34 Sagittarius Tattoo Designs

 The History Behind The Sagittarius Tattoo As per the Greek myth, there lived a centaur Chiron- a divine creature with the human head and torso and the horse’s hoofs. Chiron was the most talented of all centaurs: the best mentor,

Anchor Tattoos Designs with Deep Meanings

As you might guess, the anchor is usually a symbol of the sea. But many young men and women choose it as a first tattoo due to the variety of interesting meanings and designs. Generally, it means success, stability, hope,

Star Wars Tattoo Designs Every Fan Should See

It’s impossible to underestimate the great impact that Star Wars saga has had on different aspects of culture. Starting with thematic comic-cons and ending with living organisms that were named after the characters, it seems that Star Wars have left

Beautiful Faith Tattoo Designs

Faith can be defined as a spiritual state that includes intellectual, emotional and volitional components. The general meaning is that a person accepts reality or imaginary phenomena even without theoretical and practical evidence. To have faith means to have a

The idea of 3 crowns tattoo in one chain on the leg.

King and Queen Crown Tattoos

The crown tattoo shows the dominance and strengthens your authority in society, as it is an attribute of strong personality. Look through these great images to make a royal choice! Crown – is a very exclusive and noble symbol. In

Bow Tattoos and Meanings

Bow tattoos are kinda popular among women for their grace, sexuality, and beauty. They carry an attractive decorative effect on any part of the body depending on the size, design, and meaning. Based on the design, bow tattoos signify: Beauty;

Beautiful Tree Tattoos Designs

It is needless to say that a tree is one of the main elements of the Earth. This recurring symbol has deep roots in different cultures and is very honored among various nations. So, it is not surprising to see

Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo Meaning and Designs

Commonly found in Eastern cultures such as Japanese and Chinese cherry blossom or sakura is probably the second most popular floral tattoo design inked all over the globe. The rapidly spreading popularity of these tender flowers among tattoo lovers can

Snake Tattoos in Traditional Style

Why many people get snake tattoos? These creatures have had a strong role in the Creation story. In Christianity, snakes mean the bad rap as Adam and Eva were tempted to eat from the tree of knowledge by a serpent.

colorful praying hands tattoo

Praying Hands Tattoo Ideas

Praying hands is one of the most common subjects of religious tattoos. Despite its long existence, it still excites people’s minds and hearts. This tattoo takes its roots from the picture, which was painted by a famous artist Albrecht Durer.

Buddha Tattoos Design Ideas

Before inking Buddha tattoo, it is better to know the basis of the Buddhism religion. This religion is one of the oldest and widely practiced throughout the Universe. Gautama Buddha has been a founder of the Buddhism teachings and principles. The

Satanic Tattoos with the Diverse Meanings

Satan Tattoos Meanings They have a wide range of symbols and concept that there is no way to ignore them. The Baphomet is a popular choice among the followers of occultism. Both sexes prefer to ink the goat-headed creature mostly

Two feet – one koi fish tattoo

Koi Fish Tattoo Meaning and Designs

Koi fish inks have become ones of the most popular, beautiful and common inks that are tattooed on different parts of a body permanently. This powerful symbol of strength and determination is suitable for men and women and can be

Elephant Tattoos Meaning with Cute Designs

Animal designs have always been popular among men and women. Have a look at this great selection of different elephant tattoos and make a right choice. Elephant Tattoos Meaning and Symbolism Although elephants come from India where they are believed

Penguin Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Commonly, they live in social groups like we, thus penguin tattoos are sported by women and men so often. Penguins are extremely exotic birds. So, penguin tattoos are in great demand among both, males and females. It is not only

Sexy Ideas of Thigh Tattoos

Thigh tattoos belong to the most attractive and sexiest artworks due to their intimate location. The tattoo on the thigh is a tricky one, so depending on your mood you can hide or show them off. They are preferable among

Cheshire Cat Tattoos Designs

“Alice in Wonderland” written by Lewis Carroll remains popular 150 years after publication. Among hundreds of characters in “Alice” tales, one of the most prominent and original is the Cheshire Cat. Many people fall in love with this unusual hero

Ear Tattoo: Symbolism and Major Features

An ear tattoo is very symbolic, it encompasses images of flowers, butterflies, birds, constellations, inscriptions, and people, who’ve decided to get the ear tattoo, are morally and physically potent and want to express their personality through this ink or wear

The ladies' geometric quarter sleeve tattoo.

Quarter Sleeve Tattoos Designs

Quarter Sleeve Tattoo Meanings As a rule, every single image, as well as combinations of them in a tattoo, carries a hidden meaning. Those, who decide to apply the quarter sleeve tattoo, are striving to get the trendiest pattern. There