Examples of Marilyn Monroe Piercing

The stud with tender white gem looks like a small drop on the face. Nevertheless, it is noticeable enough to feature your beauty and daintiness.

Here the Monroe piercing is represented with a cute stud. The stud is so tiny that you need time to recognize this black piece of jewelry.

If you want to bring a small but catching detail into your image, you may try this gorgeous piercing idea. The appropriate size and a neutral color make it perfect!

Among a wide variety of jewelry, this option is ideal for your Madonna piercing. The stud with round bonnet is smooth and completely repeats the color of the skin.

Steel studs particularly suit black people. Being a teeny but sparkling spot in the black background, it will always catch everyone’s attention.

It is evident that this lady enjoys piercings, picking up the best jewelry in each case. The elegant Madonna piercing is a wonderful part of this incredible composition.

Army Winehouse is a famous follower of Monroe piercing. She chose a sweet decoration in the form of a stud that emphasizes her eccentricity.

This 3mm fire opal cabochon illustrates an amazing design of colors. The mix of carmine, black and cherry intrigues and fascinates from the first minute.

This stud with white stone resembles a precious diamond. Here the Madonna piercing is an embodiment of chic and gracefulness.

Here vertical Monroe, or Angel piercing, consists of two identical ball closure rings on each side. The most captivating thing in this unbelievable set is a labret decorated with enormous white jewelry.

The pretty Monroe piercing is a good addition to the marvelous combination of nostril and septum piercings. This white stud above the lip looks very feminine.

This design of the Madonna piercing will be appreciated by conservative people. The simple stud with white gem goes well with any makeup.

A polished stud is an ideal option for Madonna piercing. This woman decided to take a nice piece of jewelry on some tones lighter than the skin color.

The stylish clothing, haircut and, of course, piercings make this lady look awesome! The Monroe piercing is presented with an attractive white stud.

The snake bites together with Madonna piercing will attract all attention to your lips. If it is not enough, try this incredible septum piercing with the clicker.

Are you going to visit a fashionable disco club? Then you cannot manage without this sparkling lipstick. The cute stud above the lip will enrich your trendy style.

The septum and Monroe piercing are fascinating details of this girl’s appearance. The silver septum clicker and steel stud are irreproachable options.

The young lady with a circular steel barbell in the septum piercing looks bold. The Monroe piercing, in its turn, brings tenderness into this cool image.

Is it a piercing or a mole? The small black stud appears like a real mole, especially from a distance. Are you ready to have a famous Madonna’s spot?

The extremely small stud is taken for Monroe piercing. The white diamond creates a superb coquettish look for young, confident women.

Here the black set of jewelry emphasizes this mystery image. The identical black studs are prepared to decorate Monroe piercing as well as spider bites.

This Monroe piercing is done with a lovely stud. It will serve well people who give preference to classic, which, nevertheless, looks posh and exclusive.

The place of Monroe piercing depends only on your preferences. Here the piercing is done very close to the lips, which brings a special charm without a doubt.

This straight barbell with purple ends impresses immediately. But that is not all – the horseshoe in the septum and a sweet stud complement the design.

There is an interesting idea to get two piercings on opposite sides below and under the lips. You will enjoy this unusual symmetry of two black studs.

The Angel piercing is a nice alternative for Monroe piercing, where you get two piercings on opposite sides. Decorate your piercings with such tiny studs in the form of stars.

This triple septum is something unbelievable! It consists of several rings of different sizes. In contrast, the Monroe piercing is presented with a small, steel stud.

Have a look at this teeny Monroe piercing. This shining piece of jewelry can make your smile even brighter and more radiant.

The Madonna works well with any piercings. In this case, there is an astounding combination with labret. Both piercings are adorned with neometal studs.

Who said that piercing is only for young people? This beautiful prong set CZ ends from Anatometal body jewelry has no age or social restrictions.

This girl with numerous freckles is an embodiment of natural beauty. The cute black Monroe stud is difficult to distinguish at once, while septum and nostril piercings make a distinctive mark in this design.