Brunch Outfits to Look Stylish

An ideal brunch outfit is the one able to take up the challenge of providing you with the feeling of absolute comfort and keeping the whole image on point at the same time.

You may wonder if it’s possible to look nice, but not too dress up on this occasion to rest while playing video games and eating ice-cream, to relax on an outdoor patio with a cup of aromatic coffee, and to party it up with your favorite people. However, it’s definitely yes! Still, don’t you believe you can pick a look that’s suitable for all this stuff? Keep your doubts at bay, and we’ll try to find the best Sunday brunch ensemble for you to copy.

What to Wear on Brunch?

Remember that the main rule is not to wear anything overtly sexy, and the dress code is mostly casual, although chic details and twists are welcome. So, such pieces of clothing can come in handy:

  • dresses (sun dress, maxi, midi, off-the-shoulder, sweater dress)
  • blouses, baggy button-ups, casual Oxford shirts
  • well-fitted jeans (slim, ripped, cropped, classic fit, boyfriend)
  • T-shirts (polo shirt or v-cut in white or pastel shades are the best)
  • pants (joggers, trainers, chinos, wide -legged)
  • sweaters & sweatshirts (long-sleeved, knitted, basic colors, patterned, hoodies)
  • jackets & coats
  • overalls
  • scarves
  • skirts (fit, flare, midi, maxi, pleated skirt)
  • hats
  • shorts (jeans, classy, chino shorts)

You can’t go wrong with a pair of comfy shoes as you never know how long you’re gonna be on your feet during Sunday brunch. Here are some good ideas:

  • vans/converse/superstars
  • flats (pointy-toe, lace-up)
  • booties (ankle and knee length are the best)
  • derbies
  • loafers
  • sneakers
  • high heels (only if they don’t make you uncomfortable)

Give preference to “wrinkle-free” fabrics if you want to relax instead of worrying about your outfit all the time:

  • wool
  • cotton
  • denim
  • nylon

Experiment with prints, but don’t overdo with contrasting colors. You may try:

  • plaid or checkered
  • striped
  • polka-dot
  • floral designs

How to Wear?

Follow these simple tips to create an incredible brunch look that is capable to carry out the mission you expect:

  1. Keep the outfit casual, but bear in mind your surroundings, and the traditional dress code of the place you’re visiting.
  2. Comfy shoes are even more important than a comfy look.
  3. Accessorize wisely. Don’t neglect it, as well as don’t turn yourself into a Christmas tree.
  4. Choose the outfit, appropriate for your body type and weather conditions.
  5. Stay creative, break the rules. For example, you can roll up the sleeves of your bottom up and leave them undone.
  6. Avoid glamming up too much – a weekend brunch is not the best occasion to demonstrate your sexuality. Dress like if you run into your mother or boss – classy and chic.

Well, it’s better to see ones than to hear a hundred times, so we’ve prepared some fresh and outstanding ideas to rock your boring brunch outfit:

#1. Nice Brunch Outfit for Men

Match Men’s Pants

City Hunter Cotton Fedora

 La Milano Men’s Leather Shoes

A nice-fitting Fake Chanel sweater over a garnet shirt that matches pants along with dark brown boots and a hat create a fantastic color combination – rebel and chic at the same time.

#2. Black and White Outfit for Brunch With Flats

U7 Pearl Jewelry

Alrisco Shoes

 Stocking Fox Women’s

No high heels for the sake of comfort, an elegant black and white dress in behalf of beauty. This adorable brunch outfit is so modern, but with a touch of something far from the past.

#3. Kimono and Jeans Brunch Outfit

Evensleaves Women’s Jeans

Ray-Ban RB2140

 Lookatool Women’s Flower Kimono

If you’re one of those weirdos that can’t live without standing out, such kimono and jeans mixture is for you. Risky, but it’s definitely worth the effect!

#4. Outfit for Brunch With Dark Jeans

Ray-Ban RB2140

OThread & Co. Women’s

 Wax Women’s Jeans

Wanna demonstrate your fashion sense this weekend? Look for a perfect pair of black distressed jeans and a long-sleeved striped crop top. Oh, and a pair of sweet bright heels.

#5. What to Wear to a Bridal Brunch

 BeryLove Dress

When your brunch is dedicated to such special occasion as a wedding, this romantic tulle gown with intriguing cutouts and a floral crown is a good one.

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#6. What to Wear to Bagatelle Brunch Dress


Nine West Shoes

 Guirui Watch Ladies

Well… yeah! A checkered white midi dress on a team with black and white strappy heels and a simple high bun updo are the top of graceful simplicity and femininity.

#7. Beige Brunch Outfit for Women


Mixfeer Women’s

 Style Vault V3034-vp

If you have ombre hairstyle, you can play with a beige monochrome half-gown dress and a two-color bag to match the hair shades.

