with cross image performed in minimalistic style and inked on the ankle can be a nice body decoration.

With all these sharp and edgy outlines, this tattoo on the bicep is preferably male. It seems as part of the skin was torn out and the bible verse lines came out instead.

Trash polka is another great tattoo style that can incorporate any of your tattoo ideas containing lettering. Using only black and red ink and newspaper font, a tattoo artist can create a real masterpiece with words from Bible.

It’s way too hard to come up with some other piece from Bible that would look as sophisticated and simple at the same time as this psalm 91:7 ink.

Some verses are so common that there is no necessity to ink them wholly. They can be recognized from the title of a chapter, verse or a book so you can opt for a simple bible verse title tattoo illustrating just the title and number.

If tattooing a simple verse title seems boring to you, go for decorations such as curves, flowers, leaves which will revive the tattoo image and make it more interesting!

The main message of Philippians was to foster the people to put their faith in God and let Him into all their daily activities. This tattoo is motivational and inspiring due to its context.

If you are getting a tattoo for the first time and want it to be religious, this simple yet impressive under boob tattoo with tree words “faith, hope, love” is exactly what you need.

One more example of Philippians 4:13 arm tattoo with a rose above. As a symbol of love, mercy, and forgiveness the rose is an important complementation to the whole tattoo ensemble.

This tattoo on the chest depicts hands holding a cracked heart with the words from Romans “I loved you at your darkest”. This should serve as a reminder that Christ loved all people at their worst and gave his life to save them.

There are a lot of various bible verses that glorify love and you can choose your favorite for a tattoo to celebrate the union of marriage or engaging as it is in the picture.

Philippians 4:13 is a quite popular tattoo among those who put their faith in God. It is chosen in order to make yourself gutsy and to help strengthen other people who can read the message your tattoo carries. Engraving these words with a pigeon is excellent because it is the symbol of faith and God’s spirit.

This unique tattoo idea is overwhelming with its collection of favorite bible verse titles and keywords from these verses that reflecting the main points. The silhouette of flying dove and the word ‘salt’ inked in red complement the tattoo.

Cross made of hobnails is the symbol of the Christian religion and a reminder of Christ sacrifice and crucifixion. Its image in combination with scroll can be a fantastic tattoo design, especially on quarter sleeve.

If you want to get more original, opt for a bible verse which isn’t written in English. A scroll inked on wrist shows bible verse written in Hebrew.

Inking an arrow with a verse from Bible in which it is mentioned is a nice option. Genesis verses aren’t as popular as ones from New Testament, but still, can be chosen for a religious tattoo idea.

Jesus gave hope to all the mankind with His sacrifice while people have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. But with His crucifixion, he showed the way to faith and God. This is the exact message this side tatt brings.

We all sometimes feel lonely, but with the tattoo on your arm which proclaims the words of Lord, you are never alone. By adding the cross pattern to your ink you’ll make it more religious and significant.

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