Beautiful Faith Tattoo Designs

Faith can be defined as a spiritual state that includes intellectual, emotional and volitional components. The general meaning is that a person accepts reality or imaginary phenomena even without theoretical and practical evidence. To have faith means to have a firm belief, confidence or trust in somebody or something.

The Meanings behind Faith Tattoos

As far as tattoos with the word ‘faith’, most relate to religion, but there are lots of interesting tattoo designs that express person’s trust in a family, friends, spouses etc. You can interpret a faith tattoo:

  • as a symbol of righteousness and religious devotion;
  • as a demonstration of strong beliefs in something;
  • as a testimony of trust to a partner or a friend;
  • as a sign of hope for better;
  • as an expression of person’s attitude towards life or philosophy;
  • as a way to send a message to the world or to tell your life story;
  • as inspiration, etc.

Frankly, the meaning of every faith tattoo is subjective and depends on what each puts into it.

Possible Designs and Interesting Features of Faith Tattoos

The first and most sought-after faith tattoo design to consider is simply the word ‘faith’ itself that can be applied with or without complementing elements. An essential part of such designs is choosing the perfect font. There are plenty of online font designers and generators that can help you to pick the one that fits your personality in the best way. If the word isn’t enough for your tattoo, think of adding something to it. You may use some of the ideas below:

  • ‘Faith. Hope. Love’ lettering
  • Cross
  • Flowers or leaves
  • Praying hands
  • Rosary beads
  • Birds
  • Quotes or Bible verses
  • Hearts
  • Other words such as ‘strength’
  • Angel wings
  • Arrows
  • Bonus: You can have a word ‘faith’ tattooed in a different language. For example, ‘Fe’ which is ‘faith’ in Spanish, is an enormously popular tattoo design these days.

As far as placement, faith tattoos look awesome behind the ear or on the wrist, but, thanks to the versatility of this design, it can be placed anywhere on your body. The only two things that you have to take into consideration is a size of your tattoo and the desirable tattoo style. The bigger and more complicated tattoo is; the more room it requires. Though you can find a bunch of color faith tattoos, they are usually done in black ink.

If you’ re looking for inspiration, ideas or tips on what faith tattoo to get inked with, you are at the right place.

The three most powerful and encouraging words in the English language – Love, Faith and Hope create the core of this awesome script tattoo. Even on your darkest days, these words will serve as an everyday reminder of not giving up.

Girls want their tattoos to be elegant and refined just like themselves. No wonder that most of the female faith tattoos are simple yet delicate and exquisite.

Whenever you feel down, you will find comfort in the faith tattoo. Moreover, flowers that encircle the cross make the tattoo very pleasing to the eye.

Here’s the decent tattoo for those who look for more than just the word “faith”. Well-proportioned and highly detailed the tattoo of two hands pressed together in a prayer is one of the ultimate symbols of religious faith.

Nothing would complement any faith tattoo better than a beautiful tender flower. The idea of incorporating the word ‘faith’ into a stem of a rose is brilliant. The fine lines of the lettering, as well as the detail in the rose, are incredible.

Tattoos with the word “f?”, which is “faith” in Spanish, have gone viral lately. There’s a bunch of attractive designs incorporating this word to choose from. For example, this dainty f? tattoo with elongated letter ‘?’ on which two lovely birds are sitting.

Seems as if a tattoo master took the man hand, put into a printer instead of a paper sheet and typed the phrase Only God can judge me rather than tattooed it with a needle. The lettering expresses the idea that no one can judge people deeds but God.

Very bold yet a bit illegible this faith calligraphy script tattoo on the forearm is quite impressive. We especially love how a tattoo artist used a negative space trick to make the tattoo pop off the skin even more.

If you don’t mind having a tattoo done on hands, give this impressive dove design a try. Symbolizing faith, a white dove tattoo is just perfect in case you don’t want any inscriptions.

The letter ‘f’ in this faith tattoo is reminiscent of a cross. That is quite symbolic considering the message and the purpose of the tattoo.

This f? tattoo with the rosary is one of the most refined we’ve ever seen. Since the tattoo sits on the ribs, it can be easily hidden.

If you need a tip on how to incorporate a new tattoo design into an old one, here’s a great example. Some parts of the lettering cover the background of the old tattoo and make it look more finished. The light shadow on the fancy cursive font looks especially cool.