#8. Girly Christmas Brunch Outfit

Winson Womens

Catmicoo Bags


In winter we all need something lovely and cozy. A knitted sweater – perfect! Want to make it more festive? Wear a straight denim skirt and a pair of your fav booties.

#9. Elegant Sexy Brunch Outfit for Women

Verashome Fedora

luvsecretlingerie Skirt

 Auxo Women’s V Neck Top

That’s a true magic of colors and fabrics game. Just a sheer perfection! Wanna look elegant and sexy? No need to look for anything else.

#10. Nice Warm Colored Brunch Outfit

Simplee Apparel

Elegance Women’s Strappy Crop Top

 Cape Robbin Boots

Meet an incredible fall brunch outfit idea: a high-waisted leather Camel skirt with a crop top to match, a woven cardigan with fringe, and rust suede over-the-knee boots.

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#11. Amazing Romantic Brunch Outfit

RareLove Choker

 Stocking Fox Sock

So controversial, but extremely fascinating – this airy floral image in gray must come from the fairy Wonderland.

#12. What to Wear to a Birthday Summer Brunch


 MBJ Womens

Words are so little to describe all the pure perfection of this white crop top and shorts set. Add a couple of metallic bracelets, mirrored sunglasses and a birthday summer brunch outfit is ready!

#13. Birthday Garden Dress Brunch Outfit


Wow, wow, wow! What a gorgeous dreamy dress! You’re gonna feel like a goddess, enjoying your meal on a relaxing patio during the warmer months.

#14. Casual and Glamorous Brunch Outfit for Summer

Laksmi Women’s


 Alexander + David

#15. Brunch Outfit With Tall Boots for Ladies

LUOEM Fashion

Steve Madden

 Ainifeel Quilted&Chain Strap Collection

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#16. Sexy Brunch Outfits

The Luna Coalition



Summer brunch is a good occasion for breaking the rules. Don’t match your outfit – play with colors, fabrics, and styles – feel free, be creative!

#17. Sunday Brunch Outfit With Leather Jacket

Corbani Genuine

 VLUNT Womens

This outfit can deservedly get the title “Ready-For-All”. Besides its versatility, a catchy blue and saffron color combination cannot but amaze and bewitch bystanders.

#18. Wedding Brunch Outfits

 Erosebridal Dress

If your wedding’s not gonna be a traditional celebration in official style, but a more informal “family-and-friends-brunch” instead, maybe such bohemian image is what you’re looking for.

#19. Colorful Formal Brunch Outfit


 Pop lover Women’s

Add some paints to a dull, rainy day with a colorful outfit, and your brunch will run on a positive note in a rainbow mood.

#20. Brunch Leopard Dress Look

Tanming Jacket

Beyove Women

 Alva Anna Landon

Bold and sexy – an ideal mix to make an unforgettable impression on everyone there. Just pair a girly leopard set with a more masculine leather jacket to get it.

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#21. Feminine Light Brunch Look

US&R Dress

R KON Cardigan

 Gillberry Shoes

Basing on a pretty linen, ethnic dress with an ivory knitted cardigan, this soft fall outfit emphasizes natural beauty and charm of ladies.

#22. Easy Brunch Outfit for Girls

Nation LTD

Yomoko Women

 Oriarm Fashion

Those who can’t stand high heels and too girly looks, will apparently fall in love with this autumn brunch outfit.

#23. Casual Outside Sunday Brunch Outfit With Jeans and Sweater

Zhhlinyuan Women’s Floppy Cap

Chimikeey Women


Planning a brunch, but the sun isn’t going to show up? With such a cool, casual style, sweater weather is not a problem anymore!

#24. Pastel Colored Pants Brunch Style for Girls

Zhhlinyuan Women’s Floppy Cap

Shermie Sweater

 KUT from the Kloth Women’s Diana Skinny Jean

This wonderful pastel-creamy style is so sweety and honey, that it’s hardly possible to remain indifferent.

#25. Black and White Outfit for Brunch

Lee Uniforms Juniors’

LEE Women’s Easy Fit

 Aerosoles Women’s Columbus

Despite this careless style is so much hyped, some still haven’t tried it. Are you one of them? No dawdling, friend, hurry up to replicate it!

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#26. Grey Appropriate Outfit for Brunch in Winter

SheIn Women’s Long Sleeve Cardigan

Sovoyant Women’s


This layered warm and comfy look can become another stunning image in the wardrobe of a desperate all-black-outfits-lover.

#27. Casual Coat Brunch Outfit Idea

Allegra K

Hanes Women’s Nano T-Shirt

 Lily Parker Jeans

Have no idea what to wear to brunch when it’s chilly outside? Think no more! A casual tandem of ripped jeans, a statement T-shirt, and a knee-length ivory coat is perfect.

