27 Original Gray Nail Art Designs

When it deals with gray color, all people tend to think that it’s depressive and boring and there isn’t any possibility that they will try it out. However, stylish ladies would disagree with such a point, and they would definitely convince you that there is nothing more suitable in manicure for any life situation as His Majesty the Gray.

Gray is a perfect color for any style whether it’s casual jeans and a T-shirt or it’s a business suit with a pencil skirt and a blouse. No matter where you want to go – to the hot party or to the meeting – gray color is the best variant to go for. Gray is tried and tested through the time, and it can be called classics along with black and white.

Taking into account how many different hues there are now, you can start your experiments with this color trying to combine light and dark gray, glossy or matte. Polishes can also vary starting from gel polish finishing with shellac; your own nail, stilettos and acrylic ones can be chosen to create masterpieces on them; considering shapes it’s not a problem either you wear long or short, round or square – gray color is universal and fits every form.

If we observe the designs, lace work, negative space, marble design, camouflage pattern, ombre, French and reverse French manicure are adorable and appealing to everybody. Of course, you may want to diversify your nails, and here you go! Gray color can be combined with any other, like blue, pink, green, black and white, purple and so on. They may be loud colors or even acid ones, and in this case, they will be perfectly outlined. Also, there is another variant of wearing calm subdued gray together with nude or any other unshowy color which is a good idea for women who want their nails to be subtle and sweet. 3D decorations, Swarovski crystals, sequins and nail foil are also welcomed to single out your manicure.

Making a flawless manicure, creating a sexy image, trying tender nail design – it’s all possible with a gray color. Glance over the ideas about gray manicure and get inspired!

Although the main color is blue here, the gray shade will be an awesome way to outline it and show all the beauty of square-shaped nails.

When you use different hues of one color that looks nice. Just give a glance at that gray color which can be represented by shiny glitters, stunning nail skin technique, plain gray and dark gray hue. Perfect art design!

Gray pointy nails may look not so interesting unless you use some simple line work on them. Make an accent on ring finger nails using negative space. That will add a spice to your manicure!

Reverse French with light gray base and black tips with glitters looks perfect. However, you can make them more interesting if you add some abstract paintings on ring finger nails.

Play with colors and create your own design! Girlish pink color shades will perfectly match a gray color. Such a combination shows how harmonious so different colors can be.

Matte Nail Art Designs for You to Try

Gorgeous, yes? These amazing neat gray nails can become a perfect decoration for any special event. Applied rhinestones may even make you give up wearing any jewelry!

Have you ever thought about matching acid green and quiet gray? If not, there is a chance to view such a masterpiece! Ombre technique and glitters will help you to make the transition smoother.

Winter or fall would be great for a manicure with Smokey Haute polished design. The main feature is that this polish changes according to the weather creating a sweet transition from the dark to the light gray.

Long coffin nails will give you endless variants how to decorate them. Main gray color can be interestingly beautified with green inclusions and negative space on ring finger nails.

The gray color is an awesome choice to dilute white manicure. Different hues of gray, some abstract patterns and sparkling gems will amaze people!

Unique Stiletto Nail Designs

Rock the night with such a striking manicure! Gray color will blow your mind if you carve 3D snakeskin and apply crystals on some nails.

Wanna some subtle but interesting manicure? How about this one that combines nude, black and gray polishes in different techniques? Looks neat – but unusual!

One of the most popular combinations – pink and gray. Applying foil and some small decorations will make it more appealing. Give it a try!

Combine different nail design techniques, and you can get an amazing result. A timeless marble technology, a shiny holo polish and a small crystal will suit any event!

Gray color as the main one and some nails polished in white is a great choice for a sexy manicure. Try to add some black embellishments and all the compliments are yours!

Simple Black and White Random Nail Design

A real masterpiece, isn’t it? Pointy nails are always in vogue just the same as ombre and lace techniques. The point is to find a right color combo, and here they come – gray and yellow!

Subdued gray and turquoise colors can look interesting and festive if you apply some colorful sequins at the nail bottoms.

If you are about to visit some special event, it’s time to get the coolest manicure you’ve ever had! With matte polishes in black, white and gray colors, gold glitters and shiny gems your image will be flawless.

A mixture of black, white and gray colors is always trendy. Just rock your manicure with holiday glitters and some flowery patterns!

Have a look at the angel-looking manicure! It is so pure and clean that it will suit any occasion. Even gray color looks sweet with a 3D bow on the nail.

Simple Black and Red Nail Designs for All Seasons

Abstract manicure is extremely popular as you don’t have to stick any rules and can create various designs that appeal to you. Ombre technique and lace work would also be suitable.

Short square nails are so nice and sweet that you probably won’t want to spoil them with loud colors. Calm nude, gray and silver would be the best variant for such nails.

Marble nails are really gorgeous especially when they go together with gold studs. To outline the nails you can use white base and gold foil on them.

Fond of camouflage? This manicure will stand out among others. Although it is done in one gray color gamut, they are done so neatly that everyone will like it!

Sexy and luxurious manicure! Black and gray matte polishes make your image sophisticated, and Swarovski crystals will help you to look elegant.

Noble Manicure With Matte Orange Nails

Pointy nails are so good for a marble technique that you will want it for sure. However, don’t limit the variety of colors and try to diversify them with gray matte and gold glitter polishes.

Beautiful ombre designed as very smooth transitions from gray to purple can look sweet and cute with acrylic purple bows applied on some nails.