Ear Tattoo: Symbolism and Major Features

An ear tattoo is very symbolic, it encompasses images of flowers, butterflies, birds, constellations, inscriptions, and people, who’ve decided to get the ear tattoo, are morally and physically potent and want to express their personality through this ink or wear it as a talisman.

Symbolism of Ear Tattoos

Ear inks include a diversity of designs, which carry different denotations, among them the following are distinguished:

  • Christian values – Native Americans reckoned that birds and their feathers represented purity and spiritual connection, moreover, an anchor indicated an adherence to Christian traditions.
  • Positive attitude towards life and strength – for many nations, butterflies are connected with a transformation and resurrection, while flowers signify freedom and might. Oftentimes, names, initials, and quotes express a life motto.
  • Wisdom and link with space – in a modern world, constellations are worn by those, who find themselves as part of the universe and acknowledge its mystical nature, and Mandala pattern in Indian culture is a symbol of harmony, balance, and wisdom.
  • Love for music – images of musical instruments and notes are for those, who have decided to link their lives with music.
  • Fortitude & endurance – leaves grow in harsh conditions and often germinate through solid ground, so people with this ornament chase their dreams.

The main figure in the tattoo might be combined with several elements, prevailing designs, and additional details are:

  • Eagle, peacock feathers;
  • Butterflies & dragonflies;
  • Constellations and stars;
  • Music notes;
  • Hearts;
  • Flowers (roses, daffodils, poppies, lavender) with a vine;
  • Tiny leaves;
  • Spiders and spider webs;
  • Fish skeletons;
  • Cartoon heroes;
  • Crosses;
  • DNA pattern;
  • Candle;
  • Pepper;
  • Snowflakes;
  • Dreamcatcher;
  • Doves;
  • Anchor;
  • Mandala;
  • Dagger;
  • Names, initials, quotes;
  • Skulls;
  • Semicolon;
  • Geometric figures.

Behind the Ear Tattoo Designs

Ear designs are done in monochrome and colorful tones, they both look eye-catching for men and women. Win-win styles are:

  • Old school manner includes vibrant colors and plain designs (flowers, birds, butterflies).
  • Linework implies straight lines, which create a certain pattern (constellations).
  • Tribal style encompasses black, gray and white shades.
  • Monochrome – Mandala figures are often black and white.
  • Dotwork style.
  • 3D tattoos.
  • Minimalism.

So, ear tattoos are offbeat embellishments, which add a share of brightness into any look, you just should opt the right ink!
A tender lavender flowers tattoo on the back of the ear conveys the idea of fragility and sensitivity, it is great for dreamy girls.

Uncomplicated Virgo tattoo for men behind the ear is done in a linework style. It stands for innocence and purity of the soul.

Soft lines make up an image of a dove with an olive branch, this dynamic dove bird tattoo behind the ear is about harmony and peace.

Do you want to express yourself? Wear a lined cross tattoo behind the ear as your talisman and the symbol of your beliefs.

Adorn the body and wear a gray feather tattoo for men behind the ear as the sign of your honor, courage, and endurance.

The tattoo of the pale purple lilac flower looks very feminine and delicate behind the ear and it indicates a friendly and peace – loving personality.

Mark the special life period with a tiny heart tattoo behind the ear. Let it be the expression of your devotion for close people.

A barely visible inner ear rose tattoo is feminine, it is a sign of a vulnerable and amorous woman.

Have you made music your lifework? Immortalize it in a monochrome music note tattoo in the ear, it will be very symbolic.

Show that you belong to the caste of creative people and let music note tattoos behind the ear be the source of your inspiration.

A rose tattoo behind the ear looks very feminine despite black and gray shades. The pattern is a reminder of disappointment in life.

The immortality of the soul, mysticism – express any of these ideas through a gray skull ear tattoo for men.

Originally, the semicolon was a sign of the struggle with depression, here a small semicolon tattoo in ear acts as a reminder of continuation of a happy life.

A small star tattoo behind the ear is dope! Pentagram signifies a strong, unbreakable bond between a human and the universe.

Looking for a cool 3D tattoo with a deep sense? With this DNA tattoo behind the ear for guys, you’ll never forget about your roots.

It’s never too late to believe in fairy tales! Have a dotwork Tinkerbell tattoo with stars behind the ear as your talisman.

An unusual choice for a girl is a tribal tattoo behind the ear, it signifies that the owner has an external softness and inner strength.

If you see an image of a smoky plant tattoo behind the ear on a female, be sure, it is the sign of revival.

A well-performed and detailed knife tattoo behind the ear expresses that a woman with this ink is a true warrior.

Native American cultural attribute – a dream catcher tattoo behind the ear looks mysterious, it protects from bad energy and helps to attract good luck.

A spider tattoo in the ear incorporates black and red shades, the ink denotes that the owner is always decisive.

This simple constellation tattoo behind the ear is done through short and long lines and dots; it is a symbol of luck and success.

A spider web is the negation of laws and disobedience or loyalty to principles. So, express these ideas through a spider web tattoo in the ear for men!

A rosemary is a plant that gives vitality and strengthens the heart, so the simple rosemary tattoo behind the ear can signify constancy and might.

A deep philosophical sense is put into this blue anchor tattoo in the ear, the owner endures everything for the sake of goals.

Do you want to stand out? This little chili pepper tattoo behind the ear helps to be more confident and serves as a wonderful decoration.

A burning candle tattoo in the ear is black and white, and drops of wax are flowing down along the candle. This is an example of a memorable tattoo.

A dope fish tattoo in the ear is done in a linework style, it is about the masculine beginning and a strong inner core.

A geometric symbol – a dotwork mandala tattoo behind the ear attracts an eye and it serves as the mascot of spiritual integrity.

The nature tattoo behind the ear is simple but isn’t mediocre. If you see a woman with this design – be sure that she is purposeful.

A nice blue triangle tattoo in the ear is small, so it may be covered with hair if needed. It indicates three cycles of life.

Colorful narcissus here is performed professionally. The tattoo behind the ear brings luck and joy and helps to find happiness in a marriage.

Behind the ear is a perfect place for the lettering tattoo, so wear the ink, which marks a significant life period.

The symbolism of this cool tattoo idea in the ear is the enjoyment of beauty and youth. Flowers show that the owner is always young in heart.

A complicated symbol of the sun – a snowflake tattoo behind the ear is done in several colors. A person with this ink wants to protect her life from adversity.

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