Cowgirl Dress Outfits

Top Cowgirl Outfits Ideas for Girls and Women

The cowgirl clothing style takes root from the clothes worn in the 19th century in the American West. Spreading during the long time worldwide, it was influenced by various cultures and styles, broadening the authentic reproductions. Modern western outfits are so far-out! They’re able to satisfy all girls’ needs in comfort, durability, and style even in the 21st century.

How To Dress Like a Cowgirl

The typical cowgirl outfit represents a loose woolen shirt, open at the neck, bright-colored leather boots with high heels, buckskin gloves, red silk kerchief, tied in a hard knot in front of the neck, short-cut full-width trousers and a traditional felt hat with a heavy leather band buckled about it.

Nowadays, western look for girls has become a way more feminine and beautiful, including all possible clothing from the female wardrobe. The contemporary cowgirl outfit still has some traditional components such as:

  • wide leather boots (sometimes even with a pair of western spurs);
  • a hat with a wide brim;
  • a wide leather belt (depending on the concrete look).

But the basis of the outfit is the modern and fashionable women’s clothing.

You can choose from different variants of jeans:

  • single-colored (usually blue, but actually the color is up to you), with prints (stains, free design, floral, animal, geometrical patterns, stripes, polka-dot etc.);
  • with a high/low waistline, natural fit;
  • straight, flared, tight, loose, boyfriend, ripped jeans.

Add your favorite style of shirt:

  • casual or classic;
  • long/short/three-quarters sleeve;
  • single-colored/with a pattern, prints, design;
  • cotton, linen, wool, silk, velvet, leather, cashmere.

Don’t forget about the vest (majorly brown or black, made of leather, with shiny metal buckles).

Dresses & skirts are also possible, they can be:

  • loose or flattering fitting;
  • airy, light materials or coarse, heavy fabrics;
  • short or knee-length (not covering the boots).

Experiment with shorts (loose fitting, textured, leather, high waisted, longer, jeans).

And finish with various outwear (leather cloaks, fur coats, tweed jackets etc.)

This list is not full, it can’t be, as you’re free to choose anything fits your image, mood, style and is appropriate for the season and occasion.

The key is: keeping balance and proportions.

  • Remember to have only one piece of clothing with a print or a pattern (e.g. if the shirt is checkered, jeans and vest should be single-colored).
  • Stick to one basic color (the color of your boots should match at least one more piece of closing).
  • Accessories! Do add gloves, bag, belt, scarf, bulky jewelry, bright neckerchief, and different buckles, tassels, and chains as integral attributes of the women’s western outfit.

2. Check out our selection of great and trendy cowgirl outfits both for girls and women to find your inspiration for fresh, outstanding and unique western look.

Cowgirl Outfits Ideas

Look at this sweet outfit for a baby princess. Light soft-pink summer dress works surprisingly rocking with typical carved brown boots, right?

Pretty and flirty, this baby western look with straight jeans, loose white jersey and a straw hat stresses the playful female essence, inherent from birth.
 What do you think about adding western notes to a modern outfit? Just wear a black jacket with a long fringe, ankle boots and a gray felt hat.

Here’s a typical country style for young ladies: a dress with flower print, red shirt, short brown boots with mesh inserts and a straw, of course!

Want your girl to be the star of the party? Blue, red & white is a win-win combo! This outfit is meant for babies as it’s all about beauty & comfort.

If Scarlett O’Hara had planned a “Wild Wild West” party, her outfit, would have been like this one: elegant, stylish & comfortable – all in one!

Awesome print rocks the whole look! Add a trendy accent – such as hessian boots & knitted stockings and voila – super outfit is done.

Check out this rather rear outfit with a long dress (still not covering the boots). Nice shoulder-belt chain and a showy black hat are the salt of the look.

Tiny cowgirl with a pink hairband and so cute fluffy ripped skirt, made of multicolored pieces of cloth, is a true sweetie, isn’t she?

