Awesome Harley Quinn Tattoo for Real Fans

DC Comics have given us the chance to meet a beautiful, sexy but completely mad supervillain Harley Quinn also known as Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, who was Joker’s psychologist in Gotham city’s Arkham Asylum. Though Harley and Joker have the most twisted, unhealthy and manipulative love affair ever, they are admired by millions of fans. After Margot Robbie had starred as Harley Quinn in a new superhero movie ‘Suicide Squad’ the character of the nutty sidekick of Joker received the new wave of popularity, especially in tattooing.

The Meanings of Harley Quinn Tattoos

  • Devotion and loyalty – since Harley is truly obsessed with and devoted to Joker, the tattoo with her image may symbolize these traits.
  • Women’ independence – Harley is a strong and determined woman who can stand up for herself.
  • Quirkiness and fun – her extraordinary idea of fun is the reason why we love Harley so much.
  • Love – Joker and Harley inspire faith in love, not a perfect though.

If you are looking for some complementing images and patterns for your Harley Quinn tattoo, consider these:

  • Joker
  • Batman
  • Playing cards
  • Slogans and lettering
  • Red and black diamonds
  • Ivy plants

The Features of Harley Quinn Tattoos

No matter if you’re a real Harley Quinn mad or you just like the image, here are tons of cool tattoo ideas for you. Both men and women desire the tattoos showing Harley’s insane grin and sexy figure. Since red and black or pink and blue are distinctive colors of Harley’s character, they are widely used in tattooing. Inks with this nutty lady vary from large realistic portrait style ones to small and simple tattoo images presenting hearts, diamonds or words ‘Puddin’, ‘Rotten’, ‘Daddy’s Lil Monster’ etc. Smaller inks look fantastically on the wrist, ankle, finger or arm. Bigger images may be placed on the thigh, quarter sleeve, back, ribs. As to tattoo styles, you aren’t limited in the choice. Here are the most common ones for Harley Quinn tattoos:

  • Realism/ Black and white realism;
  • Watercolor;
  • Traditional, Old School and New School;
  • Cartoonish style;
  • Tribal;
  • Minimalism;
  • Comic book style.

Harley Quinn Tattoos Design Ideas

Film versions of favorite comics are often even more fascinating. This incredible DC comic shoulder tattoo illustrates Batman in black and white and Harley Quinn in an already iconic pink and blue look.

Attractive bombshell Harley Quinn in her traditional red and black latex costume is inked on the calf. What makes this classy cartoonish tattoo even cooler is that interesting skyscrapers scenery at the bottom.

Here’s an incredible colorful DC comic full-sleeve picturing two sexy supervillains Harley Quinn, Catwoman along with ominous Joker and his famous scary grin.

Symbolizing love and devotion this classy Joker and Harley Quinn tattoos on biceps may fit lovers who share the same interest in comics and want to get tatted up with couple tattoos.

If tattooing Harley’s portrait is too much for you, go for her distinctive features as a comic character – red and black diamonds. Accompanied by ivy plant this nice arm tattoo represents Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy tandem.

This awesome Traditional shoulder tattoo shows Harley hanging upside down with some small hearts and lettering “My Puddin!” to emphasize her complete devotion to Joker. Everyone gets a little bit crazy because of love, don’t they?

Here’s the famous Suicide Squad Harley logo inked between shoulder blades in bold black, red and blue colors. True fans will definitely appreciate this cool tattoo idea!

Three Harley Quinn diamonds are placed on the thigh and look unbelievably sexy. With some Watercolor splashes of red and black the tattoo takes on an interesting fresh image.

Since Harley is madly in love with the Clown Prince of Crime, she does a lot of bad things just to put a smile on his face. Meanwhile, this tattoo portrays our lovable maniac with sadness in the eyes which makes the ink look adorably cute.

The tattoo presenting Harley Quinn diamond patches along with winking ivy vines refers to the story when Poison Ivy saved Harley from death and gave her superpowers.

Since Harley Quinn is Joker’s loyal accomplice, they are often tattooed together. Here we can see ‘Suicide Squad’ Harley’s and Joker’s logos inked on one hand and well-known Joker’s smile on other. Cool tattoo idea for couples.

Obviously, the manipulative and destructive love of Mr. J made Harley a psychopathic with mad eyes. This is exactly what the tattoo master’s used for this incredibly colorful Harley Quinn forearm tattoo.

This one Harley Quinn thigh tattoo looks slightly unfinished thanks to the Sketch tattoo style which often reminds those preliminary drawings of an artist. Looks cool and unique though!

Personally these bold red and black diamonds, signifying Harley Quinn, the villainess, look just fantastic. Girls who want to emphasize their independence give this simple but tasteful two-colored Harley logo tattoo a try.

Harley, while was imprisoned, got tatted up with lots of small inks, mostly stick and poke style. “Lucky you” is one of those Joker-themed tattoos which received quick popularity among girls. Placed on the lower belly the “Lucky you” ink looks intriguing and seductive.

Without a doubt, Margot Robbie who played Harley in a film “Suicide Squad” has shown a more modern image of our favorite super villainess, intelligent but completely insane. Ominously grinning Harley is inked as a card queen of diamonds on this man arm.

