Best Hot Rollers for Long Hair

Playful, fussy and amazing curls have always been and still are in fashion. Our grandmothers and mums used various devices to make their hair curling. They could sleep with flat-irons on their heads all night and stand in front of

High and Tight Fade Haircuts for Men

The short male haircut is a trend, which includes a wide variety of amazing hairstyles. The high and tight haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles, due to its easiness to maintain. It is also known as a military

Tragus Piercing Pain, Price and Jewelry

The tragus piercing is one of the varieties of ear piercings. It is a puncture of the area of the external ear located at the level of the cheekbone. This is quite a non-standard place for puncturing, but with well-chosen

Short Hairstyles With Bangs

Talking about fashion, not only outfit comes to the mind. Women also think about hairstyles. Nowadays hairdressers offer a huge variety of hairdos featuring all the lengths and colors. And one of the most daring and sexy hairstyles of nowadays

High and Tight Haircuts

The high and tight haircut is really popular among military men. However, it is so easy to do that it found its place in everyday life. Almost every man has tried such a haircut in his life. It has been

Taper Fade Haircuts For Men

Taper fade haircut can undoubtedly be named one of the most popular, iconic, recognizable and trendy hairstyles ever. It has been popular among men for years so that it is a great choice for formal and casual situations, giving you