The skeleton finger and hand tattoo

The Fabulous Finger Tattoos That Are Insanely Popular

The mix of small size and deep meaning is amazing. So, take the best ideas and variations prepared for you below.

Tattoos on the fingers are the most uncommon and therefore very attractive option for extraordinary people. Such tattoos are inconspicuous, but not without appeal, style and originality. The small tattoo can denote many things and tell a lot about its owner, thus, opening your inner world through the picture to people.

The Symbolism of Finger Tattoos

The meaning of tattoo on the finger directly depends on the chosen symbol. The phrases and words are highly meaningful: they express the owner’s values, priorities and favorite things, while the single image sometimes serves just as a stylish decoration.

The meanings of finger tattoos can be the following:

  • Romance, love, dedication. The pattern of a ring, heart or anchor signifies the same thing as a wedding ring. The exchange of the inked rings is extremely popular among lovers.
  • Harmony with nature, endurance. The design of tattoo with leaves, trees and other floral attributes emphasizes the strong character and connection with nature.
  • Passion for music, creativity –the ornaments of music symbols, notes inspire and encourage people to success in this sphere.
  • Strength, courage and fearlessness – these features demonstrate animal’s drawings and tribal style, which is predominantly chosen by men.
  • The mystery, magic –the moon, space and other abstract images induce the feeling of something inconceivable and mysterious.
  • Purposefulness, confidence and eternity – the infinity, stars are signs of independent people; they bear the deep and eternal meaning of something permanent and unshakable.
  • The protection and amulet – religious symbols of the cross, horseshoe, hamsa that concretize the role of religion in the life of their owner and are powerful protectors.

The most typical variants of tattoos on the finger include:
a) animals and insects:

  • snake;
  • rabbit;
  • owl;
  • lion;
  • leopard;
  • bumblebee;
  • tiger;

b) floral theme:

  • plant;
  • tree;
  • palm;
  • mandala;
  • flower;

c) abstract and unreachable notions:

  • infinity;
  • line;
  • hamsa;
  • smile;
  • star;
  • treble clef;
  • moon;
  • heart;

Other popular symbols are the following:

  • bow;
  • arrow;
  • cross;
  • cube;
  • skull;
  • gun;
  • key;
  • glass;
  • diamond;
  • anchor;
  • knife;

Finger Tattoos Variations

The teeny finger pattern can be inked in highly unexpected art solutions and forms:

verbal design:

  • letter;
  • word;
  • phrase;
  • hieroglyph;
  • quote;

various styles:

  • detailed;
  • old-school;
  • skeleton effect;
  • traditional;
  • tribal;
  • geometric;

Finger Tattoos Ideas

The bright bow on the middle finger is a wonderful emotional addition to your image. It personifies grace, tenderness and romanticism.

This tiny snake is located on the finger and despite its small size, the creature symbolizes very significant meanings like power, abundance, wisdom.

The ordinary picture of the plant has so feminine look on the woman’s thumb. The link with nature and roots are shown here.

The smiling woman’s face with numerous arrows on the fingers is unbelievable! It can denote either a happy couple or, conversely, unrequited love.

This black and white rose covers the finger side. The flower of love, youth and beauty is designed for you!

The skull is associated with something negative and dangerous. Here its composition in old-school style on both thumbs is fantastic.

This lettering in the Hebrew language on the index finger is very personal; it may say about important people or things.

Do you want a tattoo-talisman? Then take this amazing pattern of letters on each finger that create “overcome” ornament.

The plenty of different images, among which pistol, tooth, the loop can be recognized, are rather unusual and enigmatic choice for a woman.

The symbol of the tree is not as simple as it can seem: it is a famous sign of health, fertility and immortality.

Even the strong, confident men sometimes want to believe in miracles and magic, which is illustrated in this tattoo of a hat.

If you are a big fan of London, you have a great chance to wear a small symbol of this incredible city.

The person, who likes traveling and adventure definitely will not waste time and take this design of the ship, palm and pyramid.