This super cool pin up tattoo presents Harley Quinn with her classic mallet which crushed Batman. What a nice way to bring the idea of an eternal confrontation between good and evil.

“My Puddin” is a sweet nickname for Harley’s beloved Joker. She did a lot of Mr. J-themed inks among which is this name. Finely outlined this Harley Quinn tattoo on the shoulder looks nice with that badass stick and poke prison inks of her body.

Harley’s jaw ink inspires this heart with ‘Rotten’ lettering and roses tattoo she got before doing time in prison. Performed in classic style with intense shading and bold contours the tattoo signifies loyalty and love.

This solid black, pink and blue ‘Suicide Squad’ Harley Quinn symbol expresses her quite distorted sense of humor and insanity ideally.

Wanna stand out of the crowd next ‘Comic Con’? If the answer is positive, don’t miss this awesome red and black Harley Quinn forearm tattoo idea. It’s rad!

The image of ‘Suicide Squad’ Harley Quinn standing with her famous bat and aggressively looking has already become iconic. This black and gray hyper-realistic tattoo portraying this exact image is insanely incredible!

Here’s another realistic tattoo that shows Harley with her baseball bat but now in color. Pink, red and blue colors create a saturated and interesting tattoo design.

This animated Harley Quinn thigh tattoo shows her in an original spandex costume and Peruvian mask hat. The red and black diamonds that Harley appears through are essential attributes of her comic character.

For those of you who like combining old and new, we found this amazing science fiction inspired steampunk Harley Quinn tattoo.

All the fans of comics who want to celebrate the greatest feeling of love may find this sweet heart-shaped outlined Harley Quinn and the Joker tattoo interesting.

Performed in black and white this hot Harley Quinn pin up tattoo is placed on the shoulder. Her face expresses a complete satisfaction with what she’s thinking of. The giant mallet and the gun that Harley’s holding complement the image of the Joker-obsessed lady.

Barely noticeable this minimalistic Harley Quinn tattoo finds its place on the ankle and impresses us with its simplicity and refinement.

If you want to refresh the classic look of Harley Quinn, go for tribal pattern decorating her red and black costume and jester hat. Interesting Harley tattoo idea for men, isn’t it?

This bright Harley Quinn custom tattoo is totally different from what we are used to seeing. Stylized as anime cartoon character our mad lady has received a fresh image.

This one is so cute that we can’t get our eyes off. Harley is shown as a little girl holding the green-haired Joker toy. Finely outlined and soft shaded, this tattoo is adorable!

This guy must be a real hardcore fan of comics since he wears all of these comic-themed blackwork tattoos including Iron Man full sleeve and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn chest tattoo. Anyways, tattoos look incredibly cool!

Harley is quite special and lovable supervillainess from DC comics. This awesome shoulder tattoo pictures her in a classic costume and a jester hat with tassels encircled by floral decorative elements.

No matter how deranged or ditzy Harley is, she’s just adorable when it comes to the Joker and their strange and twisted love affair. Pictured in the original outfits, this heart-shaped black Harley and Joker tattoo looks amazing.

Inked with the help of solid black ink, this Harley thigh tattoo looks slightly rough and edgy. Still, her classy look along with ivy vines encircling the image fascinates from the first glance.

As an interesting take on character Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie in a “Suicide Squad” movie in widely used in tattooing nowadays. Here’s a breathtaking realistic tattoo in the process of Joker’s little monster in a film version.

If you’re looking for some real badass Harley tattoo idea, stop searching because you’ve just found it! This incredible outlined leg tattoo pictures this sexy Joker’s sidekick in playing cards holding her famous baseball bat.

As one of the most recognizable tattoo designs, a pin-up girl is used here to portray cute and seductive Harley Quinn with a bomb behind her back which is about to explode.

Harley wants to make sure everyone is aware of how mad she is about Joker, so she gets tatted up with all those inks. ‘Property of Joker’ is a great example of her devotion. Simple outlines of Harley’s diamonds with some drops of red and black ink all over make this tatt look amazing!

This heart-shaped tattoo shows all the madness of Harley Quinn caused by destructive love to Mr. J. The crystal clear blue eyes of our lovable lady-maniac are inked so masterly and impress the most.

Saturated red and black colors, which create the image of our charming psycho, refer to the original look that shows Harley wearing a costume with diamonds and Peruvian mask hat with tassels.

Unlike the image in comics, Harley in “Suicide Squad” doesn’t wear red and black spandex costume and jester hat. Instead, she appears as a bombshell blond girl with pink and blue ponytails, and this awesome New School thigh tattoo perfectly copies this movie look.

Fully made of solid black outlines this Harley Quinn calf tattoo looks neat considering artist’s specific attention to some details like her ‘Daddy’s Lil Mobster’ T-shirt and a choker reminiscent a dog’s collar that emphasizes Joker’s ownership over Harley.

If you are a hardcore fan, this super cool hyper-realistic tattoo of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn will satisfy your tattoo desires. The look impresses with every line and detail Including her easily recognizable bright make-up and cunning grin.

Small and simple yet attractive this Harley’s original look tattoo is made of bold red and black outlines and placed on the ribs.

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