Coral Nail Designs

Are you waiting for a warm spring or a hot summer? Are you willing to change your manicure? Then you are in the right place to get inspired!

Coral is one of the hues that every lady must try in a spring or a summer season as it’s really bright and saturated and goes well with tanned skin. It is so refreshing that in most cases women don’t want to use a lot of adornments. A few rhinestones, lace or stripes, flowers and glitters are among the most popular decorations for coral nail designs. One of the most popular and trendy tandems is a combo with gold polish or glitters. You can also mix it with any other color, like blue, white, orange or even black and violet, in any case, your nails will have a unique look. Moreover, it is such a universal color, that it can match any shape whether it’s rounded, almond, oval or squared the same as any length whether it’s long stilettos or short nails. Create your own style and enjoy your spring and summer!

Check out our selection of the brightest and the most fashionable coral nail designs, enjoy the most beautiful manicures and make an appointment with your nail artist as soon as possible!
If you have chosen long acrylic nails for summertime, you will need some hot color to polish them. The coral color will be an excellent way to highlight your long ballerina nails!

Fall in love with such a gorgeous color combo! Half-coral half-black manicure creates a really cool contrast. The matte top coat will play these colors up!

Saturated bright colors, intricate designs, crystals and studs are just for those who are not afraid to be bright and who is used to surprising everyone!

One of the most successful color mixtures! Coral color in tandem with gold glitters and white roses is everything you need for a hot summer season.

Long pointy nails covered with a glossy coral polish are always a good match! Make the manicure more festive with glitters, crystals and interesting dots on the white background.

Cute Winter Nail Colors for a Delicate Girl
Choosing such a color gamut, your manicure will get a subtle and romantic look. Pink and coral colors with a few glitters are what you need for a sweet date on the Moonlight!

A French manicure is a well-known classic. And no wonder that women try to pull off as many variants as possible. Coral color will be a perfect variant for a French manicure on long oval nails.

Has summer come yet? Then get ready for the best summer nail design! Fun and bright pink and coral colors, interweaving on the middle and ring fingers will rock your summertime!

When you feel the fresh air, and everything awakes from a cold winter, a tender coral manicure is what you need! Sweet coral and white colors with beautiful hand-painted flowers are amazing!

Yellow and coral ombre with a gold stamping is for bright ladies who want to give their positive emotions to everybody!

Cute Spring Manicures
One of the most important events in your life must be flawless. Pay attention to every little detail, especially nail design! Coral nails with gems will perfectly match a little black dress.

Short pointy nails look so cute that you won’t want to spoil them with loud colors. Use subdued coral and nude hues instead and add white lace with a few decorations.

Wow! Just check out how bright you can look with coral and orange colors! It seems like your manicure drank a summer mood in!

Your toenails also deserve to get a bright manicure. Coral nails will look more interesting if you spice them up with narrow gold lines.

Alternating pink and coral colors with nude covered with lace you will definitely become the star of any event!

Chrome Gold Nails Which Make You Shine
Long almond nails can become a really great surface to work on. Start with a base featuring a glossy coral color and apply 3D flowers with gold studs. Amazing!

Do you want to stand out? Go for the brightest manicure you’ve ever had! Some coral nails can be covered with a matte top coat for a more attractive image.

Although most women try to combine coral with other bright hues, you may try not to stick to this trend. Why not to apply coral with violet and get a gripping nail design?

When spring comes, everything must be refreshed. Toe nails are not an exception! Apply coral polish on the nails and paint some embellishments on the big toes. Light and fresh design!

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