Egyptian Tattoos that Will Blow Your Mind

The Egyptian tattoos are one of the most enigmatic and gripping, as they have the richest history. In Egypt, the art of tattooing is known for more than four thousand years: at first, it was a privilege of women, and then men joined. Today the charm, variety of meanings and unexplored mystery of Egyptian tattoos remain very appealing.

Egyptian Tattoos – The Popular Symbols and Meanings

The Egyptian symbols embrace magical talismans, spiritual objects, which reflect the evil, unhappiness and illness. The most popular images can be divided into the following groups:
1. Deities (Osiris, Ptah, Isis, Bastet, etc.) usually represent some legendary stories. These tattoos have a lot of hidden symbolism, which bears a particular deity:

  • The Egyptian god Ra in different interpretations (Falcon, the sun, big cat, Phoenix, black bull) – is the embodiment of masculine energy;
  • Horus – is the God with falcon’s head and human body that patronizes the sun, the sky and the power of the pharaohs;
  • Anubis with jackal’s head and a human body accompanied the dead to the afterlife and was a keeper of drugs and poisons.
  • Nefertiti is associated with a dazzling beauty, a strong character and insight;

2. Pharaohs (Ramses, Cleopatra) – symbolize power, strength, majesty and beauty.
3. Sacred animals-totems. The woman’s favorite character is a cat, while men choose the head of dogs, crocodiles and predatory birds.
4. The pyramids – a symbol of a perfect hierarchy and the divine flame.
5. The Ankh cross – denotes wisdom, life and eternity and is a protective amulet.

Egyptian Tattoos – Designs and Locations

One of the main peculiarities of Egyptian tattoos is that some images are depicted only in profile: deities, pharaohs and totem animals have been forbidden to apply full face since ancient times.

Due to the diversity of Egyptian characters, you may try either a separate single symbol or a whole composition with numerous images:

  • king and queen;
  • princess;
  • sphinx;
  • eye of Horus;
  • wings etc.

There is a big choice of designs and techniques widely used in these tattoos:

  • simple;
  • traditional;
  • neotraditional;
  • black work;
  • realistic;
  • colorful;
  • tribal;
  • lined;
  • dotwork;
  • tattoo with hieroglyphs.

The tattoos in Egyptian style are mostly not very big, so they look terrific on the forearms and shins. Despite this, you can find very exciting patterns inked on other parts of the body:

  • arm;
  • head;
  • back;
  • chest;
  • hand;
  • hip;
  • leg;
  • side;
  • finger;
  • stomach;
  • neck.

Egyptian Tattoo Designs

This Egyptian god in black and white coloring is incredible. Each detail of his appearance and apparel correspond the ancient traditions.

The god Anubis is connected with the world of the dead. This creature with jackal’s head may indicate the faith in the Supreme Court.

Even the simple black outline of Cleopatra’s portrait cannot spoil or diminish the glory of this famous woman. She radiates grandeur and charm!

The huge black eye in the background of red and blue lightning looks impressive. It brings victory and power to its holder.

The ruler of the underworld is presented in a traditional design with. His kind presentation does not strike fear as it is supposed.

This tattoo on the head is full of mystery: beginning with enigmatic ornament in a triangle and ending with two dangerous snakes near it.

The god of the dark forces and the god of the sun are placed together in one work, like two sides of the same coin.

The series of meaningful symbols are gathered in this tattoo: the Egyptian bird with two Ankh crosses in its clutches and the Eye of Horus.

The cat is in great reverence in Egypt; here it is depicted in luxurious attire that signifies wealth, power and fortune.

The pyramids are probably the brightest Egyptian symbol in tattooing. It denotes that the wearer is eager to monetary abundance and self-development.

This ancient symbol consists of a cross, which personifies life and a circle – a sign of eternity. As a whole, the tattoo indicates a long life.

The tattoo with the all-seeing eye is one of the most mysterious. The eye in the triangle is associated with Eye of God, which sees everything.

The Isis is a charming representative of the Egyptian pantheon of gods, who symbolizes rebirth and fertility. She is usually depicted with great wings.

Take a bit more colorful tints to create such marvelous composition of god Anubis and the all-seeing eye on the arm.

This one is not an ordinary beetle pattern – the scarab is a highly honored Egyptian insect and a powerful talisman of good luck and prosperity.

The big black and gray tattoo of Anubis looks catching and secret because only the holder knows what its red hieroglyphics mean.

An extremely aggressive tattoo of Anubis is applied on the hip. Here this messenger of death with open mouth resembles an enraged jackal.

This gorgeous tattoo of two cats in the form of Egyptian king and queen is ideal for two loving hearts.

Strong and willed people predominantly choose the tattoo with a pharaoh. This forearm ornament expresses greatness and power.

This women tattoo is inked with symbolic attributes of national culture: sacred snake, a mask resembling god Anubis and a scarab-medallion.

Three pyramids with an Eye of Horus in the central one is an ancient amulet, which can protect its wearer and promote self-development.

Nefertiti’s beauty and wisdom captivated Egyptians, and this amazing forearm tattoo of a woman became a symbol of purity and pristine charm.

If you are keen on Egypt, think about such wonderful Queen pattern. It includes a variety of traditional symbols like a snake and scarab beetle.

This tattoo embraces a lot of typical for Egyptians’ images – a snake, two gods, scarab, the sun are the parts of antique traditions.

The black pattern with sphinx and pyramids below is imbued with the Egyptian traditions. It signifies calmness and gives wisdom to its owner.

This stately and divine character is performed in black and gray coloring. Here Anubis seems rather small, which is perfect for leg tattoo.

This tattoo is a super body decoration for self-assured, cocky personality. The enormous pyramids in the background add mightiness to the composition.

The bird with outstretched wings on the ribs is very symbolic. The Ankh cross in its claws signifies immortality of the soul.

The cat, pyramids and the sun like pieces of one puzzle create an awesome impression about Egypt in this tattoo on the forearm.

This tattoo is dedicated to scarab beetle that is both a talisman from the evil eye and a sign of perseverance and purposefulness.

This black and gray tattoo represented Isis that symbolizes family fidelity, fertility. Being a female character, this image is not often chosen by men.

Here two hands with two wings cover the chest, the all-seeing eye in the center and two jackals below complete this impressive tattoo.

How cute and interesting this pharaoh ornament looks on the arm! This small but so recognizable hero is fascinating.

This famous beetle belongs to universal tattoos, as you can ink it almost everywhere, using the most unexpected colors like in this work.

The tiny variant of the Eye of Horus finds its place on the middle finger. It embodies power, protection and healing.

Are you looking for new ways of self-expression? This drawing of Cleopatra, which consists of laconic straight lines, is a good option for sure.

This tattoo introduces a lovely variant of Anubis. He holds the Libra, which according to a legend was used to weigh the human hearts

The Egyptian nation becomes closer with this picturesque Nefertiti portrait. The juicy, bright colors make this tattoo elegant and refined like this deity.

This tattoo is based on creativity – the pharaoh in the mask is something unthinkable! Two cats and some pyramids complement this crazy idea.

This Nefertiti tattoo is easily distinguished from the rest because of unusual design. The divided painting is a cool technique without a doubt.

The simplicity of tattoo can be very attractive, take as an example this intriguing tattoo of Egyptian man on the forearm.

The back gives enough space for such imposing, immense tattoo. This realistic, rich in bright colors picture will find many followers.

The eye of Horus and Ankh cross are two symbolic Egyptian signs, which combination presents a mix of wisdom, protection and inexhaustible energy.