#28. Classy Outfit for Brunch for Women Over 40

Sherosa Women’s Boho


Steve Madden Women’s

A straight nude dress with a pair of shoes to match and a beautiful floral cardigan in the grey looks so classy and refreshing – a trendy choice for older ladies.

#29. Easter Brunch Outfit With Coffee Sweater


Levi’s Women’s

 Steve Madden

Brown is so warm! This oversize sweater game is definitely on point! Wanna go deeper? Add vintage jeans along with stylish accessories to win.

#30. Winter Brunch Outfits

Lingswallow Coat

V28 Women Sweater

 28 Women Sweater

Cozy fabrics, blended into an incredible all white outfit – what can become a better solution for a winter coffee chill out on a quaint outdoor patio?

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#31. What to Wear for Easter Brunch

Zhhlinyuan Women’s Floppy Cap

SheIn Cardigan

 KUT from the Kloth Women’s

Meet one of the best Easter brunch outfits for fashion-hunters: it follows from the black coat and bag, through the brown sweater and a hat, to white cropped jeans and sneakers.

#32. Best Brunch Outfit With Striped Pants

 Hufcor Pants

 Herou Top

Those striped flared pants are a true looooove! Working as a key accent of the whole look, they require a monotonous sweater to fit.

#33. Pastel Pink Brunch Look

RM Fashions

Eshion coat

MVE Shoes Womens Ankle Bootie

Pastel pink coat over the lilac knitted dress looks so fresh and spring-like. This sweet look is ideal to emphasize your romantic nature.

#34. Retro Brunch Attire

ICSTH French Beret

Wrangler Jacket

 Simplee Apparel

Weekend brunch is a high time to play and experiment with clothes. Create a cool outfit like this one if you want to surprise friends.

#35. Classy Outfit for Brunch for Women

Zeagoo Top

Ray-Ban RB2140

Calvin Klein Women’s Two-Button Suit Jacket

The style of 70s is back in fashion again! A bell-sleeved sweater, a crisply ironed suit, and a couple of on point accessories do the magic.

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#36. Holiday Brunch Outfit With Animal Prints

Pink Queen® Womens

Jiujiuyi Crop Top

Bellady French Beret

This stunning look has nothing to do with your average weekend outfit. Meant for special occasions, it stands out thanks to that fantastic mix of 3 different prints.

#37. Red Leather Jacket Brunch Outfit for Fall

LingLuoFang Jacket

WearMe Pro


Checkered pants and a mesh top in the same colors need a bright spot to rock the image dramatically. So, here’s a resolution – a red leather jacket.

#38. Retro Denim Jacket and Leather Pants Brunch Outfit

Wrangler Authentics Women’s Denim Jacket

Dafina Specialties

 Huiyzuhi Sandals

Retro denim jacket, leather pants and lace up heels build this vintage look, which’s gonna work for lots of occasions including another weekend brunch.

#39. Trendy Blouse With Black Jeans Brunch Outfit

Lark Women’s

Emmalise Shirt

Nine West Watches

So delicately feminine, with notes of perfect style, blending with cute carelessness – as light as air – that’s how this brunch getup shows itself.

#40. Korean Classy and Cute Brunch Outfit for Girls

FOND Women’s

New Balance

 AMELIE GALANTI Small Crossbody Bags

A check skirt + a check jacket = a trendy spring suit to wear. To make it more casual and appropriate, try that widely-spread trick with long textile socks worn with flats.

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#41. Romantic, Playful and Casual Brunch Outfit

Blooming Jelly

Nine West Women’s Pant

Converse Women’s Shoreline

At first sight, those Converse shoes may seem like a square peg in a round hole. Yes, they’re really creating a contrast, but isn’t it perfect?

#42. Trendy Brunch Party Outfit

J. America Ladies


What is the key to this unique, beautiful and sexy sequin style? A stunning combo of fabulous layers, of course!

#43. Pastel, Lace and Floral Print Summer Brunch Outfit

GUESS Women’s

YallFairy Women Bag

Khanomak Top

Do you love this gorgeous color palette? Your buddies will also appreciate it, believe us! Lovely top, sweet skirt, soft heels, and a cute handbag make the secret formula.

#44. Fresh Brunch Style Outfit

Flying Rabbit Women Classic Ripped Jeans

Arctic Cubic Deep V Neck Top

 Steve Madden Women’s Sandals

Create disbalance of the total look due to such ravishing short check top with super voluminous long sleeves, which add a touch of glam to this everyday brunch image.

#45. Nice Brunch Outfit With Jeans Short for Spring

Haola Women’s Shorts

BerryGo Jacket

Joopin Sunglasses

And for dessert, we have a hot look for a spring day and bottomless mimosas with your friends. This outfit will show all your sexuality, staying a reliable partner when it comes to comfort.

Gray Pencil Skirt Outfit