The tattoo with plants indicates the desire to live and possess boundless energy. This pattern on the fingers brings longevity.

Let’s try to be less serious and ink this interesting fictional animal on the finger. The big eyes and ears make it funny.

What is a gun? It’s an audacity, courage and absolute confidence. That’s all is illustrated in this work on the knuckle.

The same tattoos of hearts on the ring fingers are done by the beloved people. It is really cute, isn’t it?

The rose is a super variant for the passionate, romantic person. Its beauty never ceases to surprise and delight the eye.

Infinity is one of the most recognizable symbols of constant growth, life without boundaries; here it is performed on the finger side.

The key embodies the secret and its image on the ring finger can be used as a reminder to keep silence.

The men hands decorated with such intricate ornaments on the fingers produce an impression of overconfidence and male strength.

The hieroglyphs are an integral part of tattooing, they carry originality and mysticism, as usually, only the owner knows their meaning.

The line, as well as a dot, is an abstract picture, which may denote either the significant notions or express simple creativity.

One finger side and one word with contradictory basis – this astonishing tattoo is an emotional cocktail of the strongest feelings!

The glass, mug, wine glass are not just accidental pictures on the knuckle, they represent the bartender’s lifestyle, which obviously brings pleasure.

This tender flower is done on the middle finger, not without purpose– it shows your obstinate and seditious character.

The moon is associated with beauty and mystique; it captivates our attention, even if it presents a weeny image on the finger side.

Who can choose this musical ornament on the finger? Of, course, a musician – creative people form the future in details!

The owl without a tree like a person without a home – eternal wanderers and freethinkers will appreciate such option on the fingers.

The blue and red colorings personify the union of feminine and male principle – what can be more symbolic for a couple?

Women’s fingers need gems to look gorgeous, but what about this incredible rose idea? It brings the notes of originality.

If agility and beautiful weapons possession are part of your nature, then try this small picture of the arrow on the ring finger.

The skeleton frightens many people, but this tattoo of hand is prepared for brave enthusiasts, who accept the new approaches.

The simple smile pattern is found on the index finger. It radiates positivity and provides good emotions for a whole day.

The geometric figures of cubes are done so successfully on both thumbs that this temporary tattoo can quickly become a real one.

The meaning of this cute white tiger on the woman’s finger differs from common one: it presents purity and fragility.

The diamond pattern is used as an amulet, which can bring luck and wealth, in spite of its teeny size on the ring-finger.

Among a wide range of exciting word ideas, this work on the knuckle proposes traditional view with fantastic ornaments of letters.

Here the old tribal style covers each of the fingers, giving the wearer some volitional qualities, such as strength and great endurance.

This blood component in tattoos of cut hand expresses strong emotions like suffering, betrayal or internal strife and suits strong-willed, responsible person.

The black line tattoo seems quite impartially on the finger but the combination of several ones brings stylish effect.

Each geometric figure is unique and this mix of diverse images shows a complex vision of peculiar patterns on the knuckle.

This modest mandala tattoo is a picturesque ornament that symbolizes harmony, and charm and promises to protect you from problems.

“Take the life easier” – is a motto of this astonishing tattoo of different amusing creatures on the fingertips.

The star is a universal tattoo that embodies the greatest notions: prosperity and good luck and gives its owner the inspiration.

The bull is a male symbol of royalty, vitality, while anchor denotes reliability and permanence. It is really a man’s tattoo, isn’t it?

The fingertips are the most noticeable place for a tattoo, thus, the message “stay real” will work great for sure.

The black and white bumblebee looks restrained on the index finger, depicting the self-confidence and self-reliance of its holder.

The knife picture is full of surprises: it can be the protector and a weapon that denotes determination and revenge.

The hamsa pattern has a long, interesting history. This tiny image on the ring finger signifies patience and persistence for girls.

The person who chose lion design should possess courage and nobility, as this animal demonstrates the owner’s power and majesty.

This tattoo of leopard on the index finger is unexpected for ladies; the small realistic creature emphasizes strength, bravery and even aggression.

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