This faith tattoo design is just perfect for tattoo virgins in other words people who are getting their first inks. It is simple, almost painless and deeply symbolic.

Even though this outline tattoo of Virgin Mary is simple, it looks amazingly beautiful thanks to the soft stippling shading. What a nice way to indicate faith through a tattoo.

A lyric song tattoo is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and a sort of personal time machine which keeps all the memories alive.

As a symbol of faith, a praying hands tattoo design is by far one of the most iconic that you can get. The lettering on the banner is written in two completely different yet equally beautiful fonts and perfectly complements the whole tattoo composition.

We find this tiny faith tattoo really cute. Girls will definitely love this slightly cartoonish look and the saturated blue color of the tree with the heart-shaped crown.

The significance of these three short words in every man’s life can’t be doubed. Faith, hope and love tattoo on the back of the arm looks so lovely, especially with those cute little hearts.

Here’s another super clean and precise faith tattoo with the word “strength” incorporated in a cross. Since the tattoo is done in solid black, it is legible and stylish.

If you are a religious person, getting a large-scale tattoo design can be challenging. Here’s the thing. The size doesn’t influence what the tattoo means to you, so even something as tiny as this delicate faith tattoo on the wrist may be more powerful than any other huge tattoo.

A strong message and a perfect placement of this beautiful walk by faith foot tattoo make it an extremely popular design, especially amongst women. The words are taken from Corinthians 5:7 “For we walk by faith, not by sight”.

Due to the skin texture of hands, it is harder for a tattoo master to pull off a solid clean tattoo, but this faith tattoo on the middle finger is super crisp and bold.

When it comes to neck tattoos, you have to give it much thought before getting any. Unless you wear long hair, such tattoo will attract attention. As far as this praying hands design, it is just perfect for this part of a body especially if it is surrounded by beautiful softly shaded roses.

Barely visible this refined fé tattoo behind the ear fits people who don’t want to show off their tattoos, but vice versa think the tattoos should be a personal thing.

We may assume that this is the shortened version of a Spanish phrase “foco forca fé” which means that a person should concentrate on faith. Well, tattoos on knuckles won’t let you forget about focusing on faith. That’s for sure.

Tattooing a clean bold line isn’t a piece of cake as it may seem at first. It takes confidence, experience and a steady hand of a tattoo artist to apply a solid straight line in one pass. This faith tattoo is a great example of incredibly sharp line work.

You can get inked with the words from songs that always fills you with faith. Get inspired by this Hillsong United lyrics tattoo: “Spirit lead me where my Trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters wherever You would call me…”

Just imagine! Every time you look at your faith tattoo, your heart overflows with indescribable joy. All the components of the tattoo such as a cross, a bird and a heart work together well creating the most beauteous faith tattoo on the wrist.

We should not take our lives for granted but have to appreciate every minute that is given to us. If you agree, consider having such a beautiful subtle faith tattoo that won’t let you forget how precious the life is.

The small traditional faith heart tattoo which looks slightly childish and cartoony is just a perfect variant for girls who are going through a breakup. Something as cute and colorful as this tattoo will definitely cheer you up and instill faith that everything is gonna be fine!

Getting matching faith tattoos inked on wrists is a great option for best friends, family members or those who are in love. Not only that you both will be connected to each other in such an amazing way, but also will have a permanent reminder of keeping faith alive no matter what.

This Linework tattoo on the bicep depicting two arrows and faith is perfect not only because of its super clean and bold look but also because of a strong meaning it conveys. If you have strong faith, you can achieve any target.

If you’re seeking for something exceptional for your faith tattoo design, consider tattooing the word ‘faith’ in a foreign language, for instance, in Spanish. Though Fe tattoo is small and simple, it looks fantastic and uncommon.

Combining fancy script with filigree in tattooing always gives nice results. Elegantly curving lines and a soft shading create a truly beautiful faith tattoo on the wrist.

Here’s a strong and bold cross tattoo with the word ‘faith’ incorporated in it. We love the way the cross image fades away and appears again so that the design would look integral.

Delicate and subtle, it seems that this tattoo of a cross made of red leaves was specially created for this tender lady’s arm.