Velour fabric makes this red cowgirl costume super luxury and extraordinary. Wanna go even further? Try a shocking red dye.

Romantic country outfits full of natural beauty and pathos. These pretty linen dresses made in soft colorways look so harmonious with coarse cowgirl boots.

Meet another cool idea for a girl’s western outfit with jeans. The checkered shirt is a cute classic, but what about tiny flowers all over the shirt?

Cozy warm sweater can also become an outstanding part of your cowgirl look. For this style, coarse knitting and various inserts are the best resolution.

Pink, white and black are the right colors for a little rock-lady. Keep this rule in every single element of your sweetie’s style – from the crown to the boots.

Try this hot outfit, staying in fashion from luxury suede shoes to a high-waisted torn jeans skirt and an airy white shirt with a laced neckline.

Crazy Texas cowgirls wear crazy wide jeans with leather onlays, fixed on the removable belt. It’s an area for your creativity: embroidery, fringe, stickers, patches…

Cowgirls can be graceful and charming too! Black T-shirt with open shoulders, passionate long red skirt and elegant white boots & embroidered hat are ideal.

Sexy outfit for party never killed nobody! For brave girls we have this revealing costume: high-waisted openwork blue trousers & a trendy pink top.

How to create a gorgeous casual look this spring? Add some coarse cowgirl accents to your light, airy dress outfit to get that stunning combo.

Everything in this fantastic look is magical: western boots with painted design, a cute pink “cow-hat”, that fluffy soft skirt, and even a modern jeans jacket.

This pretty little princess’s summer dress is all about fashion and glamour. The patch with a horse print, though, gives away the country spirit.

How about such mysterious outfit for a hot summer day? Magnificent scarlet shawl, a black hat with a wide brim, ankle boots and a red lipstick.

When the temperature is far above zero, it’s time for super sexy outfits: little white dress with laces is a safe bet for a lady with tanned skin.

Boldness and beauty are the two “must have” for any cowgirl. Thinking how to freshen dark colors? Try a sky blue bandana & enamel.

When your princess is a true Barbie, absolute pinkness is the key. Not only for festive events, but also for morning pony rides & home routines.

Considering a western family look for a photo shoot? An airy, creamy sundress with a yellow-brown floral print will suit your girl for sure!

This modern cowgirl definitely has much of an eye for fashion. She proves the fact western clothing style is not the long-forgotten trend.

This bohemian cowgirl style from Sherry Hill’s collection is a brilliant idea both for a stylized party or shooting, and for a romantic evening.

What makes a cool cowgirl outfit? Accessories do! Take a leather costume and rock it: a black & white neckerchief, steel bangle and a hat, of course!

Romantic, full of freedom and feelings, this sexy cowgirl outfit is meant for those hot summer days that stay in memory forever.

Knitted little dress is always a good idea for summer adventures. Put on your fav cowboy hat, wear mesh brown boots and enjoy your youth.

The lacing & fringe are what distinguishes this bright western outfit – they’re on the dress, bag, and high boots – everywhere.

Wanna something warm and cozy for chilly winter days? Look at this super blanket-stylized woolen skirt! The snowy white shirt & tights will become a decent addition.

On the runway every style becomes more revealing – that’s how we can update the classic western look to create a contemporary cowgirl outfit.

Still remember the fatal Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek images from the Bandidas? There’s nothing difficult, though, just try!

Here’s one more movie celebrity idea for a cool lady’s cowgirl outfit. Be creative with a fringe, patterns, and accessories, but don’t overdo with design.

Check out this retro idea for country lovers. A classic felt hat, a checkered shirt with three-quarter sleeves, and high waisted jeans are eternal.

And the last, but definitely not least – black cowgirl outfit with mesh and lace patterns. This baby is an absolute proof that the western style is alive, it’s not forgotten.

Black leather clothing and snowy white women’s hair has always been associated with some sexy and dangerous female image to turn heads.