Examples of Marilyn Monroe Piercing

The stud with tender white gem looks like a small drop on the face. Nevertheless, it is noticeable enough to feature your beauty and daintiness. Here the Monroe piercing is represented with a cute stud. The stud is so tiny

Ideas of Spider Bites Lip Piercing

The spider bites piercing is an exclusive and fashionable type of lip piercings. It resembles a bite of a spider that leads to this unusual name. Nowadays, there is a big increase in popularity of spider bite piercing among the

Daith Piercing Designs and FAQs

The daith piercing is a unique and stylish type of cartilage piercing. It is a great alternative for those, who are looking for new, uncommon ways of body modification. The placement of daith piercing is suitable for jewelry experiments, which will

Industrial Piercing FAQs

The industrial piercing is one of the most rewarding piercings to do. It presents two cartilage piercings linked together, which creates an amazing and eye-catchy look. The industrial is a popular type of ear piercing for girls and boys alike

Double Nose Piercing You’ll Want to Have

Double nose piercing is one of the hottest trends in modern fashion. This type of nostril piercing is widely adopted by men and women, who want edgy expression and super stylish look. Double nose piercing is more adventurous and daring,

Septum Piercing Ideas, Jewelry, Pain and Aftercare

The septum piercing has become a big trend nowadays. Some people do it to show their freedom in self-expression, getting in touch with their punk rock side. Other clients try to get something that is different from what everybody has.

Ideas of Rook Piercing

The rook piercing belongs to one of the most stylish ear piercing variations. It is a form of cartilage piercing with a unique location, which suits both men and women. The rook piercing is amazingly versatile, so you can easily

The Awesome Snake Eyes Piercing Design

The tongue piercing is the highly popular type of piercing all over the world. If the standard tongue piercing became quite common nowadays, the snake eyes piercing, in its turn, does not lose its position in the rating of the